Hands down, the Energizer Vision Headlight lineup offers the most useful range of lightweight and versatile designs. Comfortable, secure and durable, they're the perfect solution for those jobs and activities that demand the use of both hands. Multiple brightness settings allow you to control the amount of light and the amount of energy you need for your specific environment. Impact and water resistant, this light is great for both indoor and outdoor activities.
Manufacturer: Energizer Battery Company, inc.
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by Happy DIY repair guy >> See more reviews

Settings are nice, glare on face is not.

I pre-ordered this headlamp and wish I had waited. PRO: Can be very bright. Adjustable brightness is very handy. I particularly like the ability to choose between spot, flood and combo. I typically use flood mode for working around camp or looking at things I am doing. I use spot for trying to look into middle distance at night. CON: This headlamp shines a LOT of glare into your face. The entire faceplate of the the lamp is clear plastic. When turned on, this plastic refracts light down into your face. It is particularly bad when the spotlight LED is active, as this LED is very bright and is closest to the bottom of the lamp, where the light refracts into your face. The glare into the wearer's face is so bad you really can't see much, unless you hold your hand to your brow in "salute" style, to block the glare. The glare worsens as you tilt the lamp down to shine at a lower angle. I fixed this glare problem, mostly, by masking the bottom of the lamp with electrical tape. This blocks most of the downward glare. I was careful and did a clean job, so it doesn't look too goofy. However, two stars for even needing to do this, and for the fact that unless you block the glare somehow, this light actually makes night usage very difficult. I would have hoped the Energizer design people would have noticed this problem during product testing and, you know, fixed it themselves.

by TommyTooTechnical >> See more reviews

Really bright, comfortable and easy to use.

 If this video helps, let me know by clicking "'Yes" below. It encourages me to do more video reviews :) If you have any questions, please feel free to post them in the comments and I'll be happy to answer them! Happy Holidays!

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Usually the switches would go and they were useless. This headlamp is much cheaper

I wanted to wait a bit before reviewing this, as I wanted to see how it worked over time. I have had three expensive headlamps in the past, all of which had broken before much time had passed. Usually the switches would go and they were useless. This headlamp is much cheaper, much brighter, and more reliable. Couldn't believe how well it has operated. I am never paying big bucks again for the "professional" headlamps. Good work!

by The Suburban Hippie Experimentalist >> See more reviews

I have lots of experience with headlamps

We have been camping for years, and our preferred method of lighting is headlamps. We have experience with Petzl, Black Diamond and some others. I also have experience with a few previous Energizer headlamps. From the moment they started putting these out on the shelves it was exciting to see a headlamp for so little cost. I didn't expect much from such a cheap headlamp, but to my surprise the 7 LED models were very usable, and functional. They had a very good red LED setting as well. It was also housed in a very well designed and built water resistant case with a rubber gasket. Very surprising! For the price of the 7 LED, I could afford to have several, which has saved me while tent camping a few times when I forgot to put in fresh batteries on the one I was wearing. Over the years, I have watched the quality of the housing go way down(very cheap feeling, without the water proofing gasket, and the latch system for the back door isn't near as good as the original. However, the quality of the light has actually improved without an increase in price. This 150 lumen headlamp puts out a LOT of light for the price, and also has very good collimation (distance). It is much better than the 7 LED models I have. I will use this model around the house, as I have put my other 2 in my camper, and lost one of my others... Collimation: You can easily see things 50 feet away, which is more than enough to use while camping. While around the campsite, and walking too and from the bathroom, this little guy will give you plenty of light. Sure there are headlamps with better long distance light beams, but not for 15 dollars! One added feature over older Energizer headlamps: They now all have the dimming feature which is useful to let you see what you want, without blinding others. What is this model missing? It has no red LED mode, so for camping, that will be sorely missed. My wife's Black Diamond, Storm headlamp will surely outshine it, but this lamp is 15 dollars, while my wife's Storm is 50.00. So when she can't remember where she put hers, I give her one of mine. At this price, it will be great for around the house. For camping, I wouldn't hesitate to buy the 200, and 250 Lumen models which also have red LED modes, based on how well this 150 Lumen model works! Overall, great for the price. It looses a star for the cheap casing.

