Best seller The Surge is perfect for long bombs, yet still highly controllable for virtually all skill levels. Everyone will benefit from the extra glide the Surge delivers in calm to moderate wind conditions. Distance driver of choice for 2007 World Champion Nate Doss.
Color: multi
Manufacturer: Discraft
Size: 3set
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by R. Lawrence >> See more reviews


Im new to the sport, ive used these disks for a few games now and i find them to be a solid choice. Driver goes nice, with good distance and fairly easy to throw, midrange seems to work well for the in between the T and the hole and it flys pretty straight, putter works nice seems to grip up the chains nicely.. I would recommend this set to anyone that needs a set of disks that is a beginner like myself, good value for your money... PS you should probably order a bag as well. You really do need one once you hit the course.

by James Eldridge >> See more reviews

OK for starter, but can do better

Bought this as my first set to start playing disc golf. I have been using it for about half dozen rounds so far. It gives you the basic disks but as the other reviewer stated, you don't know what colors, weights, or exact type of disk you will get. Mine came with a Magnet putter although description stated APX. No big deal as both behave about the same from what I have read. The Magnet seems to work fine in most putting conditions unless it is windy then it gets blown off course easily. The Buzz works good as a wind putter in that case. The Buzz midrange is just a great overall disk. The XL does tend to curve hard left with basic backhand drive as the other reviewer stated. I admit my power and technique is still in the beginner range, but other disks I have tried (Innova Valkyrie as example) do not have such a hard left turn. Thus I would not recommend this driver for a true beginner. They should have included something more forgiving for those with low power. Hopefully it will get straighter with more practice. I have since did more online research and concluded that the mid and driver with this set are probably too heavy for beginners. Most sites suggest driver and midrange disks in the mid to upper 160's, but this set came with a 177 Buzz and 174 XL. Magnet was 176 which seems OK for a putter. Bottom line is you are probably better off finding a site where you can pick the exact disk, color and weight you want and put together your own set. And since the price is now much higher than when I purchased from Amazon, you can save money also. One site with good prices and info is disk golf center; although I have not purchased from them yet. The plastic does get chewed up quickly on rocky courses or if you hit the pavement but would be fine on grass courses. I guess this the tradeoff when buying cheaper disks. One last thing, buy bright color driver and midrange disks or they will be hard to find in the thick brush. This set came with Yellow XL and Blue Buzz and Orange Magnet. These colors seem OK although red or bright orange would have probably been better. (Yellow was a little hard to find in thick dry grass.) Think about the courses you will play and buy something that sticks out.

by Robert Schepis >> See more reviews

Great Beginners Set

For someone just starting out, this set has been just perfect for me. My son, who's been playing for a long time, tried them and he liked them too. I would highly recommend this set for the novice player, seeking good performance at a reasonable price.

by Bakuhatsu >> See more reviews

A great way to start playing disc golf.

I got this set about a year ago when I started playing, and after a year of improving my skills and buying different discs I still use these as my basic go to discs. All three of them are easy to grip and fly in a fairly predicable pattern for a beginner. When I bought them I was curious if they really were a good set to learn on, well after having bought some specialty discs designed for difficult situations with odd flight patterns I can honestly say these are great discs to learn with.

by A. Oliver >> See more reviews

Well worth the price

Around me golf shops typically sell these things for $20 a piece! The long range driver is awesome, and the soft plastic putter is definitely my favorite now.

by Jonathan Nott >> See more reviews

Perfect way to start

I purchased this as a beginner set before I even played a round of disc golf. My first time out I found it was exactly what I needed. The driver flys pretty well, It seems to break left more when you give it too much height (elevation changes). The mid-range is my favorite. It always seems to break perfectly when thrown forehand or backhand. The putter is also great but now that I've been playing for a month or so I think I'd prefer something softer. All in all, the best deal I've seen.

by Andrew C Impens >> See more reviews

This set is fine, but for $2 more buy innova set instead

To start with, I am new to disc golf. I've only been playing for about a month but I've been trying to get my wife involved so we can go out together. I bought this set and the innova beginners set so that we could go out with her parents, thinking that would help get her interested. Let's start with the pros. Pros- Contains the Buzz model which is apparently well known for being a great model of disk 2 of the 3 discs came in the "X" plastic, which makes this a really good deal Cons- The discs are heavy all 3 discs are 170-175g which is not really great for beginners or people with week arms (my in-laws). Compared to the innova disks which came in the 150g range these were not ideal weights for newbies. The "distance driver" model in my box is a Stratus. Which isn't really a distance disc. Remember I'm new so I just took it on face value the disc has "distance driver" written on it so I believed them. But after more research I discovered that the Stratus is most definitely a mid-range disc, from the profile and rim to the speed there is no way that Discraft should be selling this for distance. Recap: -quality mid-range and mid-tier plastic (so its a good deal) BUT heavy discs and no true distance driver in the set. Overall- Its fine but if this was all I purchased to be able to play I would have been challenged to really get into the game. Buy the Innova set instead

Discraft Disc Golf Set

I just received this set last week, but I have set up some targets in our yard and have been practicing with all three of these disks. The long range XL is a particularly stable driver that only breaks slightly to the left for me on a backhanded throw. The approach disc seems to be good at its intended purpose - that is for shorter throws to get close to the target. The putter has a nice soft feel to it and seems to me to fly closer to a standard frisbee - it is lighter and tends to stay in the air longer with less effort, though it breaks quickly to the left or right when you try to throw it a long ways. The bright colors make them easy to find in the brush. I'm just learning, but I am glad I bought them!

Perfect starter set & GREAT price ...

For the price, you cannot beat this set for starting out. The Buzz disc alone is worth $13. My set included an Avenger SS driver (145-150 grams), Buzz mid-range (175-176) and Magnet putter (170-172). I'm happy with the combo and varying weights. The Avenger is light and flies much farther than the Buzz. They took some abuse on their maiden round (plenty of direct tree hits) but held up well ... even with my pup tracking down my errant tosses.


My boyfriend and I recently started playing discgolf, and in our area we have a mix of courses that are mostly open grassy areas, and ones through the woods with huge cliffs and creeks. Some of which are not climbable, so we tend to loose discs occasionally. These are perfect because they are affordable AND they work very well. I love using them, but if I happen to loose one, it's not the end of the world. Yes, there are much more expensive and higher quality ones for pros and very serious players, but I reccomend these to any beginners or casual players