The dominant hybrid brand on most worldwide Tours, including the PGA TOUR, Adams has created a single design that works for players of all skill levels. Incorporating preferences from Tour players and the most beneficial attributes from the company's award-winning models, engineers created a hybrid that plays as a true transitional club between the iron and metalwood.


  • Featuring our patented high MOI upside-down head shaping, the Pro Hybrid follows a blueprint that has proven to make consistent contact easier for golfers of all skill levels.
  • Velocity Slot Technology on the crown and Cut-Thru Slot technology on the sole combine with an ultra-thin face to add forgiveness and flexion, making it effortless to catapult the ball online towards its intended target.
  • Repositioning the center of gravity (CG) behind the center of the face enhances the workability of the club for players who favor shot-shaping.

  • Manufacturer: Adams
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    Solid looks, solid feel, easy to hit and long!

    Replacing an older Adams A7 hybrid 3....very happy with this club. Was afraid that the slots on top and bottom would make the hybrid feel to springy or hollow, very happy with the solid feel and sound. I was debating on doing a regular flex or stiff....happy wth the stiff flex I chose, the shaft is smooth and feels great. Can't beat the price!!!

    Beware: Bottom insert can fall out

    Initially I was happy with this hybrid but within a couple months the weight (red insert on bottom) fell out and was lost. I would rather have a hybrid that doesn't have this adjustable piece. Now to replace the weight I have to spend additional money to buy a replacement plus buy the necessary adjustment tool that probably should have come with the club to begin with. When I looked this up online I see that many people have had the same experience with this club. Would not buy this club again.

    Don't buy the slot insert breaks off!

    I bought the 20°, looked great and felt great so I bought the 16°. The red slot insert on the bottom of the 16° fell out never to be seen again. Amazon replaced it the next day "love amazon ". But then on the 20° the same problem. Returned both and went with Callaway xr hybrid. Don't know how Adams can put out a product that will break in a couple hits. Very disappointed because they looked and felt great. Don't know if it's because Taylormade bought them and wants to kill the Adams name or they are going to market it to Walmart. Save your self time and buy another brand. Amazon handled everything great and returned both clubs without a problem.

    What a great club - my first hybrid

    What a great club - my first hybrid. Nice and heavy club head so it drives through the ball very solidly, especially when in the rough. Got the stiff shaft and that worked perfectly - great feel and speed (but you don't need to go crazy whacking the ball with this thing - let the club do the work).

    Nice club

    Took this club out the next weekend and just looked for any excuse to try it out. Started to get the handle on it pretty good. It seems heavy for the size, but swing was found pretty fast. Good shaft size and weighting. Seems to be working out well.

    Saving grace right here, distance from the tuff lies ...

    Saving grace right here, distance from the tuff lies. Which I seem to play out of non stop. True one iron that changed my game, made me drop numbers off every game so far. Knee high tall grass is about all that stops me now. Lol

    by MICHAEL PISTON >> See more reviews

    Greatly improved my game!

    Improved my game greatly. Always had trouble hitting my three and four irons. Hybrid replaced those irons. On an average, I'm getting 170 to 180 yards, straight loft off the tee and off the deck. Very happy with this club!

    by I'm Here And You're Not! >> See more reviews

    Nice Hybrid For the Price!

    My Adams Super S #3 hybrid (18* Senior Flex/Graphite) had worn out and I was looking to update it. I've been getting between 180 - 200 yards out of my Super S. I purchased the Adams Hybrid Pro #3 (18* Stiff) at Costco on sale for $39.95) last week and put a Golf Pride Medium CP2 grip on it. I took it out today for the first time, playing in tall wet grass and newly mowed, hard fairways with clumps of grass on it. First, I was impressed with how straight my ball stayed off the club, regardless of how I hit it. Second, I used the club about a dozen times. For the most part, I had pretty good contact . . . getting distances in the 170-180 yard range. I chunked the ball a couple of times (in tall grass) and still managed to get around 130 yards. The club is heavier than my other Adams hybrids, but I like the difference. I never found myself trying to "slam" the ball or swing as fast as I could on the down swing. I got my best results when I took my time on the back swing and let the club do the work. For the price, you can't go wrong with this club. Some have commented on the weight screw coming loose. If it is loose, you'll be able to hear it when you set up over the ball. I'm not sure how much the replacement part is, but at this price, I'm not going to worry about it. Hopefully, after I get more used to it, I'll be able to increase my distances.

    Great club

    Love the smaller clubhead. Love the sound. Most of all, I love how the ball rockets off of the clubface. I highly recommend this one.

    by Jorge A Azpurua >> See more reviews

    Easy to hit, and to get more yards

    Excelent club, easy to hit, and it definitely give you some extra yards!!