Crocodile Creek's newly designed playground ball. Made out of natural and synthetic rubber. Great for all outdoor games and activities.
Manufacturer: Crocodile Creek


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but made like a 4square ball that you see on school playgrounds-the ...

Very handsome ball that's colored for girls, but made like a 4square ball that you see on school playgrounds-the red ones. Seems sturdy and the 3 year old I bought it for liked it a lot-especially the purple and the ponies in the design.

Small but good quality

Smaller than I thought it would be. It is round but not perfectly round as there are a few small bumps on the side of where it is blown up. It is good quality rubber and the design is educational. It came already blown up.

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It's the perfect size for little hands to toss

Bought this for my 1 year old and he loves it. It's the perfect size for little hands to toss, roll and bounce. We've had it for a couple months and it's still holding it's air and shape. Haven't had to add more air yet.

Kids love it, great size and material

My kids love this! Great for throwing or kicking. Cleans easily too- just run water over it and maybe use a washcloth and you're done. I like the design (I got the one with numbers and animals since it's "slightly educational" I guess...) too.

by Jake-in-the-box >> See more reviews

Best ball ever

Our boy is 14 months old, and this is one of his favorite toys, along with the remote, bugs, water glasses, sharp objects, toilet paper, and the contents of the recycling bin.

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Good quality, cute design, but price is too high

The design with the animals is pretty cute. It's an okay ball, no real complaints (quality is fine) except that it is probably not worth as much as they charged. Your child would probably like a similar ball from Target for a cheaper price.

Great ball.

Cute nice little ball for my 6 month old to roll with me. It's perfect for her to grow into and take to the park when she gets older as well.

by Connie L. Donaldson >> See more reviews

Leaarning to Play

The ball was just right for three grandchildren--ages 9, 6, and 2. It arrived just in time for the 2 year-old's birthday. He also received a toy fire engine to march the one on the ball.

Good ball

The ball arrived fully inflated and seems pretty sturdy. It's fun for my toddler to kick and she loved the graphics. We've had no issues so far and my kid plays rough.

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The concept of the picture of the earth is good (educational! )

The concept of the picture of the earth is good (educational!), but the quality of the ball is average and it is medium-sized, not as large as most playground balls.