The gold standard. The Elite 2.0 cycling jacket uses event 3–Layer fabric for assured durability and exceptionally breathable, lightweight waterproof protection. Seven venting options allow for great protection with less overheating.
Manufacturer: Showers Pass


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A good jacket for overheating monkies

The Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jacket is a fairly well thought out cycling jacket with a marginally better waterproof membrane. This jacket is not exactly appropriate for competitive cycling, but geared towards commuting, touring, or mountain biking. The fit was somewhat uneven: the arms are extra long, shoulders are kind of small, and the chest and waist are too big. Shorter people may have trouble finding a good fit. People with longer arms will find the length to be a welcome change, but others may wonder if this jacket was made for a monkey. The waist can be cinched tight using an elastic cord--a nice touch, but it causes bunching if you're skinny. The main issue with all of these aspects is that the jacket doesn't seem true to size. The waist on my jacket was at least 3-4 inches larger than it should have been--same with the chest. My arms are on the short side so I had a lot of bunched material on the sleeves. Shoulders felt really tight compared to how baggy the chest was. The zippers are extremely stiff and can make the jacket uncomfortable at times. The pit-zips feel like you've got sticks under your arms and the collar can push against your chin uncomfortably. I haven't had this issue with other products with zippers in similar configurations. The fabric is quite stiff compared to all other cycling jackets I've tried and can be uncomfortable in the sleeves and collar. The jacket is fairly well thought out in terms of features. The back pocket is large and even--no obstructions and has plenty of space to carry a thin pair of tights or tools/tubes/phones/energy bars. The chest pocket also has a headphone jack on the inside for those who enjoy music while riding. The pit-zips are extra large and the back has a vent as well as a loop for a light. With the zips open and cuffs loose, you are in no danger of moisture build-up. Unfortunately, the light loop doesn't work very well since it's not flush; lights tend to move around and face the wrong direction. The jacket is completely waterproof; fabric, seams, and zippers do an excellent job of keeping the water out. Pit zips and a rear vent allow air to circulate and adjustable cuffs give your arms a stream of fresh air. But does the jacket really breath? Maybe. I don't feel eVent lives up to the hype and marketing. It is marginally better than older Gore-Tex jackets or PI WxB jackets, but about the same when compared to the latest generation Gore Tex, NeoShell, etc. Some or most of its breathability can be attributed to the vents, not the fabric. Like most waterproof jackets, it "breaths" less than windproof jackets (ex: Windstopper). Unlike Gore-Tex or WxB, this jacket is *not* windproof--it blocks about 95% of the wind. About 5% of the air hitting the jacket is allowed to pass through the fabric. This helps force vapor out, increase evaporation, and circulate the air. In effect, the material itself is like having a small, permanent vent. All that said, I still don't think the material breaths enough. If I cinch down the cuffs to prevent cold air from going into the sleeves, the moisture builds up quickly and it gets damp and clammy like Paclite or WxB. As a reference point, I don't experience this when using Windstopper (a windproof, water-resistant material), and is a little worse than the current generation Gore Tex. Now, combine the slightly air permeable fabric with the generous pit zips, rear vent, wide waist, you get a fairly constant supply of "fresh" air to keep the inside dryer than previous generation fabrics. The air permeability is another issue/feature. When using Gore-Tex and similar products, I feel comfortable wearing just a T-shirt/jersey under the jacket in temperatures down to 40 degrees. With eVent, I feel cold at 45 degrees and need an extra layer to for all but the shortest rides. There's a fine balance between breathing and wind-chill. For me, eVent lets in way too much air for me to call it "windproof". For those who run hotter, sweat more, or like a bit of a breeze, the air may be a very welcome change from non-permeable materials. Overall, the Showers Pass Elite 2.0 jacket is a solid, waterproof jacket. It's completely waterproof and breaths as well as other cycling jackets in this price range. The ample vents and relaxed fit improve air circulation and help keep you dryer. Unfortunately, this jacket fits a little differently than most jackets and can be awkward for some. Stiff zippers and bunching make it downright uncomfortable for me. eVent is a promising technology that offers a good alternative for some. Is it Waterproof? Definately. Is it Windproof? Mostly. Is it Breathable? Sort of.

