The SRAM MRX 21 Speed (3 x 7) Grip Shift Set is a great replacement or upgrade Grip Shifter for your bicycle.
Color: Black
Manufacturer: Cycle Force Group, LLC


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by Chironimo >> See more reviews

Good Purchase.

Super easy to install. Replaced a set on a twenty year old bike in about 30 minutes. Blew up the tires and away we went! These were almost exactly the same as the old ones I took off and I didn't have to buy the super pro ver$ion to get excellent performance.

Although it is a grip shift, it holds a different job for me.

First, I would like to say that this grip shift works excellently. I've used them as a stock component and a repaired/upgraded component. The action is stiff, confident, firm, accurate, and precise. It derails the dérailleur quite well (that's what it is made for, anyway). However, it has done something very different and interesting lately. My Rock Shox Reba fork came stock with a remote to unlock and lock my fork. However, this remote proved to be utter trash, and the engagement pawl in the remote stripped. However, since I did not have $90 to replace the remote, I used the 7 speed grip shift as a "temporary replacement," and it works! It unlocks and locks my fork with some difficulty, but it got me something. A bike mechanic must think out of the box for something to work the way it is required to. I'm pretty satisfied for its shifting performance and it's different uses. Highly recommended, but just use it for its intended job.

by Live Nocturn >> See more reviews

Good replacement part

Purchased to replace the sram grip shifts that came on my bike in 2001. They work the same as the old ones, except the front derailleur is only indexed into 3 clicks instead of the many clicks present on some of these shifters. Not a problem for most bikes though.

Sram MRX 21-Speed Grip Shifts

I purchased this item to replace my son's original Grip Shifters on his mountain bike. These worked exactly as the original ones did.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews


I bought this shifter as a replacement and it was one of the best I have ever used! I tried this shifter on one of my friends bikes and fell in love with it, so I just had to find it here and get the upgrade.

I have an old Magna bike that uses this type ...

I have an old Magna bike that uses this type of grip shifter. There are kits that one can buy to retrofit the grip shift unit. Do your seld a favor. Get these instead. You will thank me later

Worked great after letting bike shop install

Worked great after letting bike shop install. However for my sun EZ cruiser recumbent bike 7 speed right shiftier cable was to short. Honestly didn't think it even came with cables


worked great on my sons bike. Easy to install and put on an old Schwinn Hybrid bike we had laying around that needed some love. Worked great with the Shimano derailleur.

Works great!

Bought these to replace broken OEM shifter; works just fine! Instructions are a little bit advice, use the installation video on You Tube to help.

by Yvonne LeBuhn >> See more reviews

Just the right repair part for our bicycle !

We got a bike from a friend that needed a replacement shift grip set, and this worked perfectly for the bike. It was exactly what we needed to repair the bicycle.