This 6 Gallon Baseball/Softball bucket features a padded seat, great for moving balls to and from practice and games.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Easton Sports, Inc.
Size: 6 Ga. Bucket Only


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Does what it should

Well, uh... it's a bucket... with a padded seat lid. It does what it should- holds stuff and acts as a seat when you need it. I have mine wrapped with the Easton coaches organizer and use it religiously for baseball games. Lid fits tightly, but I can get it off without breaking my fingers (or exhausting my patience). This is not a "thin, cheap" bucket. it is heavy/durable enough to take some abuse- no distortion, no cracks in the bottom, handle is sturdy and mine is still perfectly secured after carrying everything short of Sakrete in it. I have also used the padded lid/bucket combo as a step ladder on more occasions than I should. Even with weight (190lbs) channeled through one foot right in the center of the lid, it hasn't cracked and doesn't feel flimsy at all. It's also pretty much water proof. I've had to endure a couple of LONG rain delays. I took the organizer/wrap off of the outside, shoved it and a handful of mitts and other baseball sundries inside, snapped on the lid and voila--- no soggy stuff to contend with. There are lots of options in the bucket/padded lid combo market. Can't speak to the quality of any others, but this one works great. ***UPDATE--- almost two years of lugging around, and it's still fine. The foam on the bucket lid is still in great shape, too.

by Steve wilson >> See more reviews

You can't go wrong with this ball bucket. Just ...

You can't go wrong with this ball bucket. Just wish I could keep up on replenishing the plastic balls. I might just have to buy a ball catcher to avoid the constant hunt for balls hiding in bushes and trees.

by Theresa Hinkle >> See more reviews

One Star

We love these buckets but it was sent without the lid....

by Larry Richards >> See more reviews

Where is my lid for my bucket !!

Not cool came without a lid

by Misty Thomas >> See more reviews

No lid

I gave it 2 because it will somewhat serve its purpose, but I did not receive a lid. Fortunately I have the lid from my old bucket.

Four Stars

holds aprox. 60 baseballs.

Softball bucket

I used this for softballs.. I can hold about 25 balls in the bucket with my glove. Serves its purpose. Had to glue the cushion foam back onto the lid after only a few uses.

Easton ball bucket

This ball bucket is just like the rest,cheaply made and way over priced.And just like other ball buckets,this one cracks and chips on the rings at the top under the padded seat.If your considering purchasing a ball bucket,dont.For the price,you can buy 6-five gallon buckets at Lowes or Home Depot.

by Blariviere >> See more reviews

Not bad

It's a bucket. It holds things. A bit pricey for what it is, but I basically bought it to be used with the coaches bucket organizer bag.


It's a bucket with a padded seat. Exactly what it is suppose to be. Nice sturdy bucket. Nice passed lid.