One of the best serious rain jackets on the market for cyclists

This is an pricey but extremely functional, high-performing jacket. For those of you who don't live in the Pacific Northwest, you should know this is one of the most popular rain jackets for cyclists who do extensive riding in the (rainy) winters of Oregon and Washington. We get a lot of cold rain in the winter -- and this jacket is great for the typical fall/winter riding conditions in Seattle: 37 degrees and showers, rain or drizzle. When I was searching for a good rain jacket, I read a customer review that stated this: "If you ride a lot in the rain, you will end up owning a Showers Pass jacket -- the only question is how many other jackets you will buy before you figure this out." This jacket is a great balance between breathability (so you don't overheat or get wet from perspiration) and rain protection. The material itself is breathable, and there are large zippers under the arms that allow you to vent heat as you ride. I have used this on rides of 4+ hours in steady rain, and have had no problems with getting wet on my upper body while riding it. Other strengths: - Tailored well for cycling -- no extra material to flap in the wind, but cut long enough so your lower back is protected when you ride. - Plenty of pockets to store keys, wallet, cellphone, extra gloves, etc. - Reflective striping really does increase your visibility at night Showers Pass also makes a separate hood that fastens to this jacket with velcro. It's easy to attach or detach, and works well. I strongly recommend getting it if you ride in very heavy rain. This jacket is too warm over 55 degrees (F) or so. Wearing plenty of layers and other gear, I've used this comfortably on rides down to 12 or 13 degrees. In short, a great jacket for someone who does a lot of miles in the cold and rain.

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Great Cycling Jacket

I've had this jacket for about 6 years and love it. I live on the East Coast, and ride in Connecticut and NYC, so a combination of suburban and city riding, long distance, commuting, and pottering around. Some things I've learned over the years: Unbeatable as a windbreaker on cold days. Wear it in the winter to cut the wind chill, with a base layer to keep you warm. Very good as a rain jacket, not great. Water will permeate the cloth if it's chucking it down - but that's no surprise, is it. You get wet when it rains. Care is still puzzling. Instructions say wash and iron to perk up the waterproofing, which is at odds with waterproofing products like Nikwax. Ironing melted the seam taping, which was a drag. The fit is great. long sleeves and a droopy backside give great coverage while riding. Sometimes the cuffs catch on the handlebar ends if I don't tighten them, but that's a minor issue. The front L breast pocket is wonderful; the back tail pocket is nice but a but awkward. Zipper ventilation slits in the arm pits are a welcome addition, if awkward to manipulate while riding (so, duh, stop and unzip). Very comfortable, very durable jacket. I've spilled on asphalt and the jacket held up with only minor damage, lugged a backpack and it grimes up the jacket just a bit. Hi viz yellow with reflective taping is very nice for any kind of riding, especially in the rain and in the dark. It does retain some stink if you don't wash it regularly, but again, duh. To sum it up: if you are an all-season, all-weather cyclist this is the jacket for you.

Invest in the best - you won't regret it

This is far and about the best biking jacket I've ever used. I've put mine through 2 years of bike commuting in Seattle plus assorted other rides, and it's taken everything I've thrown at it and then some. I've owned several other jackets with Goretex and similar materials, but the eVent fabric in this one breathes noticeably better, which is a great feeling when dealing with any humidity or warmth. The vent zippers help with this as well. The fit is excellent - while it can feel a bit long and baggy if you forget to tighten the sleeves, it leaves you plenty of flexibility for moving around in, and mine fits great over a base layer for when it gets cold out. The jacket works fantastic as a windbreaker and OK as a rain jacket - there's no hood, and if it REALLY starts pouring and you stay out long enough it may eventually soak through, but for normal rain and cold it holds up perfect and I'm almost always bone dry at the end of my ride/walk. If it does get at all wet, it dries FAST - I've had some jackets that can still be damp the next morning, but this always dries within a couple of hours max without any special care apart from hanging up.. The reflective strips are a nice touch when commuting - they're quite visible. I use the front pocket quite a bit for storing keys and other essentials when riding - it's not large enough to throw anything particularly huge in, but it should do fine for the basics. The company itself is also a class act - I had one of the zippers fail (after two years or regular abuse, that was the only issue I ever had), sent it in, and they went above and beyond and replaced the entire jacket instead of just the zipper. My jacket was gone for less than a week including my mailing it to them and getting it back - I was impressed. Buy with confidence.

