Origin8 BMX / Singlespeed / Fixie Chainrings in different colors and sizes
Manufacturer: Origin8


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Very good for price

These don't look all that great because of the extra holes, but they work fine and they are cheap. I milled off the extra, inner mounting holes and it looked much better. The one I am using has 42 teeth, but it doesn't seem to be wearing any faster than chainrings that cost several times as much. This is a good deal.

by Justin Wright >> See more reviews

Great chainring

Great quality product made in the good ole United States of America. Was delivered a day early and looked amazing. I would strongly recommend it for a fixed gear build. Looks great bolted to a vintage sugino crank. Would like to see origin8 be supported more prominently by cyclists.

by christopher j bahan >> See more reviews

Solid American made ring at a great price.

It's always a pleasent suprise when I buy a bike part & it has a "made in the USA" tag on it. This ring is of the Origin 8 name brand, & it's a very solid, well machined, quality part that I'd consider very affordable. This is a pretty standard size for a bmx, however, I used it to upgrade a single speed "road" bike from a 42T x 16T ratio & 3/32" chain to a 44T x 16T ratio & 1/8" chain. It's doing an outstanding job on something I ride almost daily. I'll buy this again when I upgrade another single speed.

by planetmike >> See more reviews

Good Value

I prefer these alloy chain rings for bicycles. These do wear faster than steel but being softer than the metal on your chain, saves the chain over time. Also good these come in odd tooth sizes like this one and can mount on different BCD spiders.

by B. Hernandez >> See more reviews

wicked chainring

I love this ring, big, black, and looks better than a Sugino (IMO). Description says "Rocket" but mine came with an "Origin 8" stamp. In conclusion, another quality experience with "Origin 8" products.

I really like the fact that this ring works with 110 or ...

I converted a 2006 Orbea Onix to single speed using the 40T 3/32 version of this chain ring. It is mounted on a (very old) FSA SLK crank. I used a Shimano 10 speed chain with a Origin 8 chain tensioner. It works very well. I had to shorten the chain by two links and work on dialing out the chain noise but that was more on with the tensioner than this ring. I really like the fact that this ring works with 110 or 130 BCD. That is just brilliant.

by Rafael Higueros >> See more reviews

poorly manufactured

this chainring is 1.5mm bigger on the side near the logo, the result is a very uneven chain tension, is not important if you dont plan to go fats or if you use a chain tensioner, but not good for fixed gear or track bikes, save some money and buy Sugino, Sram or Shimano, BTW, brand is Origin8, not Rocket.

Great replacement

Easy replacement on my PureFix fixed gear bike. I was running a 44/15 and switched to a 47/17 with this addition. I also have the freedom to switch my rear cog to a 16 or 18 with keeping a high ration of skid patches.

by Kevin Septor >> See more reviews

Great value

The chainring is all black, including the teeth (unlike the product image) and I guess Rocket is now Origin-8 so that'll be the name actually branded on it. I also have a 47t, 41t, and a silver 43t Rocket Ring. The price is right and the quality isn't too shabby either, that's why I keep coming back to buy 'em again.

Chainring is off center.

As I was bolting on the 130bcd holes, I noticed one of the holes didn't match up to my crank spider's 'legs'. With a little elbow grease, I managed to get the bolt in. Then as I spun the cranks around, I noticed that my chain loosened and tightened in an oscillating pattern. I've then discovered that these holes aren't perfectly aligned. This made chain tensioning a big confusing headache and only today after a week have I found the answer to all this confusion. Everything else worked fine, but just beware, the 130bcd holes are off...