Our customers LOVE our knee brace and so will YOU.

"Very high quality! The best solution so far for my runner's knee syndrome!" - Emeline Barthelemy
"A Great, Comfortable & Lightweight Knee Brace!" - CaterpillerMom
"It is very comfortable and easy to put on" - N Cazier

Guaranteed to make your knees feel better, boost your confidence and enhance your life, or your money back.

We have designed a knee brace with a high quality breathable neoprene fabric that protects your knee and relieves pain. You can use it for running, walking, ACL or Meniscus tear and Arthritis. It's adjustable so you can have it snug like a blanket or tight so your knee is extra secure.

Our customers report relief from arthritic pain and faster recovery times after an operation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to alleviate your pain and feel amazing again.

The Active knee brace makes it easier to stay active and gives you confidence to walk and move without pain or discomfort. Our knee brace provides the perfect amount of pressure and support to relieve your discomfort and improves the time it takes to recover.

Hit the "Add to Cart" button now to claim your comfortable, lightweight knee support and protect your knees TODAY. Backed by our 100% 60-day money-back guarantee.

Manufacture Message: Our knee braces are in high demand and often go out of stock due to a promotion or celebrity endorsement. If you see the green "In Stock" above, then place your order before they're gone.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Active Athletes
Size: One Size Fits All
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by Emeline Barthelemy >> See more reviews

Very high quality! The best solution so far for my runner’s knee syndrome!

I am 32 years old and have been running almost everyday for as long as I can remember, in order to feel good, clear my mind, and keep lean + healthy. However I started to notice about 1 year ago a slight pain in my left knee after my runs, and which would be felt randomly during the day too. I thought it would go away on its own but it never did. I decided to look it up and found out about “Runner’s knee syndrome”, a little pain affecting most runners sooner or later. One of the remedies that was mentioned in the forums and adopted by most runners was getting a knee brace. Anxious for a solution that would stop this knee pain (it’s not really painful and I would be able to live with it, it’s just the feeling that I was somehow “doing something wrong to my knee” that I didn’t like), I decided to try this particular knee brace, as recommended by other runners on that forum. Now that I’ve tried it myself, I can tell you guys that it works! When I run it seems to be not only holding my knee in place, preventing me from doing whatever wrong movement I was doing that would irritate my knee cap, but also it feels like it’s acting like a cushion absorbing the impact. Over the next few days, the little pain in my knee started to subside to finally totally disappear. Awesome! I was able to fix that without having to see a doctor! Overall I am extremely satisfied. This knee brace is made of the highest quality material, is gentle on my skin and lets it breathes, and does what it says it does. If my right knee develops a runner’s syndrome as well, I will definitely order from that same brand again!

Amazing High Quality Knee Brace!

This is amazing! I received this to help with my weekly volleyball games and my knee pain. I have to say, this felt better than the doctor prescription one. The quality is amazing, strong with three Velcro parts to attach. Then there is also the extra two flexible bar like items on the side for extra support. This is not some thin item you could get at another store.. This is high quality fabric! Amazing support! I highly recommend this for others looking for that extra support.

by Chiquita Robinson >> See more reviews

Great for old and new injuries.

This winter my Mother hurt her knee while slipping on some ice. So when I was given a discount coupon to test and review this "Active Knee Brace" in exchange for a honest opinion, I immediately thought of her. I gave this to her to replace the old one she already had, and as soon as she put it on her knee she felt a huge difference. She said that it gave her so much more support and was experiencing a lot less pain. The material is quite soft and the velcro makes it easy to adjust so that you can get the right fit that's comfortable for you. Well lets just say the old knee brace she had is now in the garbage. Great quality product and Mom approved!

by Serendipity Mom >> See more reviews

Active Athlete Supportive Knee Brace Scores Another Verifiable 5 Star Rating!

