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SODIAL(R) Bicycle Waterproof Silicone Light Flashing Light Lamp Head Rear Light Flashlight with Double LED (2-led) (Black Silicone, White LED).
100% brand New and high quality
Perfect for using at home or travel
Manufacturer: SODIAL(R)
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Good at first, then meh

These are both white led lights, just so there's no confusion. I received these after a few weeks, as I expected from shipping far away. Initially the lights were very good. They latch on very effectively and stay in place, even now. Had I written this review sooner, I would have given these five stars. These do come with batteries and the brightness was quite good, especially for my use in a busy city like Austin. I ride my road bike at night several times a week, mainly to get from A to B (usually 3 miles or less). I am a college student, and I typically leave these on my bike outside (I live in a small dorm). After a month or two of ownership, these are starting to fail. I am not sure on whether it is the rain that got these, the batteries, or if they experienced some knocks while I lock the bike up, but they are much dimmer than the first day. One of them doesn't work with the original batteries, and I haven't bought new batteries figuring it isn't worth it for these lights. I might have just had a bad experience, but overall I would not recommend these. Paying some more for better lights is a better option, since I ended up buying another light anyways. You could have a better experience than me, but I wouldn't count on this being anything but a temporary solution, which means more trash.

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Easily seen

Good product .Use for evening paddle on SUP. Easily seen and convenient .

by LeaLea90291 >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Love these lights! I put everywhere, on dog collar, stroller, bicycles, ect

by Michael Jackson >> See more reviews

Five Stars

I love its flexibility and how surprisingly bright it is!

Five Stars

Very good!