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I don't like applying several coats of it because my eyelids get ...

I have sensitive eyes and thin eyelashes. I am not a big fan of mascaras because they get lumpy and cakey after a while. I don't like applying several coats of it because my eyelids get heavy. I do, however, like this mascara. I wish it came in other colors than brown and black since I like electric blues and violet purples. However, this mascara is great to use. It really does separate the lashes if you use a thin coat. I always wipe the excess off the wand before I use it on the eyelashes so I get a thin coat that actually separates the lashes.It really makes my eyes pop so I don't need to do the 2nd coat. It does not irritate my eyes and I my eyelids don't feel heavy. I found out this mascara has been discontinued, but glad I found it on amazon and I found a couple at a local Ross store. Will order more soon.

A little off but still good

I was super bummed out they were discontinuing this item at drugstores so I was so happy to find it online, for cheaper. I have always used this mascara and love the way it coats all of your lashes without making them clumpy. It makes my eyelashes so long that sometimes they catch onto my eyebrow. This stuff is incredible. That being said, the only thing I noticed this time was that for the first week of using this it was great and my experience was the same as the store bought stuff. After a week though it seemed to dry up quickly. I ended up running the wand under hot water to sort of break the formula up. I'm a little disappointed but overall this is awesome mascara.

by Mary C. Clarke >> See more reviews

and am so happy to find it again

My very fav, and am so happy to find it again! I think it's the shape of the applicator that makes it special to me....I am a mascara freak, and have tried Guerlain, Chanel, Lancome, etc., etc., and it is still the BEST for me....felt so bummed when it was no longer in drugstores....thank you for providing!

by LApiroozi >> See more reviews

Fast delivery & product was exactly what was advertised.

I have tried many different types of mascara over the years and this one I feel is the best. I was so disappointed when it got discontinued but I was glad to find it online. I got it by the expected delivery date and I am satisfied with the product.

love this mascara!

My favorite mascara! I was pretty sad that they discontinued it at the store. I chose 2 day shipping. Even with the holidays it came on time. It doesn't clump. Ive included a picture of we get it looks like after I put it on. Great product!

Decent mascara for price

A friend told me about this mascara . Good buy .. Doesn't clump ...fairly thickening and lengthening . Would get again.

by Guadalupe >> See more reviews

great product for a great price

I love this mascara it's not expensive and does a great job.

Five Stars

Best drugstore mascara I have found.

One Star

It was supposed to be waterproof.

by Jennifer Nelson >> See more reviews

Four Stars