Ditch that bulky, bouncing fanny pack

Play Sports Cross Body Sports Bag is the safest, most comfortable means for holding your smart phone, wallet, keys and other valuables at your fingertips and out of harm's way. This unique sling bag lays diagonally across your torso, letting you engage in all of your favorite activities without impediment. Our Cross Body Sports Bag is designed to be sleek and go with your body's natural movement. It won't bounce or jostle up and down as you walk or run. For activities like kayaking, the Play Sports Cross Body Sports Bag is more accessible and makes getting into and out of your kayak much easier than a bulky fanny pack

Our 34" sports bag can be worn across either side of the body with a simple flip, making it ambidextrous. An elastic hook at the top of the bag lets you attach a carabiner clip, sports watch or chair lift tickets. Play Sports Cross Body Sports Bag has an 18" woven nylon strap, making the bag suitable for any body type. Students can use it on field trips to hold student ID, lunch money and park passes. Pet owners can take turns using it when walking pets, to hold waste collection bags, training treats, smart phone and more

Play Sports Cross Body Sports Bag is made from 100% nylon. It has reinforced seams with bias-taped edges. There are no raw edges to fray or tear. Our bag has four separate zipper compartments. The largest pocket, at the top of the bag, measures 9" x 5". We positioned the reinforced headphone ports near the shoulder to minimize the possibility of tangles or other damage

Use Play Sports Cross Body Sports Bag at the farmers market, amusement park, and while skiing, fishing, running or taking baby for a stroll around the block

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Color: Blue
Manufacturer: Mtlmax Sport
Size: Adjustable
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Great Bag for on the go!

The play sport anti-theft bag is a very nice bag. The bag itself is durable and made from quality material. It does not feel flimsy or like it will rip at any moment. The water resistant material ensures that your items stay dry in case you get caught in the rain on your walk. It happens more often than you think. It contains four separate pockets that allow for easy organization of your belongings. When I am walking my pugs I always take several items. There is room for my cell phone, poop bags, treats and wipes. No searching through the bag to find the item you need the all have their own pocket. There is also a loop at the top I can attach a water bottle and bowl for the pugs for the walk. Pugs can get easily overheated so you have to ensure you provide them with adequate water when on your walks. The cross body design allows you to keep the bag in place when untangling your puggies from each other and yourself as mine love to see if they can get the leashes in a knot. My shoulder bags always end up falling off my shoulder when I bend over to work with the pugs or give them a treat. If the bag hits the ground the pugs always try to root out the treats on their own. The slim fit also allows me to wear this under my coat if wanted and it does not cause your jacket to be bulky. The bag has an adjustable strap so that I can adjust it for me or my teenager. He also likes to use it when he heads out to bike ride to his friends as it does not interfere with him riding and he can keep his keys, phone and cash on him without the cumbersome size of a backpack. It also has a slot to put your earbuds through for easy reach. DISCLAIMER: This product was provided to me at reduced cost for my honest review and feedback. I received no compensation for this review it is based off my experience with the product only.

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With the adjustable strap it makes for a comfortable fit although at times it doesn't stay upright and ...

With the adjustable strap it makes for a comfortable fit although at times it doesn't stay upright and readjusting comes into play but over all excellent quality.