Inspired by traditional Graniteware, our Enamelware blends old-fashioned charm and functionality into one sturdy package. Built from heavy-gauge steel with a classic speckled enamel finish, every piece has been kiln-hardened twice at 1400° F to stand up to scratches and chipping. The three-ply construction maximizes heat distribution for even cooking and the bright stainless steel rim adds the perfect finishing touch to camp, cabin, RV or patio.
Color: Red
Manufacturer: GSI Outdoors
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Poor workmanship

I bought this tea kettle for its bright cheery look to use on my wood cookstove. It heats water just fine and it looks good from a distance, but I was disappointed to find a few areas on and around the handle where the enamel doesn't cover. The exposed spots are rough scratchy metal. It looks like it was hung on a line and the enamel didn't cover those areas. This tea kettle will do for now, but I wouldn't recommend it. When I find something better, it will make a cute flower pot though.

by learn2read121 >> See more reviews

Probably good for the occasional outdoors — not for everyday use

I initially bought this because it is enamel glazed, liked the color, the goose neck spout, and the "hominess" of the product's looks. Upon receiving it, I found that the enamel glazing was not consistent — some areas looked more "covered" than the rest of the kettle, though this didn't turn me off since it sort of added to the old fashioned charm of the product. Other aspects I liked was that it held a good amount of water and heated quickly. After using it for approx. 6 months, the enamel around the tip of the spout has worn off as well as an area inside the kettle at the hole grating which is now rusting. I also didn't mind that it wasn't a whistling kettle. However, since I have walked away numerous times and forgotten it on the stove (never to the point of all the water evaporating), I would be more apt to search for something with a whistle next time. The lack of this feature didn't prompt the 2-star rating but rather the overall poor workmanship.

by L. R. Runnels >> See more reviews

Classic Stovetop Tea Kettle

I really love this tea kettle. It is solid and heavy unlike other brands of enamelware. Nicely made. Beautiful color. Looks great on the stove top!

by Breanna Toelcke >> See more reviews

Love it!!

SO cute! I read the other review someone wrote saying that its poorly painted and stuff so I was worried but mine is flawless. It's adorable :)

by Howard Sprague >> See more reviews

Five Stars

I've purchased this twice before and it was fantastic, held up to very heavy use. Now the enamel coating on the new one is very inconsistent. The kettle won't even sit flat, it rocks back and forth. Very dissatisfied with the low quality manufacturing of an otherwise great design.

by Kenneth Goldsmith >> See more reviews

Looks great

This tea kettle looks great and is quite functional. It is actually being used in the kitchen when a small amount if water is needed to be boiled. Also, as a kettle to boil water when the power goes out and we have to use gas.

Adorable and good quality!

We bought this to use as a humidifier on an indoor wood stove. It is a very cheerful red and we love the durable enamel coating. A good buy!

the perfect kettle?

This pot is excellent. The inside is fully enameled and is completely impervious to rust. There are no plastic pieces to melt. The build quality is so far superior to other comparably priced kettles it is astounding. We use this every day to make both tea and pour over coffee and control of the flow from the spout is just right.

by Percy Smogg >> See more reviews

Bad enamel job

Like others, I got one with places that did not get enameled. I could tolerate missing enamel on the outside, but mine was also missing enamel on the inside which will lead to rust. No can do.

I'm glad I didn't pay too much attention to the negative ...

I'm glad I didn't pay too much attention to the negative reviews. This tea kettle arrived in great shape nwith no spots of missing enamel. I bought it to use as a camp tea kettle and as a humidifier on top of my daughter's wood stove. She loves, it, too.