Halo Protex Bandana is great for athletes that prefer bandanas but need the extra performance that a cotton bandana can't offer. Our bandanas feature our patented SweatBlock Technology to lead sweat away from your eyes and face so you can keep focused. The ability to tie the sweatband is a favorite among our customers who prefer a custom fit.
Manufacturer: HALO HEADBANDS
Size: One Size
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by rustypants >> See more reviews

Quite impressed

I've been using various Headsweats Coolmax skullcaps, bandanas, etc. over the last 10 years for running and biking - they're sufficient. Bought the Halo Protex Skull Cap to give something else a try and I'm kicking myself for not trying one before. Superior material, the sweat block strip, a more comfortable fit, and even the ability to adjust how tight it is on my head (as opposed to Headsweats' elastic band) make this a better product.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Stays on at high speeds

I'm a bald biker that always has trouble finding headgear that stays on, this product works well at highway speed, no slipping off.

Substitute head covering.

As a surgeon with a shaved head, who tends to sweat a lot under the hot OR lights, I had a problem of dripping sweat into my sterile field. I bought this product to use as my surgical head covering. It has been great, I don't even have to ask the nurse for a face or head wipe during surgery.

by G. Walczak >> See more reviews

Wearing under a hockey helmet

I sweat like a monster under my hockey helmet, and it runs into my eyes. Can't really wipe it away with the mesh cage and the big hockey gloves on. This works well, the "channel" affect runs the swear across the sides of my face in front of my ears. I've really noticed a big jump in sweat management and have enjoyed the game much more. Great product, highly recommended.

by David A. Steyer >> See more reviews

Dry Face

Before ordering this Halo Sweatband my eyes would always burn from sweat. Now my face is dry and my eyes are not burning anymore. I do a lot of mountain biking and descending fast down a hill and your eyes are stinging just causes a whole lot of hurt. With this item I only have to worry now about rattlers on my rides. David

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

it stays on and it wicks!

it stays on at 120 mph, and it wicks at slower speeds to. use it on bike & motorcycle, it is very comfy.

by TechJunkie >> See more reviews

Size does matter

As a man with an XL+ head and hair, I like the generous sizing of this product. I've tried other caps in desperation, hoping that the one size fits all would include my melon. Usually not. As for the Halo Protex, the short ties are great and secure very easily and well. The small rubber strip inside the front of the headband does a good job of preventing slippage. 2) As a c-pap mask wearer (for sleep apnea), this skull cap is great because it fits UNDER the headband straps for the mask. very comfortable and now, in the summer months, a great replacement for the stretched out TrailHeads cap I wear to bed during the colder months. For any of you who think you may have sleep apnea (tired when you get up, spouse telling you that you stop breathing while you sleep, ask your MD if you need a sleep apnea test. It can save your life). I give the Halo a conservative rating of four instead of five stars only because I haven't had it that long. That said, I'm already ordering another.

by Charles F. Richerson >> See more reviews

It is a skull cap and it works

I wear a skull cap under a crash helmet when doing Autocross racing. It feels better on my old bald head than the inside of the helmet. My old one was wore out. This one is a better one than my one due to sweat band around the bottom. It works but it is still just a skull a cap and as such is just a fancy rag to tie around your head to catch the sweat under the helmet. Charles

Fast and Cool

I FINALLY found the solution to my 4-wheeling needs! A helmet is sometimes too much and a hat is always a problem at more than 30 mph. I bought a leather bandana previously......but it creeps up on the forehead and I am always having to adjust it. In the Florida heat.....it gets really HOT! Well.......Halo has the ANSWER! This thing is GREAT! ZERO slippage or movement up to 70 mph so far. It is extremely comfortable and provides excellent sun protection. It stays very cool and honestly you forget you are wearing anything. I use this with my Guard Dog goggles.....and it is the PERFECT combo for riding! I HIGHLY recommend this bandana if you have the same needs I do or the same problems I did. This Halo is worth every single cent and I am going to order another one just to have it on hand. I bought the Camo and it looks great. Get you a Halo and be "fast and cool" like me.......GT:)

by J.L. Populist >> See more reviews

Great For Hot Day Motorcycle Rides

I wear do-rags while motorcycling and have for many years. This is the first mesh type do-rag I have tried. Once you get used to the light weight feel of the Halo it's actually nice. It's a lot lighter than the cotton do-rags. Here are a few things I really like about the Halo Headband: It has a sweat band in front. It has a rubber strip on the sweat band which is supposed to channel away sweat. I think it also sticks to my skin enough to prevent the Halo from flying off while riding. It fits snug and it's comfortable. The Halo Headband is made in the U.S.A. It's a cooler (temperature wise) alternative to the normal do-rags I wear.