TAG Yellow Face Paint is very easy to blend, soft on the skin and does not crack or peel. Most of TAGs face painting colors are great for line work and lighter face painting colors show very well even when over darker colors. TAG facepaint has a wax base, so your face painting design flexes with movement instead of cracking, remains colorful and is comfortable to wear. TAG is a very soft creamy face paint and needs less water to activate than normal face paint. TAG face paint is hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic, skin safe ingredients. Each 32 gram TAG Yellow Face Paint Container is good for 50-200 applications.
Color: Yellow
Manufacturer: TAG Body Art
Size: M
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And we certainly wasted some transferring dabs of paints to the several painters ...

We painted hundreds of mostly children's faces at our recent church's Pumpkin Patch which was a total of 9 days, lasting from 4-5 hrs. each day. I had bought small containers of Tag in black, white, red, yellow, blue, green & orange. On the schools days, we only painted designs on cheeks. On Saturdays, we often covered more area, doing masks of butterflies, batman, etc. The only paints I had to reorder were the black & white. There's approximately just a little less than 1/2 left in the other containers. And we certainly wasted some transferring dabs of paints to the several painters containers (mostly used ice cube trays). JUST A LITTLE OF THE TAG PAINTS COVER A LOT OF AREA.. Very, very pleased! P. S. I watched a face painting professional's video on how to use face paints & got lots of help from that. She recommended good quality paints & Tag was at the top of her list.

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The coverage on this is really awful. It never fully covered my skin and was way too difficult to apply in a way that didn't erase itself as I added more.

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Five Stars

Really great quality. stays on well.