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by Mary T. Graffeo >> See more reviews

Still the best moisturizer!

After using up all my day and night moisturizers, I found a bottle of Oil of Olay at the back of my closet and used it for the first time in many years. What a surprise! Oil of Olay (or, Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid, as it is called today) is better at moisturizing than anything else I have used to date! It works great under makeup during the day and is wonderful for night moisturization. All this and no sticky or greasy residue or feel! I'm very grateful that Amazon carries this product, as it is not possible to find it anywhere else. As an over-60-yr.-old woman, I have tried them all, and I highly recommend Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid as the very best moisturizer.

by S. Langley >> See more reviews


My grandmother used this for over 40 years and when she passed away at age 100, she didn't look a day over 60. Every night before we went to bed she would use this on her face. I know this is a good product but now they make it hard to find because of all the new stuff they come up with. Thank God for Amazon where we can always find what we need.

by Pamela S. >> See more reviews

A permanent addition to my routine!

This little bottle of magic really won my heart over after a month of use! I'm in my 20s, and the golden rule dictates that anti-aging regime should begin at 25, instead of having to play catch up later in the 40s. I had been using a very expensive french brand prior to stumbling across this on Amazon. The french brand had boasted all these essential oils and over 95% natural ingredients. It had a big selection to include a specialized cream for almost every skin type. I thought I was as set as I could be. Until I tried this. This was smooth and light and easy to apply. My skin immediately felt moisturized and soft. After a night, my makeup went on much smoother than it had been due to a better canvas. After a month of using it, I haven't experienced any breakouts. Its a fantastic product, and everyone should try it. I wouldn't say its good for everyone, but at least 80% of skin types do great with it. FYI, I used to work in a mid-end spa and seen almost every type of skin and recommended products accordingly.

by .* Paradox *. >> See more reviews

My wife loves it

My wife has been using this product for years and she loves it. I'll say it definitely keeps her skin soft and wrinkle free. She tried the one with the yellow label which has spf in it and she still wants me to get this original one for her. I'd recommend it to others.

by J. Whitehead >> See more reviews

Just started used and very pleased

I am 25 and I am lotion obsessed... with that sad I have never moisturized my face. I just learned that it is necessary to retain elasticity in your skin to fight off wrinkles in the future. After I learned this common sense, my silly self went right out and purchased Olay Active Hydrating Fluid. I never lotion my face in the past because I have very large pores and very irritable skin so most products cause me to break out. I was finally willing to try this products because I heard it is not pore clogging and sensitive on skin. It is. It never once caused me to break out and that is extremely rare. It smells kinda grannyish but as a lover of old people I can handle it. I am definitely hooked on this product and it is not too expensive. I purchased it at Walmart for around six dollars.

Best Ever

Have used Olay Active Hydrating Beauty Fluid for close to 40 years. My dermatologist tells me that my skin looks more than 10 years younger than my actual age of 84 years.

by FrugalMonkey >> See more reviews


All the reviews for this product makes it sound magical. Ito does make my skin soft and smooth, but it isn't anything amazing. It doesn't really improve the condition of my skin. It just keeps it moisturized. The best moisturizer i've used so far is the Olay 7-in-1 cooling hydrating moisturizer. AMAZING. And oil free too. The beauty fluid has mineral oil. I don't understand why so many products that contain oil claims to not clog pores. Oil clogs pores. period. Only plus side to this one is that it is very affordable. Most of the reviews mention their moms and grandmas. Since then, the product has changed, and so if you are reviewing the product because your mom or grandma had no wrinkles, they were using a different formula with the same name. I give this product four stars because: it is affordable. It is a high quality product. Hasn't clogged my pores (yet). Smells ok, though I would order the scentless, colorless one in the future. Makes my skin silky smooth. Hydrates. Cons: doesn't improve condition of my skin. (wish it contained vitamin E or something) EDIT: Ignore what I have written above, except for the fact that this moisturizer is overrated. In year 2013,I've learned sooo much about skincare. The best moisturizer is the Cerave moisturizing lotion, which contains ceramides, which help the skin repair itself. It is wayyy more affordable than this Olay stuff, and wayyy better. It is scentfree, color free, and contains hyalauronic acid and ceramides. Also, if you want to prevent/reduce wrinkles, get something with retinol in it! Make sure that the packaging doesn't expose the product to air or light.

by Ronald Hinton >> See more reviews

I started using this as a male model in the early 1980's

I started using this as a male model in the early 1980's on advice of my female cohorts. We wore make-up for photo shoots and it is brutal on skin. I am told by a music agent friend that many of the most known rock stars use it daily to make themselves more photogenic. I can tell you it is very effective as advertized. This is the real deal, Now to use most effectively, shower and scrub your face good, let your body cool off and completely dry. Don't let water mix with it - or it just drips off and you waste it. When your face and neck are cool and dry use your fingers to get in ALL the creases and folds, even behind your ears and in your eye sockets. Anywhere skin curves or folds are the most important areas to swirl it in. Don't dump it into your hand, small amounts are effective if your skin is dry and cool. As a man you may not like the scent - but the scent fades after 30 minutes - and the effect remains for hours. You will notice skin smoothing out and those critical folds [and creases near your nose and ears] will look and feel softer if you keep applying it as indicated above. It may burn eyeball (like soap) mildly [for a moment] if you poke too hard with your fingers - so don't do that. It takes some time to master your own face if you're not used to applying something so useful - with detailed application being important to get the real benefits. Good luck.

by Nickelmack >> See more reviews

Very good product!

My mom has used this same lotion since she was a teenager, and she has always told me that thanks to Olay her skin is still soft and in great condition. Who am I to argue with a mother's wisdom?? I use this every day!

The best lotion ever created

Oil of Olay (original hydrating) beauty cream is the best ever created. It is non-greasy and does not leave your skin with that feeling. I started using it back in the 1970's have have done so every winter since. Growing up in the east it help releive those ugly dry patches that leave your skin feeling irritated. I highly reccommend this to anyone espeially in the winter. I have tried the "complete" with the UVA protection, but it does not compare to the original hydrating lotion. Shopping on Amazon also will give you the best price over local drug stores, incluing Wal-Mart.