Store water in this safe and durable plastic bottle. Perfect for daily use at home or at the office; or even storage for emergency preparation. Comes with 120mm screw cap and each bottle has a handle for convenient carrying. Can be used as large portable water cooler. Comes with dispensing valve for easy dispensing and large mouth for filling with your favorite drinks. Not recommended to be used with standard water coolers due to large mouth.
Manufacturer: Goldwell Enterprises, Inc.
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by Cassi R. Jones >> See more reviews

Poor quality, regret buying.

I saw quite a few negative reviews for this product, and now I wish I had heeded them! There are two problems I encountered with this product. First of all, the lid does not seal, not even a little bit. You tighten it as tight as it will, go then lift up on one side and it pops off - this makes it incredibly difficult to transport when it's full (the handle is then useless). Lastly, the spicket seal is poor, and leaks within a month of use. We were going to just deal with the lid issue, but this makes the product unusable. Unfortunately, it took us a while to find this out, since we have multiple water bottles, and now the window to return this is closed. I absolutely regret buying this product, as it was a huge disappointment and is now basically garbage.

Good Water Bottle

I have found the water bottle to be very helpful in the CA drought. I collect water from the shower while the water is heating up for a shower. Then I put the bottle next to the kitchen sink to use the water for cooking. I have not experienced any leaking from the spout as others have reported. The top lid fits and stays tight while transporting bottler by the side handle. The water bottle has worked very well for the purpose I bought it.

A Great Water Bottle

The safe way to store water. The large opening on the top is great both for refilling and cleaning and so far no leaks from the spigot. The spigot is very nice, no more tipping the bottle to get water or the hassle of mounting it on a dispenser. I filled the bottle up and transported it in my truck across a 4 wheel drive road and it didn't leak. Will be adding more of these water bottles to our storage system in the future.

by Pierre Belanger >> See more reviews

Good Product!

Exactly what i was looking for. Good quality, sturdy and the wide mouth opening allow to insert pumps easily.

by Timothy Hudson >> See more reviews

poor quality and way over priced

Item described and pictured is misleading, poor quality and way over priced.

by Deborah J. Evans >> See more reviews

Two Stars

The spout for the water to come out in not working.

love it

these things are fantastic.!

by Dan Drais >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Easy to fill, use and carry

Five Stars

worked great.

Four Stars