These steel tip Fat Cat Darts in a Jar are designed with high quality nickel silver plated barrels that provide exceptional balance and styling. Strategically placed knurling and grooves provide excellent gripping points, enhancing your control. These darts feature convex nylon shafts and poly pro flights. The flights are specifically designed to help increase speed and reduce drag, delivering a consistent flight path and pinpoint accuracy. All 21 Fat Cat steel tip darts fit inside the included twist top jar, making them easy to access and transport.
Color: Silver
Manufacturer: GLD Products
Size: 18-Gram
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by shawn boudreau >> See more reviews


I bought jar of darts and instantly was disgusted with what i was sent. Not only did i recieve something different from the image but was sent useless junk. This image currently shows a glass looking wide jar with a white screw on cap. I recieved a slim jar made out a flimsy sheet of plastic with a plastic yellow cap. Inside was 21 darts. About 7 of the darts had flights attached. The other 14 flights were mangled, bent, and twisted within the darts themselves. The plastic shafts included in the dart came to me already bent flight holders. The flights sent with the dart couldnt even slide into more then half of them with ruining something. The shaft were the worst quality ive ever seen. They would tighten into the dart and with nearly no extra torque would loosen themselves moving clockwise (righty tighty). The were imposible to use and absolute junk. The dart barrels were just as disgusting. They were flawed, unevenly cut, and were made crossthreaded or with nearly no threads at all.

by Sherry Skinner >> See more reviews

... on some of the negative reviews but am very happy in what we purchased (e

I was a bit skeptical in buying these darts based on some of the negative reviews but am very happy in what we purchased (e.g. a big jar of recreational darts for our teenage children and their friends for our basement game room). These darts were MUCH better than the darts that came with the dart board (e.g. better quality, feel and flight) and again, if you're looking for darts for the novice player or players, these are awesome. I really don't know how or where you can get so many darts for such a good price and respectable quality. We are very happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend!

Perfect for the rec room.

Well first off after all the really bad review I was a little nevouse about getting these. But after getting them I have to admit that there QA has gotten better. All of the darts have not defects, asside from the flights being a little compressed and bent but they just need retrained. The knurlling is good just enuff for a confident throw with out them catching as you throw. And the threads are good as well for the shafts, they tighten up nicely and dont lossen often from what ive noticed. They are much better than the cheap darts that come with most dart boards. I got these so I could play darts with my freinds who are new to darts and often miss the board. So now they can use these cheap darts and not dull and break my nice set. and theres enuff that if stuff does break I can just switch parts or the whole dart out. Over all perfect for begginers.

Works great for casual use / practice

I have at tendency to keep darts for just about forever. I finally decided my ratty 15 year old set that I bought with the board needed a replacement. Rather than buying a more professionally geared set for my rec-room, this seemed just about perfect as it offered plenty of spares. It arrived promptly and while they are clearly not quite what the professionals would use, are perfectly adequate for multiple players to throw a casual game of cricket and not worry about a bounce onto the concrete. I recommend finding some additional different flights so you can more easily differentiate player's darts with this set. Perfect for my needs and easy enough to cannibalize a working set if you end up with a bit of breakage over-time. Should easily last another 15 years at the frequency I play. Nice value!

by Forschberr >> See more reviews

Great value; surprisingly solid darts

Jar came with all 21 darts (I counted!), as ordered. All darts, tails and tips, were in good shape. Have played countless games of darts with them in the months I've owned them, with little problem. It's nice to have a bunch of extra darts for backup when you inevitably lose yours. Sometimes the tails can fall off (these aren't professional-grade darts), but that's my only gripe. For the price, an excellent buy.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Great Product, Great Price

We play a lot of darts in college and these darts have been perfect. The price is just amazing and the darts are actually incredibly functional. The darts are very well weighted and they are fairly durable. The only thing that wears overtime is the feather because I've gotten so accurate that I will just hit the back of a dart with the tip of another. So I guess you could say it is my fault for being so accurate, but even if that were true it's due to the consistency of the darts. Pros -consistent quality across darts -you get a lot of darts for how much you pay -darts weighted well -plastic back is removable Cons -non The darts came very fast and the packaging is nice. Overall a great purchase, will buy more in the future.

Perfect for learning and messing around with buddies.

These are better than the darts every bar at which I have ever played. The shafts were a little loose when I pulled them out of the jar, but that was fixed with one good twist. The flights seems to stay in well, but many of the dart tips do not appear to be perfectly straight inline with the barrel. Possibly these are "out of tolerance" "factory rejects", but priced at just over a $1 per dart I have absolutely no complaints. Every bar/pub using real dart should invest in these. Definitely recommend this product to anyone except serious throwers.

by MrBrojenglz >> See more reviews

I read some bad reviews that made me a little weary buying these ...

I read some bad reviews that made me a little weary buying these but for the price they are fantastic. My only complaint is the fins are kinda smashed and hard to get even but you can always buy new ones. The main body of the dart is great.

by dphorstick >> See more reviews

nice cheap darts

Great deal and cheap! Not the highest quality but they came all assembled in the jar. Flights got a bit beat up from a couple games but thats what happens when you have drunk people throwing darts! I'd buy them again.

by monica grado >> See more reviews

This is such a better deal and now we are not searching for darts ...

We bought darts for our kids at a local big box store and there was 5-7 in the package. This is such a better deal and now we are not searching for darts all the time. Totally would recommend this package as it includes 21 steel tip darts!