Our Standard Map Cases have a watertight, wide-track zip closure and are sure to fend off rain and waves.
Manufacturer: SealLine
Size: one size


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by H. Falise >> See more reviews

Dimensions of each size

Dimensions found elsewhere. Hope these are accurate. Large Weight: 7 oz./225 g Inside Diameter: 14 x 20.5 in./38 x 52 cm Outside Diameter: 16 x 22 in./41 x 56.5 cm Medium Weight: 5 oz./130 g Inside Diameter: 10 x 14.5 in./26 x 37 cm Outside Diameter: 12 x 16 in./30 x 41 cm Small Weight: 2.5 oz./80 g Inside Diameter: 6 x 10.5 in./16 x 27 cm Outside Diameter: 8 x 12 in./20 x 30 cm Questions?

by Juan Estevez >> See more reviews

Very good product from DealLine

I bought it for my kayaking trips in the Everglades National Park, during my 3 days trip I kept it always in front of me on my spray skirt and of course water splashed all over it and that's why I give it a five stars, it kept my maps and tide tables dry the whole time. Highly recommended.

by B. Yarger >> See more reviews

SealLine Map Case Review

I bought two, one for myself and one for my son. They are working fine. You can easily see through them. Water vapor has not been an issue at all. We put in our maps and our compasses. Easily holds at 8x11 sheet of paper and then some. Seal at the top is heavy duty. The D-rings are great for a carabiner to hold onto our backpacks.

Great Buy

The case is an awesome product; I recommend the Medium size because it's large enough to hold a map, compass, pencil, even a GPS. I'm able to attach it on the top of my dry bag, or if I'm back packing it can be secured to the pack. I highly recommend this to anyone who needs a map for their outdoor adventures, and they are reliable like most products from SealLine. One recommendation to the next buyer, unroll the case out and place several large and heavy books on top of it to eliminate the wrinkles.

by David Wiggins >> See more reviews

Works great

This case is perfect for 8.5 x 11 sheets (with room left over) and larger maps folded down to size... the zipper works well and has been waterproof in my tests so far, but it could potentially not seal correctly if you get some grit in there, or you're in a hurry. So perhaps it's not best if the case will be spending a lot of time in the water- but it's perfect for the top of my kayak where rain and splashes are the main concern. SealLine makes a newer version of this map case with a roll-top closure that is likely more foolproof when it comes to waterproofness but it's also harder and more cumbersome to use, so it's a trade off. For my purposes, I'm very happy with this older version.

by Samuel Kordik >> See more reviews

Excellent, durable multi-use waterproof case.

I've owned the Medium size case for 6+ years now and find it is indispensable, well-made, and usually finds its way into my adventures. The location of the zipper means it is protected and I've never had a leak or accidental opening. The nylon strips make this bag quite tough and the d-rings make it easy to attach and secure the bag to whatever you want (a feature similar products lack). I've strapped it to my backpack hipbelt, the front of a kayak, and even my leg. Usually I use this with maps and travel documents, but I've occasionally carried small electronics in it as well. Most recently, I've found it useful for holding a Kindle while in risky conditions (lakes, canoes, even bathtubs!). The Kindle 3 fits comfortably inside and all the buttons remain functional. Really, I can't say enough good things about this waterproof case. Get it. You won't be disappointed.

by J. Lemaster >> See more reviews


I've used the medium sized map case for almost two years now in hundreds of hours of adventure racing and training. The case is often right out in front of me as I bushwhack through limbs, brush, and thorns. I was getting ready for my next race and decided to clean it up and test for leaks. The thick plastic is still free of punctures after all the abuse I have dished out. The zip top still functions very well, creating a watertight seal if I take the time to make sure it's done properly. I've rarely been 100% pleased with a product, but I was inspired to stop what I was doing and write this review because this is one of those rare products.

by S. M. Jones >> See more reviews

Don't fold it

The large was probably too large for my needs, but that is my problem. In order to pack this down you have to fold it. If you fold it, you will most likely tear or punch a hole in it from the stress of the crease. Be sure you have the right dimensions for your map. It is sufficent in its job of protecting your map, assuming you never folded your case. Don't fold your map case.

exactly what i wanted

I ordered the small for a bug out/camping/range bag and it seems to be exactly what i was looking for. Wish i would have ordered the medium for $5 more, the small is pretty small, but that isn't the products fault.

by William Fink >> See more reviews

Great map case for watery environments

I have the medium case, which is more the big enough for standard 8x11 printouts. The plastic is very tough and the seal easily keeps out moisture even when submerged. The case is also flexible enough that you can roll it up tightly to stow in a bag. The four D-rings on the corners are great for lashing the case down to a kayak or on a pack. Great value for little cost.