Discraft Ultimate Bundle - 6 Discraft Ultra Star Ultimate Sport DiscsColors included in this set: red, orange, yellow, white, blue, and blackThe Ultra Star is the official disc of the Ultimate Players Association.

Color: multi
Manufacturer: Discraft


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by Chris Crawford >> See more reviews

I wear out discs, I really like the disc craft 175 series

I wear out discs regularly- we usually buy what is locally available and that is "wham-o frisbee". These disc craft discs are -to me- superior to the wham-o's. They seem to me to be slightly more rigid and perhaps a lower profile and seem to knife through the wind comparably. I bought these for the colors and after flying them I will buy them again.

Cheapest way to get your Discraft Ultimate Discs!

Discraft is the only brand used when it comes to ultimate frisbee. Everyone knows these discs are fine, so what I'm reviewing is the pricing. 46 bucks for 6 discs breaks down to $7.67/disc. Now there are plenty of ways to get your discs for $7.22 and even $7.10 on Amazon, so how is $7.67/disc the cheapest? Because this item qualifies for Free Super Saver Shipping! That's right, since this item qualifies, and it's already over the $25 minimum purchase amount, you get your discs shipped to you for free. Total cost, delivered, is only $7.67/disc! Everyone else ships the discs with an additional cost near 10 bucks putting the delivered price over $8/item. If you just need discs, this is the purchase you've been looking for. the truth as of 8/12/08

by Peter H. Baisley >> See more reviews

Out of This World

Fast, inexpensive and high quality. Even the colors were the same as those shown in the picture. A++++++ Awesome!

Great Price for Ultimate Frisbee Set

This set of frisbees is great for ultimate frisbee and is a great way to get 6 great frisbees for a low cost/frisbee. Discraft Ultra Star's are the standard for the up and coming sport of Ultimate Frisbee and are of excellent quality. This frisbee set would be great to have if you want to start a team or if you just want to get a good deal on the price (like I did). NOTE...these are not for disc golf like a few of the other reviews thought. If you are looking for a frisbee that is good for the beach or high winds look for a 200 gram frisbee! I hope this helped!

Discraft Ultrastar Review

these discs are the national standard in quality for ultimate discs. they are durable, have a great feel, excellent balance, and are the best discs on the market.

by Joshua Engle >> See more reviews

Ultra-Star: The greatest Ultimate Disc

These disks are incredible. For those of you who love Ultimate but get annoyed by the constant "fallout" or "breakpoint" of the Wal-Mart discs, you need Ultra-Star. They have a unique curveture to allow for maximum stability and can overpower a decent wind. They are ideal for those who use a simple flick throw, as the curve adds grip to your throw. Also, the colors are wonderful and are easily seen for nighttime frisbee in a street-light-lit surrounding. Awesome discs!

by christopher a pope >> See more reviews


I has never heard of Discraft until I started searching for a bulk pack of Frisbees. Read all the reviews and trusted them. I have used these for two camps with teenagers, teaching them Ultimate Frisbee. These are the best discs I have ever had the pleasure of playing with. One lesson learned: I you are going to teach people how to throw Frisbees, the quality of the disc really does matter. I had been working with cheaper discs and although I was successful over time, some kids would get frustrated. Once I started instruction using these, the kids caught on much faster, I'd like to think it was the result of some miraculous improvement in the quality of my instruction, but I firmly believe the better quality of these discs did make the difference. You might find discs cheaper, but you won't find better. Definitely recommended for PE Departments looking for bulk buys.

by Nick Ricci >> See more reviews

The ONLY Disc For Ultimate!!

These are the ONLY discs that should be used to play Ultimate. Don't buy any other brand....other players will shun you! I have been playing ultimate for 15+ years and these are the ONY discs used in games all over the country. This is a great price as usually discs go for $10-12 each. I purchased this pack to use to teach some High School kids how to play. The colors are great and as always the size and weight are perfect!

Very well made

These frisbees are used at a K-5 elementary school for every school day recess use and they have held up wonderfully. We are in a very rainy state and even through the weather and the everyday playing of hundreds of kids...they look brand new

by scrubbers >> See more reviews


I misunderstood the description and thought these were for disc-golf, but they are Frisbee discs! I still absolutely love them! They are SO durable and easy to grip. I got the bundle pack. I love all of the vibrant colors!