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Great Product

I wanted to start circuit training at home, and this was perfect for adding to that purpose. The ladder comes in it's own black tote which is easy to get the item in and out of and can be toted around easily from place to place or hung up for storage purposes. It's exactly as described, 4 meters, with 8 rungs. Agility ladders are not designed to be anchored into the ground. The idea is to workout in such a way that you become more proficient at acquiring skills like speed, agility, stopping and starting quickly, movements from side to side, back to front, etc. You must concentrate and focus on your movements. Occasionally you're going to knock the thing from side to side or its going to get off kilter, but the more you work at it, the less you'll notice these things happening.

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Great buy for soccer or any

Glad I found this affordably on amazon! Helps with quickness on feet of our soccer players 8 & 10. They pull it out to play with it on their own when we've been stuck inside this winter. Will use with team this spring. Great price, easy to store in slim pouch....seems sturdy.

Quite good

This product was sent to me for review and came in a large sized carry bag that could only just about fit into a large sized sports bag. From a quality perspective I would say that it's 'quite good' quality with a very lightweight mass. The yellow rungs of the ladder are made of plastic and are stiff yet relatively thin. The material joining them together is simple nylon straps and these can be adjusted accordingly to alter the length of each square. You also get clips like you get on coats so you can attach them to a certain type of surface if it's compatible. It's 4 meters long in length has 8 rungs in total so it offers a reasonably good length. They can get tangled quite easily during set up which was a bit of a pain so please bear that in mind when setting up. In use, I found that this was much bigger than I expected and I had to move quite a few things out of the way in the lounge. Fully stretched, you will need a medium to large size lounge that's ideally wide and long (easier said than done). I found that it was best to do exercises going across it rather than going length-wise and the ones that I found the best to do, to cover the upper and lower body was the 'Lateral Hand Walks', '2 in-2 out hand walks', 'I-Leg Lateral', 'Icky shuffles' and 'Ali shuffles'. I did each one for 3-4 mins and after about 18-20 mins, my heart rate and breathing rate was very high and I had a really good workout. Admittedly, it did take a bit of getting used to. Yes, the rungs did move but the more I did the exercises the better I got at avoiding the rungs and straps. Ideally, this would have 15 rungs and made of heavy metal and rope but for indoor home use, 8 is more than enough and the material it's made of keeps the price down. If you are taking it outdoors you will want a semi solid floor that's smooth. Well cut grass is better than concrete etc, especially when using your hands. Most of the other ones available on Amazon are very similar if not identical in some cases.

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Great, portable and handy to have around.

This is great and portables. I take it to the park, workout and I am done. My kids love playing with this product and they are so creative with it.

Great for workouts and the kids like to use it ...

Great for workouts and the kids like to use it too. Win win! The ladder and the bag it comes in are of good quality.

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My nephews loved this! It was worth the money and a ...

My nephews loved this! It was worth the money and a great value!

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Nice , lets see

Nice, works great, hope it does not fall apart..

Four Stars

good product, it does the job

Four Stars

Exactly what was needed

Nice storage pouch

Product delivered on time. I can hardly wait to use it. Nice storage pouch.