K-Pak, Reconstruct Daily Conditioner - This moisture rich daily conditioner reconstructs and strengthens damaged hair. Detangles and eliminates static while leaving hair smooth, silky and shiny.
Feature: Highest Quality Conditioner available
Manufacturer: Joico


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by Christina >> See more reviews

Love this stuff

I love Joico K-Pak Recunstruct. I didn't find any difference with this product and the one I purchased from a beauty supply shop. I was scared to order online but it seems genuine. Using this stuff It has changed my hair so much. I started using it a couple of years ago and after the first couple washing I couldn't believe how much stronger and healthier my hair was, and much shinier. My hair has a tendency to break badly and I loose a lot of hair when washing and combing and what Reconstruct has done is make my hair elastic. It is actually stretchy if I pull on the strands and can stretch quite a bit before breaking. I use the Reconstruct shampoo, Reconstruct conditioner and reconstructor. It does take a little getting used to but it is well worth it and I can't go back to the cheap stuff. I did try the Joico Moisturizing in the blueish bottle and my hair didn't like it at all and I lost all that great elasticity and it started breaking badly again. I am mixed for ethnic ladies who may be wondering. Tight curls and frizzy and nappy in the front and base.

by Holly1621 >> See more reviews

Fake product

I have ordered from amazon countless times, this was the first time i was disappointed. I have ordered Joico before with amazon, and received the real product, but this time it was a fake. The real Joico K-pak smells like bananas, this one smelled slightly floral with a little hint of coconut. The conditioner was thin and runny instead of being thick. Beware of ordering online..


This product is fake. The company distributing this item is not the actual company, Joico. I have had trouble finding this product recently, since even salons can't seem to get the real product. The REAL K-pak is thick, luxurious and smells like bananas. It's an incredible product which works better on my hair than anything else I've tried (my hair is very long, thick, and wavy). The product contained in these bottles is fairly runny with an odd chunky texture, a different scent, and does not produce the same results. I am disappointed because my mom ordered this same item and received the real product, while I ordered it several months later and received this cheap fake stuff.

by Dan Palan >> See more reviews

May not be what you think you are getting.

Yes this shampoo & conditioner clean & condition my hair, but not as well as the stuff I get from the salon. Upon review of the bottles I received, I found that they claim to be distributed and manufactured in the EU not manufactured in the US like the stuff from the salon. My hair has been dry & has been breaking/splitting compared to when I use the salon purchased joico.

Reconstructing miracle

I saw this product being recommended on a you tube video so I decided to try it. My first purchase was the smaller 10.1oz bottle. My hair was damaged from all the coloring I had done, it was dry with split ends, the whole works. I used this product as instructed and within a month my hair was looking so much more healthy. My husband couldn't believe it. He says it's like drugs but for your hair. Such a wonderful turn around. I did follow the instructions not to use too much of the conditioner as that is what really help your hair. I purchased this bigger bottle and it has lasted for a while now. I use this along with the argon oil treatment or coconut oil and it's a blessing. It all works so well together and my hair is shiny, smooth, healthy and smells great.

Do not purchase!

I was excited that I found this product and at such a great price. When I recieved the product and starting using it I realized that this was in fact NOT the joico reconstruct conditioner!!! It was apparently an off brand that they pumped into a joico bottle. DO NOT PURCHASE from this supplier!!!


I'm pretty sure this was a fake product. It doesn't have the banana coconut kind of smell that the real Kpak has when I've used it from salons in the past. It doesn't condition hair very well at all and is a thin consistency.

by HoosierMama72 >> See more reviews

smoothes my frizzies

I am trying to go away from products that have cones in them as they dry out my hair. It was beginning to feel like straw. This product has really helped seal in conditioner and tame my hair. I have long professionally colored and naturally wavy hair. It can become a frizzy mess in summer humidity, but this product has helped make it manageable. I use this K-Pak reconstruct conditioner product AFTER a deep conditioner (like Aussie 3min miracle) and it smoothes everything down. If you use this product alone, it will smooth but not moisturize. After a few uses, my hair became so manageable I thought I didn't need it. I went one wash with just a regular shampoo and conditioner, no K-pak conditioner.....and let me tell you, my hair let me know right away that it needs K-Pak!!! Think of this product as a sealant. It seals in whatever you put on before it. It is milky and not thick. I don't really smell much of a scent from it and I have the nose of a bloodhound. It is really easy to use and works wonders. I am sold on K-Pak and will continue to purchase it from Amazon.

by N. A. Kovic >> See more reviews

Amazing Stuff!

I tried this shampoo and conditioner for the first time on a whim, when I snagged some trial sizes at a local store. I am SO glad I did too! My hair is long (2 to 3 inches past my shoulders), fine, pin-straight, and tends to be on the oilier side. It also breaks and falls out quite a bit. I've been trying to make my hair stronger and healthier, so I thought I'd try this line. And it works! Both the shampoo and conditioner are a little bit more moisturizing than what I'm used to using, but this hasn't been an issue really. After using this, my hair is noticeably shinier, softer, smoother, fuller, more manageable, and just generally healthier looking. I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 mainly because it's more expensive than I'd like, and I'm not particularly crazy about the scent (it doesn't smell bad at all, but I personally don't think it smells great either). However, as far as performance, this shampoo/conditioner combo absolutely delivers and I whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who's on a quest for beautiful, healthy hair!

Best Conditioner for Blonde Bleached Hair Ever

If you've bleached your hair, then you know how hard it is to keep it healthy. Breaking, drying, those little sproingy stick-like hairs that stick out of the side of your head that make you look like Albert Einstein's lost love child? No? Just me? Anyhoo . . . This stuff is amazing. You put in on your hair and it's like the hair soaks it all in and becomes instantly soft and pliant in the shower just a few seconds after application. The Joico conditioner has literally saved my hair from frying to a crisp many times. It is a godsend. I have never found any other conditioner that comes close to doing what the Joico stuff does for my blonde treated hair. It's known within my circle of friends (one who is a hairdresser) that if you've got blonde hair, you need to use the K-Pak and it's not optional. I cringe to spend money on shampoo and conditioner, but the K-Pak is utterly and absolutely worth it in every way and you notice the results immediately.