Writing in a log book is time consuming and if you don't have good handwriting illegible. Log books are small and difficult to fill in the blanks. The Suunto PC Interface is for uploading logbook dives to a PC in order to optionally store and organize the data, computer statistics, simulate dives and personalize the logbook file. Rather than filling out the logbook, just print out your log sheets to prove your diving experience
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Suunto
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by Brett M. Burnette >> See more reviews

Suunto PC Download Kit

Service was good. Delivery was fast. Product is awsome. Couldn't find this cable with a USB connection online. I am glad that I was able to find it on Amazon.com. Even works good with my Mac and Mac software. Thanks

by Frank Mellott >> See more reviews

Fits SUUNTO Vyper

Bought this to download dive log information from my console mount Suunto Vyper. It worked perfectly. One note, unlike other USB devices, this one does not "self activate" the USB mode of the computer. After getting it connected to the dive computer and the PC, go into the dive computer menu and activate the transfer mode. It works perfectly from there.

by Jamil Hasan >> See more reviews

Excellent for Cobra 3

First of all, the image does not reflect the product, the image shows the serial port, but this product has a USB port. I was searching for this connection for my Cobra 3 for long time now, and finally I found it in Amazon, it works great. Recommended if you want to transfer all your dive log from your diving computer to your laptop or PC.

by Mr. Sparkie >> See more reviews

Item Not As Shown

The product does come with a USB connector and works just fine. I'm not very happy with the connection to the dive computer though. It is pretty lame, but will get the job done I suppose. The price is definitely over rated at $75. Suunto has no reason to be proud of this product at all!

by William V. Boynton >> See more reviews

I love this data transfer cable.

The download kit worked well. It really is just a cable; I would not use the term "kit." It came with absolutely no directions, and the Cobra3 manual said nothing about how to connect the cable to the dive computer. I contacted Beach Cities Scuba, and they were absolutely wonderful. I would give them 6 stars if it were possible. Once I got the directions, the cable worked very well. A few things you should know if you are buying the kit: The end that connects to the dive computer is not keyed. It can be installed backwards very easily. It must be inserted so that the cable runs across the back of the Cobra3; it cannot stick out to the side. (I have added a couple of photos to help make this clear.) In addition, the cable does not connect with any ‘click” or other reassurance that the contacts are actually touching. I don’t know if it was necessary, but I held the connector against the Cobra3 throughout the data transfer, and it worked fine. To use it, load the Suunto DM5 software into your PC and open it up. The DM5 directions say if you have a Cobra computer, you must first put it into the data transfer mode. I couldn’t find in the Cobra3 manual how to do that. Beach cities told me I didn’t need to do it, and they were correct; the Cobra3 does it automatically. (I presume earlier Cobras may need to be put into manual mode, but the Cobra3 did not.) The USB end of the cable should be connected to your PC first. Then turn on the dive computer and plug in the cable. Voila! The data transfer began on its own. Bottom line is that it is a wonderful cable, and I love having all of my dive information in my PC. Kudos to Suunto, and especially to Beach Cities Scuba.

Works well - Download your dives to your phone!

Works well with my Suunto Zoop. If you also can't decide on a computer program to use, another free, completely open-source program called Subsurface (Google search: subsurface dive log) works well with tons of features. Do you use Android? You can also download "DiveMate USB" in the Google Play store or Amazon App Store. If your phone has support for USB host/OTG, you can also plug this into your phone with a micro USB to female USB adapter and download your logs from your dive computer to your phone. Then you can transfer that to your computer or upload to your favorite cloud storage provider.

by Aaron Turner >> See more reviews

USB cable that works.

So first things first: the photo shows a serial cable, but like the description says, it is USB. So long story short, I'm using this with OS X and a Suunto Zoop. The software is actually better then I expected and frankly, everything works. The only reason I'm nocking off 1 star is because you have to go into the Zoop computer and put it into download mode and doing so is convoluted and basically required reading the manual. It's not that it's hard, just not intuitive. Annoying that it's a proprietary cable, but such is life for scuba gear it seems.

And how much happier I would be with an Aeris air-integrated computer

Last year I bought and returned the serial version of this device. It would never work. Even after days of effort with tech support. An unhelpful dealer (which is why I buy most things on the internet now--including regulator service-- suggested that because my SUUNTO battery went dead, that I would never be able to retrieve any of 25 dives on my computer). And how much happier I would be with an Aeris air-integrated computer....etc....etc Well he was wrong. I plugged this in and followed the instructions, and all dives downloaded perfectly. Warning- DM4 software is pretty lame. Google up a free-open-source project software called subsurface which claims to work with most dive computers and offers far more features.

but it worked fine (Mac Yosemite with DM5 s/w)

The package was just the cable; no instructions or software (so it wasn't the "kit" as pictured). The s/w is downloadable so it wasn't a big issue. Way over priced from Suunto, but it worked fine (Mac Yosemite with DM5 s/w). Next time I buy a dive computer, I'll factor in the cable as part of the price (which probably means not a Suunto).

by Joe Bloggs >> See more reviews

Just a cable folks

Its a cable, so not much to write about. The cable works as long as you set the dive computer to the correct setting. I have no problems with this product. It costs way more than it should but I'm reviewing the product, not the price.