The Guard Dog Cell Phone stun gun is a concealed stun gun with the look and feel as a real cell phone Carry the Guard Dog Cell Phone stun gun anywhere with the assurance that you'll have protection if you need it, yet it won't draw the attention of a stun gun. Comes equipped with an LED flashlight, safety switch, and rechargeable battery.
Manufacturer: Guard Dog Security
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by Adrenaline >> See more reviews

Great product

When I first saw the pricing i was a little unsure on how well this device would work... well i had to find out if this thing was all it was cracked up to be. I did my research on the harmful effects of stunning and concluded no damage would likely happen. so i tested myself and a volunteer. the pain was bad enough that i will never do it again, I only did it in my right arm... i can not imagine the pain in the neck or anywhere else, which also makes me confident that it would with out a doubt ward off any attackers. I hope no one thinks im to crazy but i had to test this product through and through, one last note be sure to push the button before you make contact, if you make contact the push the button, it is a weak zap compared to push then contact... if that acrh is started and fired up the device does its job.. for anyone looking into getting this i would highly recommend it, the price is fair and the results are.. shocking.

Good Stealth Stun Gun - Recommended

This "Cell Phone" stun gun is a fairly clever bit of camouflage that will likely fool the casual observer in a low light situation, but will not stand up to close scrutiny. There are several vendors carrying this stun gun (some customized) with multiple listings on Amazon. Here are my observations (see video): Pros - + Decent Power; makes an impressive spark and noise when activate + Comes With A Charge; this can be tested or used right out of the box, but the instructions say to charge for 8 hours + Not Conspicuous; at least not from a distance + Flashlight; has a built in flashlight (but turns off when stun gun is armed) Cons - - No indicator that the stun gun is armed - Separate charging cord This is a good choice for those needing to avoid looking like they are carrying a stun gun. Recommended! CFH

by Mark Twain >> See more reviews

Quality could be better

I purchased two of these, one arrived damaged. It didn't appear to be from shipping, the packaging was fine. So this must have been damaged in the factory or warehouse. Amazon immediately sent me a return label and are sending a replacement. The other one works just fine. I've seen this listed several places and every place lists a different voltage for it. Even the box said 3,600,000 volts while the sticker on the plastic bag it was in said 2,700,000. In any case the gap at the front is about 7mm wide which means the voltage can never go over about 25,000 because that's what it takes to arc that distance in air. As with most marketing, the numbers for these devices are somewhat inflated. In this case it seems like the stated numbers would be right with two less zeros. Chart at the address below: [...] I removed the cover from the unit I'm keeping (4 screws, no labels to cut) and the general assembly falls right in with low end Asian. The battery charger circuit is a simple capacitor and bridge rectifier off the AC line cord. No isolation, no charge level control. *** DO NOT CHARGE FROM AN INVERTER *** Modified sine wave inverters like you might have in your car work fine for powering a laptop but will cause this type of charger to go up in smoke. The "Flashlight" LED is tied to the third battery in a 4 battery pack with no current limit resistor. If you use the flashlight function a lot this will lead to early failure of the battery pack. However, this does have a lifetime warranty, so keep your receipt and instruction note. The instruction note looks like it was written to cover all their stun guns, the charging and flashlight instructions don't perfectly match this unit. It shouldn't be hard to figure out, just don't try to follow the instructions too closely.

I like it so far

Right when i open the box i already saw a little scratch near the LED light but it is minor so i don't really mind, and also it is not 2,700,000 volt on the box it is actually 3,600,000 volt (Guard Dog Hotline) here's the pros and cons PROS It look like a real phone, at least from afar or they are not really paying attention It is very light The LED light is pretty bright, helpful in dark alley way or traveling at night When you activate its shocking feature it is very loud and terrifying no one want to touch it It is actually 3,600,000 volt so more stopping power come with a good quality leather case to clip on your belt and carry it with you, so far it is a very good case so far, but it's quite a tight fit. CONS It is made of plastic, so if you drop on a hard concrete it might be ovah! lol (You get what you paid for) The stun gun fit really tight in the leather case, some people might find it hard to pull out in time. It look and feels like a toy, keep it out of your kids sight. BIGGEST GRIPE: prolong usage of the LED light can take alot out of your battery, i accidently left mine on for 5min and it lost alot of juice! 2nd BIGGEST GRIPE!!! ok so the LED light is about to die after what one week of used it started flashing and it become very dim, it almost useless as a light source in the dark now. I was gonna recommend this but since this light is dying, it will be less effective at night. So far its a good defense weapon for people who want a good protection, and it has a leather case to carry it with you anywhere and it look like a cellphone, its light and easy to use.

by R. Bowman >> See more reviews

Looks good

Obviously, I haven't been able to really test this device on anyone (no volunteers). But it appears to be a nice security device. I keep it on my desk at work (retail) and it does give me a better sense of security. It does look a bit fake if you look closely at it, but I doubt anyone will be looking that close until it's too late!

Loud but it is weak

The thing is very loud and makes you jump when you first hear it but I have tried it on friends and had it used on me but it feels like a fiery pinch in the area it is used. Defiantly will not take anyone down but may intimidate.


Bought this for my GF to carry in her purse. Looks like I'll be buying a few more for the wives for friends. Very small. Very powerful. Completely hidden in plan sight. Have left it on the table as we dined out to see if anyone noticed. Not a glance was spared.

Impressive protection device

Boy this little device sure looks like a cell phone at quick glance. Can't attest to how effective it's shocking power is but it sure makes a loud electrical zapping sound when activated. It has a little light on the front which I have a problem with since you have to cycle through the light to set the device in the ready position before hitting the "trigger" to shock. I would think you don't want to draw attention to the device as you bring it up to shock your attacker. They might be able to block your arm, so I covered the light with a piece of electrical tape to hide the light. Cool device for the money.

by Keean Rustad >> See more reviews

scary loud

Bought this for my girlfriend for self defense when she was out walking late and night or early in the morning. This is is LOUD! just the sound of it would make any person take off. The little thing is intense. She has never had to use it on anyone thankfully, but most people say the sound of stun guns scare most people away instead of actually using them, and I believe that 100% after listening to this stun gun. Seems to hold a charge for a long time I don' remember the last time We charged it. The style may be a little bit out dated now because most phones are getting skinnier with large screens and this one has a small screen and thick body. Just make sure you bring it with you at all time. A stun gun does you zero good sitting at home on the counter.

Great Product

I have nothad to use it yet. thank God for that. It does seem to work, I've only charged that once and the battery is still strong as I am writing this review. Got it for protection while walking from the parking lot into the work building. There are a lot of homeless people around walking and sleeping, we have had a few incidents and at the time it was dark when I came to work so this is a great asset to have.