Halo II Athletic Sweatband is our best-selling headband. Featuring a classic elastic pullover design, the Halo II will fit any head comfortably to redirect sweat and moisture from your eyes and face. Featuring our patented SweatBlock Technology and Dryline® Fabric, these athletic sweatbands will keep up with your high performance training. The Halo II's are great sweatbands for running, cycling, or virtually any other activity that will work up a sweat. They fit comfortably under helmets and are great headbands for men or women.
Color: White
Manufacturer: Halo Headband
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Cheap Knock off

I would give this zero stars if I could. As stated in the description, this is supposed to be a Halo II pullover sweatband. It clearly is not. It is a piece of sewn lycra. There is no SweatBlock technology (the seal that diverts the sweat from your eyes). There is no Dryline fabric on the inside. Since it is a simple piece of lycra, it is not antimicrobial as stated from the Halo website. The Halo II headband is only 2" wide at it's widest point, making it easy to fit under hats and helmets. This fabric thing is 4" at it's widest point and will clearly be too big for my forehead and to fit under my running hat or biking helmet. And because it is just a pice of lycra, it has no sweat wicking properties whatsoever. Completely useless as a "sweatband". I have included a picture. The item on the left is a true Halo II sweatband. The one on the right is what they just sent me stating it is a Halo II sweatband. This is a joke. How can this 3rd party seller even claim to sell authentic items and take my money for it.

by Rachel Martin >> See more reviews

Hides my roots and large forhead!

I wear these headbands ALL the time! I have one in pink and one in black! They keep sweat out of my eyes when I run and they hide my roots so I don't have to wash my hair as much;)( I am a stay at home of two babies under 2 so washing my hair is a luxery!) It is the perfect width... not to thick or thin! It has rubber strip on the inside that prevents it from moving on my head and it's so comfy! It also hides my large five head haha! If you are a sweaty mom with a five head this product is for you! It also got here in 2days.... can't beat that!

by Thomas Collier >> See more reviews

This is not Halo headbands point blank

Got my order in today. Took about 3 weeks. Ships from China. This is a imitation headband. It does not come with h the signature yellow sweat wicking band inside accustom too Halo headbands. Absolutely no product name brand or labeling on either headband. I will try to return these blatant fakes...

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If you're a heavy sweater, look elsewhere

I sweat. Bought this on recommendation from a friend who has one and loves it. Quite comfortable under biking helmet. Mountain biking in western Colorado can be hot and strenuous. It worked great for 45 minutes, then the material got soaked and ran over the plastic band. I wrung it out. In 15 minutes it was back to running in my eyes. A bandanna lasts me an hour, then I replace it with a new one. I'll keep doing than for mountain biking. Did an easy 50 mile road "race." I used the Halo... it worked great. But the ride wasn't very strenuous and lots of dry wind across the face to evaporate sweat. I would use it for this purpose again without hesitation.

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I've tried a bunch of things because when I sweat, it's almost completely from my head. I'm also very fair skinned so have to wear sunscreen anytime I'm outside. This means that when I start to sweat, and it invariably runs down into my face/eyes, it brings the sunscreen with it and burns my eyes. At that point, I'm pretty much useless as I can't see very well with the burning and squinting ... even something as simple as mowing my lawn on a hot day causes me issues. I just spent a very hot day (28 degrees and no shade) working for Habitat for Humanity roofing and framing a home. Even with the hard hat on, I was able to put in a full days work. I was exhausted and looked like hell by the end of a wonderful volunteer day but my 60 block sunscreen did not once get into my eyes and force me to take a break. Not only does the headband have a rubber piece to prevent anything from dripping down into your eye region, but it also wicks away the majority of the sweat so there's no volume of sweat to run. As I've dealt with this sweating issue for MANY years now, I know that nothing else I've tried over the years would have gotten me through the entire day. The Halo II headband was a complete success. I bought two initially to try them (one white, one pink) and took both with me to the build site; thinking I'd have to put on the 2nd one for the afternoon. I kept the same one on all day. I've haven't yet washed them so that will be the final test but based on the way they're made, I don't anticipate that being an issue. They're a little pricey (I'm in Canada so had to pay higher shipping which bumped up my total cost though) but the product was worth every penny in the end. PS - I've never written a review before because no other product has ever inspired me enough to do so.

Great headband for exercising!

I needed a headband for the gym because well, I sweat. I cannot keep stretchy headbands on because they will slide off the back of my head. So I was a little skeptical about this headband, but I needed to try something. I'm happy to say that it stays in place! It is lightweight, comfortable and really truly does not slide out of place. I have two and am very happy with them.

Works Fairly Well

I wear glasses and work outside in 90+ degree and air so humid you can see it. In other words, I sweat. My first impression of the halo was not that favorable - the piece which diverts the sweat away from your eyes seemed far too small. However, the Halo does work remarkably well as long as you are willing to wring it out fairly often. That seems logical to me and I would have given the Halo 5 stars but for the fact that if you're wearing a hat, it doesn't divert your sweat away from your eyes very effectively. The only solution I have found is to make sure my hat/helmet rides as high as possible on the Halo. If you can keep pressure off of the neoprene that is above the diverter, the product works fairly well. If you need to wear a helmet that rides close to the sweat diverter, you'll most likely be either disappointed or annoyed by how much more often you have to wring the Halo out.

Not good for only being used twice and washed once

Pros: Color is super cute Love the width Cons: The yellow rubber peice that helps prevent sweat from dripping into my eyes, is great, however, do not use this if you're planning on going to work after your work out. It leaves a dent in the forehead for a couple hours. It loses some of the elasticity and gets loose over the length of my workout (between 1-2hrs) Not recommended if you're a heavy sweater like I am-- maybe some terry cloth. I used this twice, then tossed it in the washer (agitator free top loading). After taking it out of the washer I noticed that a part of the yellow rubber is already coming up. Not good for only being used twice and washed once. Overall, I would not recommend this if you're a heavy sweater, have lots of hair or want to be seen in public after your workout without an indentation on your forehead.

Didn't work for me.

I had high hopes for this headband. I have hyperhidrosis and sweat profusely on my head and chest, so I need to wear a headband of some kind when working around the house and yard. Unfortunately, this headband didn't work any better than the folded cotton bandanas I've been using, And it was saturated and dripping into my eyes within 30 minutes. I'll stick with my inexpensive bandanas.

No Sweat ....almost

This is my second Halo Headband. I misplaced the first one and ordered another. I cycle ~70 miles per week, 30-35 miles per ride. I highly recommend the Halo as it keeps the sweat from running down over my eyes and onto my sunglasses. It is 90% effective, there are days it is so hot and I get so sweaty that the sweat does run over the barrier strip and on my eye brow dripping to my sunglasses. It works better than a terry cloth headband and if you stop mid ride for a drink, you can wring out the headband and go again. It is easy to clean and holds up wash after wash. You do receive a residual line on your forehead from the barrier strip for a few hours after using the headband, but add that to your cyclist tan lines as another badge of honor.