Professionally formulated to cover and color naturally, in an easy to use, swivel-up stick. Slips on lightly for a silky-matte finish. Pampers skin with a rich emollient.
Professional Beauty Tip: For a sheerer finish, apply with a damp sponge and blend. For best results, use a Max Factor® Imported or Natural Sponge.
Made in USA of US and imported parts
Manufacturer: Procter & Gamble
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by Heatherella >> See more reviews

MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely ADORE this makeup. It is a bit heavy, but manages to cover anything---blemishes, scars, undereye dark circles, freckles---anything! I am very active at work, and needed coverage that could survive perspiration for several hours. FOUND IT. That being said, if you do use this makeup, you have to remember to thoroughly cleanse afterwards and clay mask regularly.

by Faye Wheeler >> See more reviews

Max Factor Pan Stick

I have been using Pan Stick for many years. I love it. It gives the best coverage of any makeup that I have ever used. It has gotten hard to find..when I found it at I was elated.

by AKgirl 85 >> See more reviews

Product is Great, Price is RIDICULOUS!

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this makeup. I have only used it for a couple of years, but before that I tried tons of different brands and never found one that matched my skin tone and covered up my blotchy looking acne prone face without looking fake, cakey, or turning me orange. Plus, the price was reasonable--under $10 for a good sized stick that would last me at least 3 months of everyday use. I was hooked. Unfortunately, they have discontinued making this product in the US. A person can buy the European product though, but the problem is that it is about 1/3rd of the size (similar to a sample portion) for a higher price, and I'm not sure about the color selection. True Beige is the color I need, and so far I haven't been able to find anywhere that has had "true beige" in stock for me to even try. Reviews on another site ( say that it is not exactly the same. So, if you buy this great original product for the exorbitant price that is being asked per tube here, beware that if you get hooked (which you likely will), you will soon be sadly disappointed because you will NEVER be able to get it again. Also beware that these have sat on the shelf for a little while. So sad that Max Factor has disappointed all of us loyal ladies the way that they have! We don't want a "new product" that is "just like it but better." We want the product and price we have relied on for years!

EXTREMELY old product!

This was the old blue and gold version that retired YEARS before they changed it to black packaging. They showed the black packaging in the picture so I assumed that's what it was. Seller did offer a refund if I shipped it back but not worth the shipping charges or taking time off work because of their bad business. This makeup was so old and awful my face broke out!

works great, been using Max Factor long time

I havve been using Max Factor products for a very long time. This particular item (panstik) is incomparable. The coverage is great and no other company makes a like product.

by Ginger L. Robinson >> See more reviews

The Best Make-Up on the Planet

I have used this product for 45 years and it is still the best foundation ever made. You can put it on sheer or use it as a thicker dab for concealment of blemishes or age spots. It is the best foundation ever made. Period.

by Jeanne H. Beers >> See more reviews

Max Factor products

I am 84 years old and had worn Max Factor products since a teenager. I started with pan cake makeup that was applied with a damp sponge. Later Pan Stik came along and I loved it. I was horrified when I found out Max Factor had removed all their products before I could even buy up a supply! I still don't know why they did! I just decided to see if I could get something through Amazon and was happy to see I could get just the color Pan Stik I needed so I have ordered several along and hope I can continue to get it!!

by A Grateful Heart >> See more reviews

Better Late Than Not At All

I recently discovered this makeup, and really liked it. The texture is smooth, and there are a variety of colors to choose from. This Rich Beige is good for my complexion. It doesn't get all over my clothes as some of the other makeup I've tried. The only problem, from what I understand, is that it will no longer be available since Max Factor has stopped producing it. Oh well, the supply I have will last quite a while.

by Sharper10 >> See more reviews

Sorely honest.

This item must have been returned from sales sites as the color is off and the texture too oily. Not at all the quality of product I've bought for years. Sorry, I was disappointed also.


O..MY..GOODNESS....I have used this MaxFactor "Pan-Stik" for a LONG-TIME and LOVE IT (and not because the name is close to sounding like "pancake"), (but if you do decide to eat's OK, you are covered). When I heard they stopped selling it in the US, I went into a complete PANIC ( I mean a REAL PANIC) (not like the usual panic-attack I sometimes get at night and hear voices in my head "panic"). I mean this came as a major shock to me, I was like..."how am I suppose to feel like I have sexy skin without this product ?". I thought I would never find this again, so I had to resort to a "I guess I'm kinda cute.. foundation/ concealer product that's way too expensive". I have been feeling as though I had to settle for this "so/so cute" look, vs. "borderline play-boy bunny" feel. And lets me honest...every girl would rather feel like a "play-boy bunny" vs. "bunny-ranch funny"! I love feelin s_e_x_y and having this opportunity to REUNITE with my my long lost LOVE.....myMaxFactorPan-tastik...ohhh how I love thee.