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Can't live without this!

I'm not a makeup or product junkie by any means, but simply can't miss even one day of using my All About Lips. It is a cream (much like a moisturizer) that exfoliates and smoothes your lips and makes them fuller/plumper. It also fills in any lines you may have around the mouth so I recommend using it not only on your lips but also outside the lipline. Although I have been using it twice daily for many years, I believe someone using it for the first time should see results fairly quickly. Friends of mine who wear lipstick (I don't) also claim if they use it right before they put on lipstick it makes it go on better and last longer. (Apparently you can also use this product as an eye cream to smooth crowsfeet around the eyes, but I havent tried this- I prefer Caudelie eye serum and cream.) Simply put, I HIGHLY recommend this product and know you'll see results as I have!

by Lisa Myers >> See more reviews

Great for winter!

I'm so glad my Aunt showed me this product! During the winter my lips are horrible. They get super dry, cracked, and peel. I tried many chapstick brands and vaseline, but none worked to help my lips heal and stay nice during the winter. This product started helping from day one. It absorbs quickly and makes your lips feel soft. They still peeled a bit for the first week or so after I started using the product, but even then it wasn't as bad and they still felt better. After the second week I went from using the product about 5-6 times a day to just once in the morning and once at night. That's enough to keep them feeling and looking great. The pump seems to pump out more than I need sometimes, but most of the time it's just the right amount. I wish I would have found this product winters ago!

by LovesHistorical >> See more reviews

A must in my makeup bag!

I cannot tell you enough amazing things about this product! Makes your lips feel like silk. It's one of my top items in my makeup bag. A "go to" item that I often reach for. 5 big stars! I highly recommend this lip product! You won't be sorry.

by dachshund >> See more reviews

Five Stars

I have lip lines from smoking. This product minimizes them and keeps lipstick from bleeding.

Made My Daughter A Very Happy Camper

Purchased for my daughter for Christmas as Sephora and Ulta were 'out'. She loves it. I think that the Retail Stores are a little cheaper than Amazon but let's face it who goes into a beauty store and manages to get out with just ONE product? That is why I love Amazon. If I want ONE item I don't get bogged down with "You must try this" and " You would look FABULOUS in this color with those eyes of yours" and then me being a sucker I end up spending a $Squillion! Product arrived far earlier than promised!

by Elizabeth >> See more reviews

Keeps lips supple

My lips are very soft & supple after using this product, with fairly immediate results. I was hoping to lessen small lines & wrinkles by my lips & mouth, but haven't seen a significant difference in that area.

Love this product and use it every day

Love this product and use it every day. I feels good and doesn't have a weird smell (I am really weird about smells when it comes to beauty products and skin care!).

by Raz Tirosh >> See more reviews

great great product

The best protection to my lips from lipstick induced allergy. I apply prior to putting on my lipstick, and I can overcome my allergy, and still ware make up !

by K. rockwood >> See more reviews

Love it!

It really does smooth your lips and lines around. More definition. Can't live with out it.

by Autumn Cochran >> See more reviews

but is still a great and worthwhile product

Didn't live up to my expectations, but is still a great and worthwhile product.