by Alexander Waskowitz >> See more reviews


Battery life is fantastic and is about as bright as you can get without getting one of the artificial sun headlamps with the power wheel battery strapped to the back of your head. It fits well and does not slide around or feel as if it's going to fall off at any point. Light quality is on point with a very nice spot light effect; not too flood-like, but not a super focused beam.The lamp itself has a 3 position tilt that is super convenient and locks in place at each interval with a satisfying 'click' and will not budge unless you physically move it. 10/10 purchase

Illumination is good for close work which is my intended use

Illumination is good for close work which is my intended use. Unfortunately, the workmanship and quality assurance is not what I had hoped purchasing a major brand labelled product. The power switch was at best intermittent. After I could not get the light to turn on when I intended to use it I requested a return unit. My curiosity got the better of me and I subsequently disassembled the unit to determine the cause of the failure. The negative lead from the batteries was not contacting the electronics PCB. I was able to bend the lead sufficiently to form a reliable contact. I have since cancelled the replacement order. Since I have not tried any off-brand headlights I do not know if the Energizer name gives you any improved performance. My experience with the construction quality indicates that you may not be purchasing any improvement over the off-brands. My brief experience is that the light output for the system is perfectly adequate for close work and the three-position adjustment is great for getting the light angled appropriately when I have focused the work in my bifocal glasses.

AWESOME! I use it for reading at night and ...

AWESOME! I use it for reading at night and it is awesome! It has perfect angle settings, and the two brightness functions are really helpful too. The first setting is just bright enough to read but not blind someone, and the second setting is bright enough to blind someone.

Best headlights I own.

Lightweight and extremely bright. Headband is comfortable and does not cut into my forehead, however I tend to wear it less than 5-10min each time. I love the less conspicuous red light option more than I thought I would. This thing is BRIGHT for the AAA batteries that power it. A bit pricey, but I think it is worth it for the high lumens. Not sure how long batteries will last, will update if any issues.

Excellent product for my needs......

This is exactly what I've been needing and am so happy to have this on my head. I walk the dogs at 5:30 am and it's still pitch dark outside. With the exception of Venus and Jupiter lightning up the sky, I can't see much on the path before me. At night the rodents dig and spray the sharp prickles on the path and when people or dogs step on them, it's quite painful and often hard to remove. (especially in the dark) I carry a little wisk broom with me so I can sweep these off the path and this light comes in mighty handy. I can put the dogs in a sit and sweep away until every last one is off the path. This LED headlamp is worth it's weight in gold. It's not expensive but does all I need it to do and more. I generally keep it on the highest level of brightness and then by the end of our walk I can just turn it off because the Sun starts to rise. It's easily adjustable on the head and it stays put even though I have very slippery hair. It will snap down into a 90 degree angle so I can aim the light right at the path and this is also very easy to do while wearing. The light is very bright and it covers a wide area so I can see everything going on. The dogs seem to really enjoy this as well, because the light remains focused and is much better than me carrying a flashlight in my hand. I have already recommend this lamp to a few others who walk early morning so the headlamps will be flying off the shelves ! The only thing I'd change is that I'd like this to be chargeable by a USB power bank rather than using batteries. As many of us are recyclers, we much prefer to charge this way rather than having to buy and dispose of batteries which often just end up in the landfill, even though we try.

by Morgan C. Valley >> See more reviews

More than I expected

Choices are staggering, including some mighty pricey headlamps, and I wanted to stay under $30.I'm glad I decided on this model over a less expensive one. It turned out to be much more the light than I expected for the price. I really wanted a red lamp for retaining night vision, and a couple of choices for standard light and brightness. I got that and more. Two buttons. One defaults to red, then continues to bright and dim as you press through. The other defaults to bright and can be panned to wide or narrow spot. This one recalls the last setting when you shut if off. Light panel tilts down for your viewing pleasure. It's lightweight, fits in a pocket or pouch and works like a boss. Yep, I'm happy.