One Year Warranty!

Our Guarantee:If you're not 100% satisfy with your purchase of OutdoorMaster backpack within 30 days, let us know and we'll refund you full with no excuse!

1.Material: high quality nylon + lightweight and durable nylon
2.Multi-compartment for more items: the main compartment, Deputy Compartment, sundries compartment,   side compartment,
3.The bottom of the backpack using high-density nylon fabric with good wear resistance, the bottom of   the ribbon can be bundled with  tents and other items
4.Buffer breathable belt: comfort contact, good heat dissipation, rapid evaporation of sweat
5.Portable pocket waist: more convenience for place items in and out
6.Shoulder strap adjustment buckle: able to adjusted the size and height to fit the user's chest
7.Capacity: 40L
8.Dimensions: 20.5 x 12.5 x 7.5 inches
9.Weight: 2.8lb
10.Color : 5 colors for you to choose

Note: Due to lighting effect, Monitor's brightness etc, there will be slight differences in the color between the photo and the actual item.

Package includes:
1 x Backpack
1 x Waterproof Cover

Color: Green
Manufacturer: OutdoorMaster
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40L Hiking Backpack from OUTDOORMASTER

"OUTDOORMASTER" offers 2 different sizes of what is essentially the same exact bag design, a 40L size (this listing) and a 50L size (a different listing). In addition they also offer a 60Liter+5L model in a different and more conventionally 'backpacker' design, and for some longer-trail hikers that 60+5L model may be worth checking out. I was offered a sample of all 3 bags for testing and impartial consumer review. After trying each one out for two long weekends, here's what I and my 2 buddies think about this pack: PRO's (many): This 40L pack seems well made and well sewn. I have this in Green. It looks exactly like the Amazon photos. I haven't owned it long enough to put a lot of long-haul miles on it. But out of the box all the stitching and fabric look good and I can find no flaws or sloppy work anywhere, even on close inspection. There are a lot of nice design features here, and the design team has obviously studied carefully other well known makers' most successful bags. There's a water bladder pocket, a good lot of adjustable length to each of the straps, a whistle buckle on the chest strap, an outer 'shovel' pocket with its own tightening strap, side mesh pockets, and the shoulder straps are nicely adjustable and include D rings and lots of sewn loops for attaching gear. Even without any elastic, the shovel pocket is very handy. Small pockets make it easy to keep your wallet, keys, etc secure and out of the way. There's no 'top lid' on this, and the bag has those vertical zippers found on Jansport type 'student book bags'. One nice un-advertized bonus that I discovered only on close inspection is a little secret zippered pocket at the bottom of the pack, and inside is tucked an elasticized rain cover for the pack (matching fabric). Nice touch, and I don't see it mentioned in the description. Handy too, because although the fabric has light water resistance it's not designed to withstand an all-day rain. There's an air-ventilation plastic mesh in the back to create air flow between your back and the pack itself. This works pretty well even in the June heat. CON's (only 2): The 'shovel pocket' is not elastic (those grey panels at the sides are the same nylon as the rest of the pack, they're not elasticized). There are zippered side pockets on the belt, but they're quite small (for my tastes) and set further back than I would prefer. I'd rather they were larger and extended a little further forward along the hip for better visibility & accessibility. On the other hand, there's plenty of free belt area in front to slip on your own favorite belt-loop pouch(es) and various gear 'holsters' if you like. This is a lightweight pack, but not "ultralight". 40L is a reasonable size for a day pack or base-camp pack, but many campers will find more versatility in the 50L version of this same pack. Both the 40L and 50L versions do have room in the side pockets and the lower back bedroll straps for foam mat rolls, smaller size tents, etc. SUMMARY: I like this pack, both the overall design and the workmanship. I haven't owned it long enough to speak about long term durability. But so far it's been great. I hope this review is helpful to my fellow hikers as you research and comparison shop online. Happy trails, everybody.

by Bassocantor >> See more reviews

+ Fit is Comfortable + Good Design

 I trust this video will help you make an informed decision about this product. There are a lot of things to like about this product--and just a few nits. A few observations: PRO: + Comfortable fit. Sits nicely against my back without rubbing. (I am about 6 feet, and the feet is perfect.) + All zippers, as well as overall construction is solid. We found no flaws whatsoever. + Standard compartment for a water reservoir. + The fasteners all worked very well. Strap adjustment is simple and also worked perfectly. it was simple to "cinch up" the backpack so that it sat nicely on my hips, and did not rub against my body. + Both the hip strap and sternum straps fastened securely every time. Adjusted easily--no problems. + The back support is nicely ventilated, and also has cushioning. It felt comfortable to me. + Bottom zippered compartment holds a brightly colored rain cover. + Two large main compartments. One of them also has little pouches for pens, etc. + Nice small, zippered compartment on the rear/center. There is also a large pouch, with adjustable strap over it on the rear/center. + Inner zippered compartment--perhaps for wallet or smartphone, or geocaches. + Side mesh areas to hold water bottle or snacks. + Small zippered/mesh compartments on each hip (but see below.) CON: (minus 1 Star) - The two hip pockets are set too far back--I can reach them, but have to stretch my arm back. They are also quite small--would have liked them to big a bit bigger. - No warranty information is listed with the product information cards. If there is a warranty, it is not clear. √ All in all, a very good product that is quite comfortable. Not perfect, of course, but a good product, especially for the price. I like the looks, and for the most part, I like the design. Sample product for impartial review.

by M. Singleton >> See more reviews

Hydration sleeve fit my water bladder just fine. Only quibble would be that there is no ...