Sometimes, we Amazon consumers are savvy enough to be leery (or at least somewhat skeptical) of a product for sale that has received ALL 5 star verified customer reviews ... but in this case, buying, trying and seeing for myself why this particular supportive knee brace, manufactured by the Active Athlete company, has made me a believer in the merit of every one of its 5 star Amazon product reviews. As a matter of fact, the seller of this Active Athlete brand supportive knee brace merits 5 star ratings as well, due to excellent customer communication, on-time shipping, and delivering a quality product that is exactly as described. I knew as soon as I took it out of it's package, felt the quality, light-weight, neoprene material (that is clearly well-stitched and durable) and tried the "One Size Fits All" adjustable brace on my own 54 year old knee ... that this one would probably merit yet another 5 star rating from me. But, of course, wearing it for a day, was going to be the real test ... along with learning how well it would withstand being washed, so that I might be able to "loan" it to my spouse, or even to my 75 years young mother, who is still a part-time nurse in a busy hospital (who experiences knee pain more often than either of us wishes she would). Although I'm diagnosed with fibromyalgia and neuropathy, one key to staying on my trajectory of relative wellness is to try to remain active. This supportive knee brace passed all my tests in terms of bending, walking briskly, and keeping it on for hours at time throughout my day. It's very supportive, yet comfortable (since it's adjustable) ... And it did wash well through both hand-washing it in the bathroom sink & again later on gentle cycle in the washing machine ... both times left to air dry. The stitching remained intact and the brace dried quickly, with no apparent fading (due to the neoprene material used). I was pleased to be given the opportunity to purchase the Active Athlete supportive knee brace during a recent promotion, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Not just seeing, but buying and trying and experiencing it's quality for myself IS believing in this case ... I'd recommend this particular knee brace made by the Active Athlete company to anyone in need of a good quality, supportive, yet light-weight & comfortable, compression sleeve-style knee wrap.

Not for active athletes

I bought this brace to support my left knee for running. The product came timely and the seller had great communication. Except the rubber odor, the brace looks and feels good. After sing the brace for the first time fro a 16-mile run today, I do have some comments. The brace is all stitched with single thread which does not looks very durable. Not un-expectely, some thread is pulled out by the velcro. The part of the fabric touched by velcro gets loose and hairy. Surprisingly, after my run today, one of the metal coil on the side poked out. During the running, the end part of the velcro scratchs the skin of the other leg from time to time. Even the brace is called Active Athletes, i don't think it could stand the active activities. The design seems fine but the material and making will not hold on well. Overall, the brace may be fine for light use but definitely not for the active athletes.

by Charlotte Raynor >> See more reviews

Powerful and comfortable knee brace!

I love this knee brace!! I've had arthritis in both of my knees for the past 10 years and I've tried other braces but none of them would give me the support I needed to relieve the pain. My doctor even prescribed a knee brace that was made especially for me. However, it was so big and bulky and a pain to get off and get on that it ended up in the closet. I was offered the chance to purchase this knee brace at a large discount to try it out and give my honest unbiased opinion for which this is. This knee brace is light but powerful. The brace is made from very pliable and soft material so it is really comfortable to wear. The best thing is that It gives me the support I need to alleviate some of the knee pain I have. The fact that I can adjust the knee brace to fit very snug or loose is a great benefit. Some days the pain is greater than others. It also seems to keep the swelling down. I highly recommend this knee brace for any person who needs support for their knee to give great support but also be comfortable while wearing it.

Just what the Dr. ordered

I purchased this knee brace for support while doing work around the house and to wear during long shifts at work. This brace helps keep swelling down and I was able to walk for longer periods of time! I suffer from osteoarthritis and this helps when I have to be active more than usual.

Helped me with my knee....strong support!

Ordered this knee brace for my left knee which is bone on bone with arthritis. It was shipped fast which helped get some support for walking. Made well. Fit perfectly. I was given fair pricing for my opinion. It is a good solid product. Working well for me.

by Stephanie McGlothlin >> See more reviews

Great knee brace!

I wore this on Monday and Tuesday this week during my work out. I do TRX and Zumba five days per week. I love zumba but is it so hard on my knees. I've been looking for something that can help with this. This active knee brace was amazing! It allowed full motion but was really sturdy and lightweight. Very easy to adjust and keeps its position great.

The pain was a little better right at the patella tendon

I have patella problems and can not walk through a store without suffering the rest of the night. This knee brace gave me the stability to be able to walk. The pain was a little better right at the patella tendon. This knee brace is comfortable to sleep in. Very comfortable to wear under your jeans, it does not bunch up behind your knee.