A solid stainless steel shaft measuring 4 3/8" long, this accessory is compatible with either the pedestal base or a c-clamp. It is inserted into a special hole in the base for holding accessories such as a bobbin holder, profile plate, vise light or waste catcher while giving your hands a few more inches of workroom. Very handy!
Feature: PEAK Vise Accessory Shaft - Fly Tying
Manufacturer: Peak Fishing
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by Edward J. Nelson >> See more reviews

A neat item

Maybe slightly overpriced, but I was happy I got it because it made a complete package for my new Peak Fly Tying vise assuredly so when I also ordered the Magni light made by Carson . In and of itself, the shaft can be used for other things, I was just happy to have it when if got the new light and it all went together.

by Striper Nut KL >> See more reviews

Another well thought out accessory from Peak

Added this to my existing Peak vise. Use it for the bobbin cradle. Definitely makes the work area less cluttered at the base. Still have plenty of space on the item for more doo-dads!