After reading many of the other reviews I took a chance and ordered this pack. It has surpassed all my expectations. Took it as a day pack on a recent trip to Yellowstone. It holds all my gear for a day on the trail. When not using my large pack on our backpacking excursion, this little guy filled the bill. Hydration sleeve fit my water bladder just fine. Only quibble would be that there is no hole cut-out for the hose. Which I believe I read in another review before my purchase, so no biggie. I may or may not add a reinforcement patch and create my own water hose port. In the meantime, running it out the bag and zipping up to hold it in place works just fine. This pack has plenty of room for trail snacks, a first aid kit, water filtration device, tarp, line, jacket, etc and still have room for addtionial gear. Seems well made and should last a long time. After I came home I have been using it on my daily walks. I do need to cut off the excess belt material they give you in the waist belt. It is way too long for me. Almost forgot. On my trip I saw a VERY similar bag in an "outfitter" store. Priced at $159. Yikes. It was easy to see they had both been manufactured by the same factory. Only difference was the "name brand". IYKWIM.

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I bought this backpack a few days ago as a replacement to my previously worn-out school bag. At first, I was a bit skeptical as it was my first time to buy anything online, but the moment I received the bag from the dealer I knew that it was worth the cash. Usually, I walk for about a half mile, to and fro school on weekdays and enjoy a bit of hiking on some weekends. Thanks to this backpack, my treks to school have been a lot easier given that it has well-cushioned and broad shoulder straps. Also, despite the fact that at times I carry lots of college textbooks plus a 14-inch Dell laptop, I rarely feel this weight as the straps and the belt help distribute the weight evenly on my back. Overall, it`s a solid backpack with a comparatively good sturdy zippers and a fairly breathable fabric.

by blessedgirl >> See more reviews

love the green!

I love this backpack so much! It is super cute, affordable and comfortable. It has many pockets and straps for adding extra things on the outside... It's surprising how much I can get in it... It may not be big enough for a multi-day trip but for sure will work great until I am able to do the John Muir Trail on shorter trips. Then I will probably get the same brand in the larger size. very well made.

This is a great deal for such a quality, durable bag.

I took this product on a 3 week backpacking trip across Europe and it did wonders. I expected this product, especially for the price point, to not preform as well as it did. My girlfriend got the same one so this is a testimonial for two of these. We flew with some budget airlines so we really strapped this pack down. Zippers, claps, rain cover, everything preformed exceptionally. Across 8 countries and through 7 flights, its integrity is completely intact.

by Jared Bryce >> See more reviews

Lightweight and Durability

It is worth noting that frame plays an important role, especially when one is carrying a heavy load. In addition, it also provides ventilation to the back. The backpack is made of high quality nylon with floating breathable carrying system that allows heat to escape while I exercise or hike. Because of its lightweight and durability, this backpack stands out among other hiking packs available on the market today. The main compartment has a thickened shockproof, therefore can carry a laptop and other delicate gadgets. On the other hand, the stability of the backpack has been enhanced by using strengthen key parts such as solid thick belt, shoulder strap and more.

by Joel Avrunin >> See more reviews

Excellent value in a hiking back pack with plenty of room and features found in higher in bags

In the world of hiking back packs, you can spend a lot of money for the features that you find in this OutdoorMaster backpack if you go to one of the larger outdoor stores. This backpack represents a remarkable amount of value for the price paid, and has been wonderful for my family. I got this backpack awhile ago to review, but waited to write a review until I took it through the ringer. Local hikes with the kids weren't quite enough - I took it on vacation while we hiked Mount Rainier, subjecting it to rain, sharp rocks, and all sorts of abuse. It has actually held up quite well, and was remarkably comfortable for the entire trip. In terms of features, you get a full backpack strap system with wide hip straps, adjustable height chest straps that are elastic (awesome!), and of course, well padded shoulder straps. The backpack has a great ventilation system that keeps the backpack a bit off of your back and lets your skin breath. The padding is well done and I was able to go many hours without any issues. There is also a rain cover sewn in the bottom, extra small pouches in the hip straps, straps to hold a bed roll, and several random elastic cords that are good for trekking poles, canteens, etc. The pack I got doesn't really have a spot to put a water bladder - for that you should look at the same company for their 50L backpack. The main pocket has a small divider for something like a notebook computer, and the secondary pocket has what could be used as a student organizer. The material doesn't feel quite as tough as some of the higher end packs I have owned, but for day hiking or even student use, this is a great choice. I also love the green color - it looks great. Recommended! Note: I received a free sample for the purposes of review.

Chinese lettering on the front is off-putting

I bought this to use as a daypack in Asia, and was dismayed by the very prominent Chinese lettering right below the "Creeper" logo on the front. Given the politics I would prefer not to be mistaken as a Chinese national. That said, it appears to be of relatively good quality. I'm only giving it two stars because of the shady advertising - in the Amazon photos, the lettering is blurred out - was that intentional??

Loved the look

Loved the look, great pockets etc.. Zipper split on first use.. tried it again.. Not much weight at all and main zipper split again.. Very disappointing. I returned it and received refund with no problem