'Classic: You will be warm and protected on your next downhill thanks to the windproof front of this vest.'


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Great biking vest

I have a bunch of long sleeve shirts that I wear biking. The problem is, sometimes when it's cooler out, I could use a little more core protection. This Gore vest fits the bill perfectly. Nice segregated pockets in back. Mesh in back for ventilation, barrier in front. Form fitting and maybe even a little tight--unless you are really thin I recommend going one size larger. I also wish the vest were a little longer. Highly recommended!

all you need

This vest is awesome. ROlls up and fits in back pocket. I use a thick large rubberband to compress. I live in southwest florida and in the early morning hours in the winter at 48 degrees, its all i need over a shortsleeve shirt. Even when its 60 i use it and take it off later. Blocks wind, lets hot air out back. GREAT. 1 year old, still like new. Zipper is strong

by Donald Eugene Leas >> See more reviews

Good but backwards.

I really love my vest just enough to keep me warm in the autumn mornings. But whis it was listed as a men's vest the zipper is backwards. It is zipped as a woman's, which is funny. but not enough to make me stop wearing it.

Great Vest

As a owner of other Gore Bike Wear products, I had high expectations for this vest and was not disappointed. I choose a size large based on my experience with the Alp-X Jacket (I'm a 38" chest) and on first use it did appear that I might have picked a size too large. After washing the vest and drying it did shrink some and fits perfect now. I too would like a two-way zipper as indicated in the other reviews. I didn't have any issues with accessing my jersey pockets through the vests slash pockets. I also like the two additional pockets on the vest as they fit 0.5 liter water bottles perfectly - which is very benefitual on a longer remote ride when I need to carry some extra liquid. They should also carry energy bars or gels nicely at other times. The front chest pocket is very useable for quick access to smaller items. I have lately been wearing this vest in Ohio's 50-60 degree fall weather and it blocks the wind/chill on your chest very well. It also folds and rolls tightly to fit in a jersey pocket when not needed.

by Jeffrey Davis >> See more reviews

Some of the "features" actually cause problems.

When shopping for a wind vest I REALLY wanted to like this vest the best. But didn't. Unless you're a stick straight euro type frame, the pass through openings in the rear of the vest will cause the vest to "pucker" on the sides. This resulted in me constantly tugging at it. I'm 5'10'' 205lbs and the XL fit perfectly, save for the aforementioned puckering. The material is also very stiff and "crinkly" which is not my preference either.

Best Vest

I mountain bike at least 5x a week. Living near the ocean means that both early morning and late afternoon rides are more comfortable with a vest than nothing or a jacket. This one doesn't flab around on steep fast descents as much my others do. The fit is great. The zipper works very smoothly. The mesh on the back seems less fragile. I like it a lot so far.

Great for that chilly breeze on that long stretch of ...

Great for that chilly breeze on that long stretch of road home. Super light weight and the zipper will not break as so many cycling vests seem to have that zipper that last a s

Perfect for my early morning spring rides

Perfect for my early morning spring rides - vented back keeps my temperature moderated and high neck is perfect to block that cool morning breeze

by Jun Ha Kim >> See more reviews

Better than expected

Initially it did not have enough photos to see this product, so I was once suspicious. Good quality garment, good design. Meshed back with

best vest

This vest is amazing! I have had it for a week now and I love it. Top quality, great zippers, full features.