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My god these are expensive for a jacket! But ...

My god these are expensive for a jacket! But... worth every penny. Mine got stolen with a bike, I didn't hesitate to replace it with the same jacket. E-vent is different than other waterproof/breathable fabrics, this actually breathes (up to a point, of course).

Great jacket!

I have yet to use this in the rain, but I have in 40-50c weather as a wind breaking jacket. In these temperatures the jacket breathes well. I also have the transit for heavy winter weather, but it doesn't seem to block the wind as well, and the vents, though they seem like they should work better, don't work as well as the Elite. I also like the fit for biking, though some ppl seem to hate it. The transit would bang against my leg with anything at all in my pocket. The Elite is cut just right for biking. This will be a staple for my commuting to work, which is a 30+ mi RTT.

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The best jacket I've ever owned

I'm 6'0", 180 lbs. The size large jacket fits perfectly. This is the first time I've been able to ride to work without having sweat make me damp upon arrival. It just feels like quality all the way around, from the ease with which you can operate the pit zips to the way you can leave the cuffs open to allow extra ventilation in the sleeves when needed. I rode 6 miles to work in a pouring rain the first week I had it and was totally dry on my upper half. Worth every penny.

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Here is some feedback on the Men's Elite 2.1 waterproof cycling jacket. We purchased two for our fowl weather cycling and outdoor fitness activities in the soaking Northern European weather. The jacket has some great features: The venting aspects on sides and back, longer sleeve length with adjustable velcro. The detachable hood is a nice feature as is the reflective trim. We particularly like the jackets longer length in the back with the large back pocket for storing the hood or gloves etc. All in all, well thought out cycling features. However, even following the care instructions on these jackets, problems began by the second washing. We noticed the sealed seams began to peel up. As the seams continue to peel we, make repairs with fabric glue. The most disappointing aspect of these jackets has been the "waterproof" feature. After the second washing the jackets began to loose much of their water repellent properties. We purchased the NikWax waterproofing product suggested by their website. This has had no effect on the rejuvenation to the fabric, (we have treated them multiple times as per instruction, over several months) . Water soaks through the jackets in to our next layer within minutes. These jackets are as absorbent as a cotton sweatshirt. We now own two over priced, dry weather windbreakers. Perhaps improvements can be made to the repellent processing before any future clients buy into the "waterproof" claims. Would not recommend this companies product. We have gone to 100% GORE-TEX products.

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Nice jacket

As a fair weather bike commuter, I purchased this so I could extend my bike commuting season into the winter months. I live in Seattle, so I can attest that it holds up well for biking in the rain. No complaints.

All around awesome

Finally, a rain jacket that's breathable (at least as much as a waterproof jacket can be), is long enough to overlap my rain pants (and has a drop tail so it KEEPS overlapping them when I'm down in the drop bars!) and has arms long enough so I never get a gap between the sleeves and my gloves! The wrists have velcro closures so they can be cinched tight around your gloves to keep the wind/rain out, or opened up to catch a little extra ventilation. The zippered back pocket is easily accessible without taking the jacket off (and perfectly positioned to hold the battery for my helmet-mounted Light and Motion Stella) The pit-zips can be opened for increased ventilation when you need it, and closed in colder or wetter weather. The vest pocket is a perfect place for my Polar GPS, and stays dry enough that it would also make a good place to carry your phone. This is my all-time favorite jacket for riding in wet weather, and also (with a long sleeve jersey underneath) in cold weather, since it doesn't give me that "sausage wrap" feeling! It was recommended by someone on who lives in Seattle. Obviously the cyclists in Seattle know something about rain gear. :)