Buy AG Hair Conditioners - AG Hair Therapy Conditioner Light Protein-Enriched Conditioner 6.0 oz. How-to-Use: Massage into clean, damp hair for 1-3 minutes. Comb through, rinse.
Feature: Highest Quality Conditioner available
Manufacturer: AG


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by Angela M Agar >> See more reviews

Outdated merchandise

This is a great product have used it in the past. However, the two that I purchased were outdated. I was gives credit for them n threw them out. The expiration date on the product was 2011. That's a long time for products. I would not purchase them again. Be very careful to check the expiration dates

by MissKikiPants >> See more reviews

If you need a light formula here it is

I've had difficulties finding the right hairdresser, hair products and hair styles that fit my hairtype. after finally finding an excellent hairdresser specific to my hair needs, she told me my problem was that I was using shampoo and conditioner that's way too heavy for my hair. She recommended a bumble and bumble hair conditioner and shampoo that does have a light feel on it when you use it, but my cousin recommended AG hair cosmetics because they're not as pricy as Bumble and Bumble. Don't get me wrong, I love B&B, and I use their products too. But AG hair cosmetics in general is very good too. A lighter formula won't work for every hair type, and I do recommend going to a salon at least once to get a good recommendation (yes it's pricy but if you do go to one, and they specifically look for a stylist that focuses on your hair type only, take their advice!!). If you do need a lighter formula, AG hair cosmetics "light" is a good one. Check out other AG products or even Bumble and Bumble too!

by Hyemoon Kang >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Great product! Made my hair really soft and less frizzy

by salnski1206 >> See more reviews

AG rules!

This conditioner is great. Smells good. Leaves my hair soft. Tried a smaller bottle from my salon and decided to buy the larger version here for less. Couldn't be happier.

Excellent, excellent condtioner

Excellent, excellent condtioner. I have baby fine hair and it's been super dry and brittle. This conditioner has done wonders for me...and smells amazing.

excellent sulfate free product

The AG Smooth line is my go to shampoo & conditioner. Helps maintain my Brazilian blowout since products are sulfate free.


smells good but 9i need a lot of this to make my hair feel soft after rinsing it out

by Patricia Thomson >> See more reviews

One Star

same again I should have purchased a smaller bottle dulls my hair cant manage it. :(

by green genie >> See more reviews

Good stuff

Just like the salon has but way cheaper.

by Mary Carolina >> See more reviews

good stuff

love it