The wobble cushion or stability cushion is an ideal tool for improving balance and posture, Coordination and Flexibility. It is good for active sitting, muscle strengthening, joint stabilization. Use the free pump for easy inflation or deflation, and adjust the pressure to the desired firmness.

Instruction: Insert the needle of the pump into the tiny hole for inflation; Insert the needle only without the barrel of the pump into the hole for deflation. Find the hole on the 4th outer ring--One spiky dimple is replaced by that tiny hole.

Seller Warranty------Replacement & Refund:
Should pump be faulty or cushion defective, please 'Contact Seller' directly (other than Amazon Customer Service) from Amazon Buyer Central against this order for a replacement or refund. Seller aims to provide hassle-free after-sales service and usually replies most emails in 12 hours.
Color: Lavender Purple
Manufacturer: Apple Round Global Trading LLC
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it is also great for sitting

Bought this to be able to stand on at work. As it turns out, it is also great for sitting. Very heavy duty and no fear of popping it. After i purchased this and showed it at work, had 3 co-workers order as well. It is THAT well made!

My mother had something exactly like this that she had paid 3 times as much ...

My mother had something exactly like this that she had paid 3 times as much for at a quilting bee. Without the pump. If it pleases an 80 year old cranky woman, it's a good thing. Now she is the envy of her clique because she can adjust the pressure with the pump.

Helps posture and focus

I work in an elementary school and have seen lots of kiddos use various wobble cushions to keep them from fidgeting. I also have ADHD, so I bought one for my office chair to help with posture and to keep me focused. I think it works, because I feel like I am focus in better when I use it. As an added bonus, at least for me, I don't like I can sit on the cushion all day long, so I have to get up and move fairly often. It may not be super comfortable all of the time, but my back and shoulders have been feeling great and I think I have been more productive.

by Christie V >> See more reviews

My chiropractor recommended I get one of these (he didn't specify a ...

My chiropractor recommended I get one of these (he didn't specify a brand). At first, I got it a little too full and really didn't like it. Once I figured out how to deflate it a bit, It was better. Since it adds a little height, you either sit too high, or you have to adjust your chair when you use it at a desk. I tend to only use mine at breaks when I'm reading or eating lunch, since the height difference doesn't matter when I'm not using the keyboard. The wobble does help to loosen the muscles a bit after a long period of sitting. I like it, but I don't love it.

This cushion really helps my 6 year old daughter focus ...

This cushion really helps my 6 year old daughter focus on her work, while burning off a bit of her energy. She uses one in school and during homework.

Good choice for back therapy for a small adult

I bought this to help with my back while I work at my desk. It is somewhat small for an adult, but since I am on the small side it still works for me. Sturdy. A good buy especially since it comes with the pump.

by Loraine M. Farrow >> See more reviews

Few minutes at a time.

Hard to get use to. It pulls my pants into a camel toe that becomes painful, have not figured out why but does the same on a coworker. Finding a good balance on the cushion is difficult and you can only do a few minutes at a time.

Two sided extra needles included

I bought this item on a lightning deal not for any particular reason. I enjoy that it can be used for active standing or sitting. I did order and receive the purple one. It comes with a pump with two needles that store in the handle of the pump so that you don't have to worry about losing it. It was very easy to inflate and deflate when I overinflated it. There are two different textures on this disk 1 is slightly rougher than the other depending on what you're using it for. I look forward to using this item for a long time.

So far so good

It has really helped me. I am a dispatcher and I work 12.5 hour shifts. My back is a mess and poor posture at work causes me to have a lot of pain. Sitting on this has helped me to keep good posture and my back doesn't hurt. Getting the right amount of air inside is key to loving.

by Sheri Newton >> See more reviews

Great for stability, physical therapy, home gym

I bought this because I use it in physical therapy and wanted to make it part of my routine at home on days I was not in physical therapy. It works the same and does what it is supposed to. I recommend it.