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Classic, professional-quality nylon bristles gently massage your scalp. You can feel the professional quality as soon as you pick this brush up.
Feature: Lady Catherine Hairbrush
Manufacturer: Stanley Home Products


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10 months ago
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Best hairbrush ever!

This is a great old fashioned hairbrush. The bristles are very stiff and detangle hair nicely. There brush has a very wide area of bristles unlike most of todays small brushes. My previous hairbrush just like this one got lost on a trip and I was so thrilled to find this identical hairbrush on Amazon that I bought two!

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My all-time fave!

I've had one of these Fuller brushes for at least 30 years and nothing else comes close. My hair is thick, but fine, and this is the perfect brush for getting through and brushing all my hair, not just the surface like every other brush I've tried. I'm getting another for back-up. Best quality and easy to clean.


I ordered this for my father. He has had the same one for decades. It was starting to get a little rough, but he refused to use anything else. My mom bought him similar brushes and he would not use them. We finally looked it up online and found the same brand and model. He finally will use a new brush.

by Gotham Night >> See more reviews

Not as advertised

I was very disappointed in this brush and I bought it because of the good reviews. If you have thick hair, this brush does NOT go down to the scalp. The bristles are not stiff enough and they bend too much and I couldn't even style my hair with it. Really disappointed because my good Avon brush is literally falling apart after 30 years and I was hoping this would replace it. Suffice it to say I need to keep looking.

It would probably be a good brush for someone with a head full of thick

Very well made brush, but the bristles are far to stiff. I can't use it. It would probably be a good brush for someone with a head full of thick, voluminous hair. But, my guess is that for the majority of people, it's a bit too stiff. This is the only thing that stands between it being a 2 star and a 5 star brush.

Best hairbrush ever!

I have had a lady Catherine hairbrush for years and I love it. I hadn't started using my new one yet but will soon and I know I will love it too. Bought one for my 6 year old granddaughter for her birthday because she loves my old one.. Thank you!

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I wish I could find the same thing in a half round like my mom had

This brush has nylon bristles that are firm and go through heavy thick hair without any problem. My scalp is well massaged. Anyone who wants firm bristles this is the brush. I wish I could find the same thing in a half round like my mom had.

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It's a great hair brush

It's a great hair brush. I grow up using it. Also, my grand daughters have a lot of hair. Now everyone is feeling great with there hair brushed correctly. Great product. Highly recommend.

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great items fast shipping

great items fast shipping. I have had one of these brushes for about 20 years and i decided to buy a new one, it lasted a long time, it is a comfortable brush for your hair

This is an awesome brush that lasts a very long time

Bought this for my mom who has owned one for over 40 years and loves it. This is an awesome brush that lasts a very long time.