The MTech USA Camping Axe (MT-AXE8 Series) features stainless steel construction and a cord-wrapped handle, with a 15-inch overall length. This tactical axe has a 6-7/8-inch axe head with a 3-1/2-inch, 3mm thick cutting edge, plus a 2-1/2-inch sharpened spike with drilled hole and slot cutout design. The one-piece 440 stainless steel construction is complemented by a cord-wrapped handle, which provides a superior grip in even the wettest of conditions while also providing easily unwrapped cordage when needed in a pinch. It comes complete with a black nylon sheath for easy and safe carry. MTech USA offers a diversified lineup of tactical folding knives, fixed blade knives, archery products, and security items -- all at competitive prices.
Manufacturer: MTECH USA
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by Xavier Barner >> See more reviews

Buy This

I absolutely love this hatchet or what ever you wanna call it but would recommend this because you think this thing is "pretty" cool but when you finally get it its a whole nother ball game because its so sleek smooth and LIGHT and it is a remarkable tool in general Overall Review: This thing kicks ass buy this right now your missing out if you dont

by bikehunter >> See more reviews

Can't go wrong at this price

Very well packaged. Good fit & finish. Cord handle wrap is evenly and tightly wrapped. Came surprisingly sharp and ready for action, whatever that might be. Good size and weight. Smooth, black matte finish is flawless (until I chop something, of course). I'm almost disappointed, I never buy ANYTHING that I can't find something to bitch about. OK...if you had to do a lot of heavy chopping, the cord wrap would become uncomfortable, but I expected that and I planned to wrap over the cord with self adhesive camo tape anyhow. Overall I'm VERY pleased and I think most people who buy this tomahawk will be as well. Best 20 bucks I've spent in a long time. Oh, had to add, since sheaths are often a bone of contention. Fits OK, relatively sturdy nylon. Nothing to write home about, but it does its job. If for some reason you think you might need this for self defense....get it out now, cause it takes a while. This is definitely no quick release sheath. ;') Does have a nylon belt loop, unlike say, the CS Trench Hawk, which has a cool, cleverly designed, hard sheath way to attach it to ....anything....which is not so clever.

by Jose Gonzalez >> See more reviews


This axe looks, feels, and handles insanely well. It looks incredibly badass and feels SO light yet sturdy as it is full tang. I haven't tried chopping up anything hard and haven't used it extensively so I won't give it five stars yet but I will update the product after some use. For now it is a sick weapon to add to my collection. At this price, its definitely one of the coolest weapons you could get. The sheath is kind of clunky and annoying to use but I only use it for storage. If I'm using the axe I just lay it down until I'm done with it for the day and then put it in the sheath. The sheath itself is thick and feels like quality material. NOW, If you're trying to chop down large trees this is NOT the axe for you. This is more like a small tactical axe that's light and maneuverable. Very dangerous and not a toy at all. It tackles small jobs and quick tasks like nothing. Ive stuck it against palm trees and ive opened coconuts with it. Works great, and I haven't even sharpened it since I received it! Would Recommend.

Unfortunate handle

What really lets this tool down is the paracord handle. I noticed straight away that it tended to slip up and down the metal. Then, not too long after purchase, I tried to tie the strings on the end together to make a lanyard (unlike the picture, the actual product comes with the loose cord on the end untied), and the so-called paracord unraveled. All the same, for the price, I am impressed with the piece of steel itself. With a proper handle, it wouldn't be a half-bad hatchet. Truly unfortunate

It's OK

This came in as described. My only issue with is that the handle is flat (not round) and wrapped in paracord. I don't feel like I have a confident grip on it. And once the paracord comes off it might end up useless because of how the handle feels in my hand. I'm a grappler and have crazy hand strength but this feels like it will slide right out of my grip if I thrown it around too hard. If the handle was round and more ergonomic, I would give it 5 stars all day. Also be aware that this is relatively small (I expected it to be). You're not going to chop wood with this. As a utility hatchet or a weapon, for sure. i definitely want something like this as a defense weapon in my bugout bag. It's a good weight with a good balance - it just needs a better handle. Cutting vines and brush, maybe this would work. Don't expect to chop wood with it.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

A great tool for camping and small chopping work!

As advertised! This is a handy tool for small jobs while camping. The wrapped handle helps with grip which is a safety consideration. Also, the sheath is sturdy and will protect the blades nicely. I'm looking at some years of service from this item.

Very nice and well made axe

Very nice and well made axe. The only reason it's not five stars is due to the sheath. While the sheath is made of a nice heavy canvas material it is a lil over sized and with the handle wrap on the axe it can be difficult to remove from the sheath. Great addition to my bug out bag otherwise.

by Rachel Mehlenbacher >> See more reviews

The only drawback is the cover which the handle has ...

The only drawback is the cover which the handle has to slide in and out of instead of velcro in or snapping around. If you were carrying this on your belt, it would be impossible to get out of cover without taking iT off your belt first, which is very inconvenient.

by Lee Breckenridge >> See more reviews

... mixed feelings about this Ax It came in a nice box and wrapped in plastic and zip tied to ...

Have to say I have mixed feelings about this Ax It came in a nice box and wrapped in plastic and zip tied to an inner card board piece to keep it secure when I opened the package the sheath for the ax had white spots all over it both on the outside and then lifting the cover its also got white spots under there also the ax dosent pull out of the cover easily at all the cordage hangs up on the bottom of the sheath where it slides threw so your fighting to get it out of the case This ax isnt sharp at all very disappointed in this it wouldnt slice melted butter let alone any kind of light work you might need to do also the spike point actually has a flat spot in the middle of the sharpened edge where their grinding of the edge didnt even touch the metal while sharpening it The corded handle that people have complained about dosent seem to be any problem with this ax so they have possible fixed this issue If you dont mind sharpening your new Ax Id say buy it I am impressed with the weight of this ax not heavy at all for its size and after sharpening it Im sure it will be a great ax But defenetly needs work to be usable

construction is pretty solid, the para cord is why I gave ...

pulled it out of the package and tested it on wood. will it do the job of an axe or hatchet? no but for small wood cutting applications it works for the price. construction is pretty solid, the para cord is why I gave it 4 stars. you can slide it fairly easily up an down the handle and over time with regular use it will come unraveled. will prob end up replacing it anyway. still a decent buy though.