Through our affiliate, Sports Flags and Pennants Co., we are able to offer this quality NFL Licensed Pittsburgh Steelers Flag to our customers! This Flag measures 3x5 feet in size, has quadruple-stitched fly ends, is made of polyester, and has two metal grommets for attaching to your outdoor or tailgate flagpole. The screen printed Pittsburgh Steelers Team logos are Officially Licensed by the NFL and are viewable from both sides with the opposite side being a reverse image.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Sports Flags and Pennants Co.
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Steelers Flag

This Flag looks great! The Steelers Logo is printed on both sides and looks great. The colors are really bright and the material is light enough to fly even in a slight breeze. The Flag arrived right on time. Great buy !!!!

Nice flag

This is a good flag for the price. However, the material is sheer, so the colors are not as vibrant on the pole as they look in the pictures. Durability could be a concern, but I only fly it around game day, so it should hold up. I like the design, and for the price I'd buy it again.

by Konnie K. >> See more reviews

It seemed sturdy though, so I kept it and my dad ...

I bought this flag because there were a lot of user reviews saying you couldn't see through it - the first thing I noticed when I took it out of the packaging was that you could see right through it. It seemed sturdy though, so I kept it and my dad hung it on his flag pole. It's been a year and it's quite faded and the side of it is shredding. I know it's because it's been hanging in the Florida sun for a year, but I don't know if I would buy it again. I would probably pay more for something higher quality.

by Nichole Simpson >> See more reviews

like i said

i received the wrong flag. i didn't even know it until it was too late. i had this in a drawer, waiting for the right time to fly it. when i opened it, it was half steelers and half some other team. like i said, my bad for not checking it once I received it, i just assumed it was correct.

Nice Flag

I really like this but find that it is a little thin to actually hang outside, I will need to get a heavier on to put out on the pole.

by Alaskabear99686 >> See more reviews

Show'in the LUV

I Have this flying pround out side right next to my American and SASS Flags. You can't miss it being 3'x5' and waving in the wind.

by Shirley Gibson >> See more reviews

My husband loves it!

We're glad we ordered it! My husband is a huge Steeler's fan, and he couldn't be more pleased with it on our home!

by Julie A Taylor >> See more reviews

Good sports flag

I bought this as a present. The person loved it and he found it easy to display and durable. I recommend this company for sports flags.

by BrainMcThermal >> See more reviews

Nice flag, accurate colors and metal grommets.

Nice flag and nice size. Metal grommets. Will see as time elapses if it rates a five.

by Otto Mueller >> See more reviews

you can see through it but it looks very nice for the money

A little thin, you can see through it but it looks very nice for the money.