TAG Red Face Paint is very easy to blend, soft on the skin and does not crack or peel. Most of TAGs face painting colors are great for line work and lighter face painting colors show very well even when over darker colors. TAG facepaint has a wax base, so your face painting design flexes with movement instead of cracking, remains colorful and is comfortable to wear. TAG is a very soft creamy face paint and needs less water to activate than normal face paint. TAG face paint is hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic, skin safe ingredients. Each 32 gram TAG Red Face Paint Container is good for 50-200 applications.
Manufacturer: TAG Body Art
Size: M
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Get this for sure!

I was always running out of red for roses, super hero masks, especially spider man, I found this is so bright and vibrant and makes my spidy masks pop. I love it!

Tag face paints

The color is bold and colorful and stays where you put it!!! I LOVE IT!!! Thank you for such a great product :)

Opaque color and great staying power

Opaque color and great staying power. I've been a face painter for about 7 years, and I don't know why I never used Tag before, but it's my new favorite. Used it on Halloween to make my boyfriend Darth Maul, and his makeup stayed all night. His costume was pretty heavy, so the paint held up nicely to sweat! I did use a light setting spray to finish, but even before I put it on the paint had a nice dry texture. Plus it's water based so it spreads easily and doesn't take hours to wash off. Also, this red is very bright! I didn't expect such a fire-engine red when I ordered, but this color will be great for other designs, so I'm happy with it.

by nathalie t calero >> See more reviews

Great paint and no smearing all night even with dancing ...

Great paint and no smearing all night even with dancing involved! there are no instructions but basically it works like a water color....add water and use paint brush!

Hellgirl approved

Used this to be female hellboy. I absolutely love this paint. Doesn't Crack or flake, and hardly rubbed off. It was a very popular cosplay. I still get request for it

by Cecelia Rupp >> See more reviews

Very good product.

Very good product. I like it but the red for some reason doesn't wash off as well as per one customer. Love it still though. C

by Shannon Phillips >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Nice coverage.