Award-winning ColorMark instant touch up covers gray roots instantly, so your hair color always looks perfect. It's not a mascara or a crayon. ColorMark is real temporary liquid hair color that dries in a minute and stays on until shampooed out. Root touch up goes on easily and never flakes or rubs off, even after brushing. Special comb for easy hairline application included. 0.15 fl. oz. Not for use around eyes. Usage: Apply on dry hair. Use light, short strokes around part. At temples and hairline, slide the ColorMark comb under the hair, then apply. Dries in a minute. Reapply as needed. Brushing won't affect color result. Can be used over styling products. Can be followed by hair spray. Remove ColorMark before applying permanent hair color. Not for use around eyes. To Remove From Skin: Wipe clean with damp cotton swab.
Manufacturer: AsWeChange
Size: One Size Fits All
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... amount and not as long lasting as you would like but it's still better than many I've used so ...

A bit pricey for a small amount and not as long lasting as you would like but it's still better than many I've used so far. It does require daily application on the hairline edges. Still shopping to find a better value.

by Brooklynreader >> See more reviews

The best of the temporary hair colors.

This is the best of the temporary hair colors. It is easy to put on. In fact I don't even bother with the comb thing, just use the felt-tipped wand. Most importantly it covers the gray roots seamlessly, giving at least another week and a half before the next dye job. The product does have downsides. First, since it is temporary, it will run when wet. So, keep an eye on it in the gym. You might have to dab your face, or risk colored sweat running down your face. The other downside is the price. Holding off on a dye job won't save you much money with this product. But it will let you look good while saving some time.

by Katherine Grimaud >> See more reviews

I love this product

I love this product. Because of it, I am able to extend the time between color visits with my stylist.

by Yorkie Lover >> See more reviews

Four Stars

Better than expected! Works well -- pleased with the product.

by Poca Rach >> See more reviews

Great coverage and practical

I have been using this for a few years now. I love it but two things could be better. The smell and any sweating or contact with water will make the color run.

by Wendy Brady >> See more reviews

Apply on wet hair.

Perfect to help keep touch up costs down and longer in between appointments. Suggestion ... it goes further if aplied on wet hair (right after washing).

Four Stars

It's the best coverup I've used, it just seems to have gotten more expensive than I remember.

I highly recommend this product

This product does its job of hiding the gray roots. I highly recommend this product.

by Victoria D'Alvia >> See more reviews

Perfect in between go to

Great for when you're overdue for coloring! Perfect temporary fix.

by Carolan Hays >> See more reviews

One Star

False advertisement as this product did not color as stated.