Sparkie from Ultimate Survival Technologies features one-handed operation in a lightweight, compact design. Sparkie from Ultimate Survival Technologies features one-handed operation in a lightweight, compact design.Built on the premise of the original BlastMatch, Sparkie can be operated with one hand and start your fire even in the most adverse weather conditions.Weighing less than one ounce, Sparkie is approximately one-third the weight and less than half the volume of its big brother the BlastMatch. It features a reconfigured striker tab enclosure and spark bar. The compact body has a rubberized grip wrap giving you maximum control and comfort during use.Sparkie was designed for those who care about weight and bulk, but still want a high-intensity fire starter that can be used even when injured. The spark bar can be rotated within the bar holder to lengthen its lifespan. This lightweight emergency fire starter is easy enough for anyone to use. Specifications: Closed length: 2.3'' Weight: 0.8 oz (22.7g)
Manufacturer: Ultimate Survival Technologies
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by totallyfrozen >> See more reviews

Whoa! Careful! This thing really works!

I have compared this fire starter to the BlastMatch but decided that the BlastMatch was simply too large for what I intend to do with this fire starter--which is add it to a wilderness first-aid kit. One-handed fire starting in the event of an injured hand/arm. This thing not only makes sparks but it makes LOTS of them, they're very hot, and it's almost too easy to use this! The Sparkie was MUCH easier to use than I'd expected! I actually squeezed down too hard on the striker the first time I tried this and made so many sparks that I had a hot spark burning for 5 seconds up by the striker blade inside the plastic striker housing. I was afraid it was going to melt a hole in the tool. OOPS! (it did not melt a hole in the plastic--whew!) Then when I tried it again, I just squeezed it enough for the striker to touch the rod and pressed down. Again, I had LOTS of hot sparks, several of them kept burning for several seconds! Plenty of time to start a fire if you have good tinder to get things going. I bought my Sparkie at Acadmey Sports instead of Amazon and it came with 1 cube of WetFire tinder. Oh, heck yes! This is definitely going in my wilderness first-aid kit!

by Christopher Merle >> See more reviews

Lots o' sparks

Was able to start a fire on the third stroke. I used toilet paper as tinder to test it. Be sure to hold it at the angle as directed and to put the foot on surface. Also you don't need to push it that fast. Was surprised at how much sparks it threw off. With a little work you can rotate the rod with your fingers to get more striking surface. I bought another one because the package says it's only good for a 100 strikes. I'm using this one to get familiar with it. If it is pushed at a wrong angle it can make the mechanism stick and takes a little work to get it to release again. I really like that you can use it to start a fire one-handed. If you plan to use a striking fire starter in an emergency be sure you know how to use it ahead of time otherwise you could waste precious time trying to figure out how to make it work.

Flimsy Feeling

Definitely a bit flimsy feeling when your using it to strike. get a good grip on the Sparkie and push and you should see some sparks. haven't broken mine yet but as I've used it there is definitely a cheap feel to it. I have heard UST has a more robust version for some more $$ but I have yet to give it a test.

by Rev. Blade >> See more reviews

Sparks like a BIC lighter

One minute into testing this, and I've already split the rubber cover. This was a lot less expensive than a BlastMatch, and it's cheaper too. If you don't press hard on the striker, you get about as many sparks as you get from spinning the wheel of a BIC lighter. That would be tough to use to light a fire. If you do press hard on the striker, it bites the rod hard enough that I was not able to press it in (no sparks at all). Several more strikes, and I've found a balancewhere I get some sparks. Still no fire. For a cheap fire starter, I'll stick with the $3 magnesium block with a striker rod from Harbor Freight. For a good fire starter that I can use one handed, I'll stick with the Blast Match on Amazon. For something in between, you could buy this. I won't buy another, and may throw out the one I bought.

by RJ Johnson >> See more reviews

One of the Better Fire Starters

I recently purchased the ULTIMATE SURVIVAL TECHNOLOGIES Sparkie Fire Starter. I have several different types of emergency firestarters and this is one of the best. It is small and sterdy and best of all it is designed to be used with only one hand. It throws a cluster of large hot sparks that ignite very quickly. It took me several practice tries to get it down but it does work very well. UST makes solid products that you can trust. I plan on buying a couple more.

by Tour Of The Universe >> See more reviews

Better options out there.

Wanted to really like the UST Sparkie. We took the Sparkie camping with us to test it out. Yes it does spark, but the amount of sparks it produces is not that much. After a while the rod got stuck inside and now it takes more force to get it to pop out than when it was first taken out of the package. Its a little finicky now and has to be pressed just right to get the piece to pop out. Yes you can use it with one hand, but it awkward to use and the end result is hit or miss. Maybe others may have better luck with it, but we just didn't. I would not recommend this product and would probably go with another method. Out of four times it was used, only started fire once.

by Ryan Carl Robinson >> See more reviews

I will be buying more!

This is an excellent fire starter. Very easy to use, and produces sparks that easily ignite anything that is a viable fuel, such as cotton balls, tampons, or dry brush. It also very easily lit commercial fuel such as compressed Trioxane. I used it to light the various fuels listed above, and it lit all of them easily. It is super easy to use, anyone could use it. It has not malfunctioned once after over a hundred used. It is very compact, and small enough to fit in any survival or camping kit, yet has enough power to create a fire with ease. It is truly the best of both worlds. This is an amazing fire starter that you should just have to have. It is inexpensive, but for what it does it can be invaluable. I personally have one in my emergency supplies bag, and will be getting another one for my camping kit. It is so easy to use, you just push where it says push, and depress the rod and instant shower of sparks. I would get this if you are here for your first one.

by LJ Reeves >> See more reviews


For the people breaking it or giving up on it, remember, its all in the technique. Its a very simple item to use. Just have to be gentle with it. Ive been using them for years. The first time I used one, I broke it as well. But once I grasped how to work it, it works like a charm. Love it more than every other firestarter i've had.

by Lars the Forthright >> See more reviews

Sparkie is a nice compact package for a fire starter

Sparkie is a nice compact package for a fire starter, simple to use. Have a boy scout group that needs to use flint and steel for starting fires and using rod and striker often frustrates them as spark placement is sometimes difficult. The push style places the sparks repeatedly in the same place and simplifies the process. Wet Tinder, q-tips and cotton balls with Vaseline, and dryer lint lights on 1st or second strike. May raise to 5 stars if plastic construction proves to be robust. Waiting on my Blastmatch to compare effect and construction. Recommended.

works decently

not as easy to use as I thought it would be, feels like it's gonna break when I press down hard to make a spark, but, it does work pretty good. I bought this for our emergency kit specifically for my wife and 9 yr old son, assuming this would be easier to use than a typical 2 piece fire starter. Fortunately, it actually is a little easier for them, but it's still not quiet as good as I was hoping it would be... hence the 4 stars. I would still recommend it though.