Satin hair color is a 3 ounce tube which mixes with double developer (6 ounces) creating 9 ounces of total color mixture per tube, potentially reducing your hair color expense by 50%
Color: 7B


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Satin Color has the Best Reds!

I am a natural redhead who began greying in her early 20's. By 30 I was about 40% grey. Therefore,I have been trying to dye my hair back to its original color for more than 25 years. Satin hair color is the very best, and I've been using it for about 10 years. My hair is thick, coarse, and a little bit longer than shoulder length. My natural color was a true auburn. Not purple, not red, a true warm dark copper. It is SO hard to find dyes this color! Satin Color has a range of coppers in their "red gold" color line. I mix 7rg and 6rg 50/50 to achieve my perfect shade. I also use their Cover Grey developer and No Grey color additive. It costs me about $14 per month to dye my hair with these professional colors. The result is about 100% better than drugstore box dyes. First off, the color is rich and believable. No pink or purple roots! Secondly, this color won't damage your hair. Third, the color will be vibrant for a full month, and completely saturate grey roots. I am about 60% grey now, and Satin hair color provides the best coverage of any color out there. (I've tried every drugstore brand and Aveda, Paul Mitchell, Weleda, etc.) If they ever stop making this stuff, I am going on a road trip to buy up every box within a 500-mile radius. That is how good it is.

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Natural looking color with violet highlights

Satin's 4V color is perfect when mixed with the 1V to give natural looking depth as well as highlights to my dark ash brown hair. Their 1V was too dark, makes my hair color look fake and the purple highlights were only perceptible in bright sun. The 4V color adds 'dimension' (has some lighter shaded strands). I like it because: 1. the color is subtle enough to make me look 'fashion forward' without looking as if I'm trying too hard. 2. Satin's semi developer DeveloPlus Semi Processing Gel 6 oz., I believe, 'lifts' the hair cuticle less than the 'permanent' type Developlus Satin Silicone 20V Developer 6oz so it is less severe. This Satin color can be used with Satin's other developers: Developlus Satin Silicone 20V Developer 6oz or DeveloPlus Developer Cover Grey 6 oz.. 3. 5-10 minutes after mixing the dye and the developer together, it becomes a custard-like consistency so is less messy to brush on than a thinner liquid. You should mix it in a bowl and let it stand to give time for the chemicals to react. My only criticism is this hair dye is it takes a long time to penetrate: 30-40 minutes. But that's chemistry! You can't have a low-peroxide developer that still has a fast chemical reaction. You could accelerate it with heat: after brushing it on the hair, cover with plastic shower cap then heat with a hair dryer but you might not be able to control the reaction well enough and might damage your hair. I have tried other violet- or purple-shaded semi permanent hair color: L'Oreal Paris Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour, Midnight Collection, Violet Soft Black which was not only expensive, often out of stock and fake-looking. They also dried my hair and my skin! Manic Panic 4oz Semi-Permanent Ultra Violet Hair Dye Purple was easy to use and a nice color that didn't look too "punky" even though the packaging intends to convey an earth-shaking look, but the color washed out after only 1-2 shampoos. Clairol Beautiful Collection Hair Color (Amethyst) was easy to use because you don't mix anything, it's one-step, just put it on the hair, and has subtle color, but it too washed out fast.

Just what I wanted!

I have been purchasing DeveloPlus Satin Color #6N for several years now. I color my hair (touch up the roots, that is) every two weeks. This is the only brand that lasts in my hair and I can easily measure the amount. Since I color so often, I don't want to purchase a regular "box color" as that would quickly get expensive. I use it with a 20 volume cream developer. I don't use the DevelopPlus developer due to the cost, but purchase a larger bottle of developer in whatever brand is cheapest. I haven't noticed a difference in the quality of the results. I can color all of my roots using only 1/6 of the tube, much cheaper than pre-measured kits. The color comes out darker on my hair than dark blonde. It's more of a medium brown, but my hair is fine and absorbs color easily. Keeping the color is a different matter. Most brands fade quickly, but this holds longer than any other I've tried. It is actually cheaper to purchase here than at the nearest beauty supply store, which is 30 miles from me, even when shipping costs are included in the price. I am so glad to find that I can buy this here on Amazon!!

Perfect color!

Love this hair color. It was a perfect match. I was expecting a little more red in the final process, but it came out just the right shade of a dark red gold blonde. Very soft, not damaging like most products and it lasts longer and stays shiny looking longer than store bought colors. If you go to the developlus website, it has a wonderful section about colors and color wheels and tells you step by step how to correct any problems. I followed their formula and it came out perfect. I use the OOps color remover, loved it, so soft, and the satin silicone developer for gray hair. Loved all of them. Won't go back to store brand anymore. The prices are actually cheaper in the long run because I can get 2-3 colors out of each bottle.

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Nice colour

I get complimented on my hair quite alot. I have long hair. (past shoulder about 5"). I do my own.This product is very easy to use. 1oz color to 2 oz developer. I do use the same brand in the developer. You'll like it too. Always shipped wrapped and no problems with anything else. Price is good. Availability on Amazon is nice.

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I've been using "Satin Color" now for over 10 years and have been totally happy!...NOT NEARLY AS DAMAGING or DRYING as the drugstore brands like Clairol & Revlon, etc. And it also provides beautiful color that I frequently receive compliments on! Super great product! Wouldn't use anything else on my near waist-length hair!

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Superb Hair Color

I first found this color at Sally beauty supply & fell in love. It works best with the Developplus developer rather than ordinary (other brand) developers. This shade is a rich dark brown that doesn't turn black, unless your ends are super porous (fill em' first!). What I truly love is the size of the tube, for my long hair there's enough for 2 retouches, I do the roots only. This color leaves my hair in much better condition and doesn't fade as fast as other brands I've tried, and covers resistant grey hair really well even though it seems to be gentler. It also doesn't burn the heck out of my scalp. What's not to love? Highly recommended! Once you try it you won't want to use anything else! If you've used the much more expensive Pravana brand, this is better and less expensive.

Best grey coverage I've found

This Satin hair color does a fabulous job of covering resistant grey hair. I tried several store brands and had about given up and gone to a salon when I read about this. I have tried both the 7N and the 6N and they both look very natural and cover the grey much better than anything at the drug store. The Satin website is also very helpful in explaining how to use it, what developer to use and what colors are available.

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Works great! Professional Results at Home!

This is an easy to use professional quality hair color. I also purchase the Satin Developer and use them together. The color is true and rich, and as a bonus it stays the same color until my roots grow out. I am often complemented on the color of my hair. I have very long hair and this product is gentle and perfect. I do not get split ends or any other type of damage that I used to get from the regular store bought hair dyes. I highly recommend this product.

Best Hair Color out there!

I love the while satin line! Have used it for 20 years and almost all of the colors! If you're looking for a true and natral red color that doesn't fade try this brand. Am gowing through another brunette stage and I love the mocha's for their depth and natural highlighted look. Can't go wrong with this brand. And worth every penny!