The Halo Sport Visor has a Halo Heaband built into the visor, making this one of the most functional visors available. Featuring our patented SweatBlock Seal, the sweatband channels sweat back and away from the eyes and face! The sweat visor is great for running, tennis and golf.
Manufacturer: Halo
Size: One Size
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Others are better

I do a lot of running and in the FL heat I need something to keep the sweat out. Although this visor does that, it is uncomfortable to wear and you have to line up the headband portion with the visor since they are attached to each other only at the back. This visor also does not have an elastic band to fit around your head and is too small for larger head sizes. It's now a yard work visor!

by Tara M Levy >> See more reviews

Excellent for keeping sweat out of your eyes, good at the rest

I bought this visor to wear during my runs in the Texas heat during the summer. It gets so hot, and I sweat so much, that sweat would frequently coming pouring down my forehead and into my eyes. The Halo does a great job at preventing that, channeling the sweat back toward your temples and ears. It's a terrific idea, and they accomplish it well in this visor. If sweat diversion is your primary need in a visor, then go for it. If you prefer a visor that soaks up more sweat -- like a sweatband -- then this isn't for you. Compared to my other CoolMax/DriFit/wicking hats and visors, this has the least amount of sweat absorption. That's not actually such a bad thing, since you want the sweat to leave your body, but with this visor (more than my others), the sweat seems to come pouring off of it. Oddly, even off of the tip of the brim. Also, the one other thing to note about how this visor works is the double-layer element: the rubber strip for channeling sweat is attached to a separate piece of fabric that sits behind the vertical part of the visor -- where it says "Halo." The fabric holding the rubber strip is attached to the visor at both ends, but it does mean that when you put it on, you'll have to spend a few seconds getting it to sit on your forehead properly. Once you do that, it's fine. All-in-all, it's a visor without competition, and if you need something to keep the sweat out of your eyes, it's terrific.

by Samantha T. >> See more reviews

Love It

I will admit it, I have a large head - literally (I don't own turtle necks =) This visor has a velcro closure on the back and fits my head - which is wonderful. It has a sweat band built into it as well. The visor stays put and works as expected. I would recommend it to my friends.

The adjustable back should have made it better

I am going to start positive. I love the concept of the Halo brand. During sweaty hot and/or long run, there is no need to add to the misery by having the sting of sweat in the eyes! My husband has worn the Halo headbands under his bike helmets for years. If you are interested in Halo, look into the headbands, which are infinitely more adjustable. The racing visor made by Halo is not adjustable and it was too tight and terribly uncomfortable, also leaving a line across my forehead for hours. Not a big deal if you are sticking another hat on, but totally uncool if you have a date night. And finally, this adjustable visor was not better. In order for it to not hurt my forehead after a few miles of running it had to be so loose that it didn't provide a seal for the sweat and gave me a distracting feeling as if it were to fall off.

by B. Kennedy >> See more reviews

Weird headband

I'm not sure why, but the halo headband part of this visor is only sewn in at the edges and is free from the visor on your head. I am sure this is meant to be a feature of some sort, but it's annoying for me. Forces me to futz with it a lot along a run to get it just right. That being said, once you do get it right, the head band does a great job keeping sweat out of your face. I have a big head and this JUST barely fit me, so warning for people with really big heads!

If you sweat then buy this

This head visor works great for reducing the river of sweat that comes off me when running on hot days. It is a little on the small side. I ordered the large and it just barley fit ion the last adjustment. That said I have a BIG head. So unless you have a tiny head get the large.

by Edward Sichler >> See more reviews

Great decision and an outstanding product

Looked long and hard for visor to replace one I had for years that my daughter got me. As a bike enthusiast I know Halo products well as I have a couple and decided to see if they had a visor. As soon as I saw this and read some reviews pulled the trigger. It arrived a couple days early and have now worn it for golf on 3 occasions. Great decision and an outstanding product. Easy to wear, works exceptionally well and easy to clean too. My younger brother liked it and will be purchasing one this week.

Not for big heads. Stick with the headbands.

I have a big head (7 7/8) and this thing is down to the last half inch of velcro to fit and it's still too tight. Also the halo headband isn't sewn in all the way around and it has to be lined up everytime you put it on. It's basically a $4 visor with half a halo headband sewn in. As much as I love the headbands on their own I cannot recommend this at all. Get a clue Halo. Would it really be that difficult to add another inch of velcro and sew the headband in all the way around.

by ljknecht570 >> See more reviews

I love these hat!

I usually cannot wear hats because my head is so sensitive to pressure. I love that these are adjustable. I have had a black one that was exactly like this that I had had for years. I was pretty faded so I went for a white one. I love that I can wear them to run with, be in the beach and it is totally washable. I also love that I can adjust the tightness on it.

Almost perfect

The Halo sweat strip started to become detached after a few months of use and the brim could be a little longer to provide better eye shade. Otherwise sweat strip does make a difference though you have to put the band down almost to your eyebrows for full effect.