Panther black Tangle Teezer is excellent for de-tangling both wet and dry hair. Painless detangling by using firmer pressure. Excellent for children's hair. A must for hair extension wearers.
Color: Panther Black
Manufacturer: Tangle Teezer
Size: 1pc


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by Busy TN Mom >> See more reviews

Best Brush Ever, Truly No More Tears.

Read other reviews and thought I would try it after another tear filled morning trying to brush my daughter's hair. I picked one up at my local Sally's Beauty supplies (I just couldn't wait for it to ship from Amazon) and brought it home for her to try. I started brushing her hair and she said, "Wow, wow, it really doesn't hurt." She took it from me and started brushing her own hair and hasn't stopped yet. Needless to say, I when out the next day and bought a couple more, a spare for her and one for a friend of ours. Two days later, she is brushing her hair on her own without me having to ask, no tears and no fights, just beautiful hair. I love it and there is peace in our house again, well okay at least there is no more fighting over brushing tangled hair. Now if I could only find something that will inspire her to do her homework...

by Klyffe Louis >> See more reviews


I am a black man with long-ish (approximately 7-8 inch) hair. I don't really know about the hair type numbering system, but my hair is probably somewhere in the 4's. I bought this evil abomination to cut down on the time I have to spend fiddling with my hair, which is inevitably a bit of a chore due to the length and texture. With more than a little skepticism, I brought the cursed brush to my dry, relatively matted bedhead, and imagine my surprise as I felt the bristles lightly graze my scalp in a single, fluid motion through my normally unmanageable hair. With any type of supplementary moisture, the previous tribulation of taking care of my hair faded into a bad dream. Unfortunately, I had to return this brush because it is obviously dark magic, as no righteous hair-care product can bear such dramatic immediate results. Pros: -Excellent detangling -No hair breakage -Shaves considerable time off of hair routine -Not overtly feminine in form or color -Useful during exorcisms, harvest rituals and other magical/esoteric activities, so long as they involve tangled hair. -Probably useful for pets Cons: -Foreseeably a pain to clean -Projects unimaginably horrific hair-related images into your dreams -Fine print of information insert explicitly requires regular blood sacrifices -All written or typed instances of the word "tangle" within a 50 foot radius of brush inexplicably vanish. Only the engraving on the brush itself is exempt from this effect. -If brush is allowed to move too quickly (e.g. dropping or throwing it) it detangles space and time, creating a rift through which otherworldly horrors can enter this dimension. -A handle would probably be a bit more ergonomic

by Jeremy Richardson >> See more reviews

A lifesaver of a brush!

First of all I am proud father of a four year princess. Unfortunately she has the worst mop ever. It is a mix between a rat's nest, an old mop, and weaver bird's home. Making it look presentable is a nightmare for me. I barely know what I am doing as it is, and her hair type makes getter her ready unbearable. Half the time I rather deal with dirty looks from strangers, than tame the beast. I've tried all the chemicals for detangling hair. Finally I came across this brush. It works amazingly. The brush glides through my daughter's hair. It does tug occasionally but I am dealing with a rat's nest here. She is happy for someone that absolutely hates getting her hair brush. I am so confident in the ability of this brush, that I believe my little girl might enjoy brushing her hair after a few months. My only complaint is that the brush does not have a handle. As for those who rate the brush so low, I feel for you because you must have even worse hair. You are in my prayers.

by jade li fruscione >> See more reviews

Don't Waste Your Money if You Have Thick Hair...

So I was really excited when I had received this in the mail but as soon as I opened it I knew I wasn't going to like it. It felt like cheap plastic of like a doll brush so then I tested it on my hair and to my surprise it didn't even come close to going through my hair which was a huge disappointment. I have some what thick and oily long hair (I'm Italian, Japanese, and Tanzanian. Weird, I know.) and I one point I did painfully get it through and it left my hair frizzy and static. And I was to lazy to even care so I just put it back into the box and now it just sits in this basket. About a week later I went to the hair salon. After The hairdresser washed it she began to brush it and I was amazed at how easily it went through my hair. At the time I actually had never found the brush that would simply go through my hair so I asked her what to brush it was. I can't remember what she said, but she said that the salon didn't sell that exact brush but sold a brush that worked exactly the same in the store called the Wet Brush and as soon as I got it it was immediately please. So please if you do not have thick hair do not buy this brush I cannot speak for people with thin hair it may work for them.

by silhouette_of_enchantment >> See more reviews

The Tangle Teezer: Crouching Detangler, Hidden Hair Shredder

I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the Tangle Teezer after seeing other natural haired women rave about it. I have type 4a/b hair and thought I would give it a go. Starting out, it was a curly girl's dream. The Tangle Teezer did what it said. Since my hair is starting to gain some length, I don't look forward to detangling days. It can take almost 2 hours to detangle my hair. The Tangle Teezer cut this time down to 15 minutes. First, I wet my hair, added conditioner and waited for the slip. I took the tangle teezer and glided it through my hair, starting from the bottom up and working my way up to the root. My hair felt thoroughly detangled, almost as if I had a blowout. It also clumped my curls together. I was thrilled.... ....that is, until six weeks later. I had been wearing my hair in protective styles for three months, using the TT in between. For three weeks, I began using the TT more frequently and began wearing my hair out in twist outs. One weekend, I decided to put my hair back up in a protective styles (small twists). Little did I know what type of damage I was doing to my hair. As I parted my hair, I began finding mini "locks" in my hair, where the hair was matted. I've never had matted hair before just using a wide-tooth comb and my fingers. I guess, that although the TT detangled portions of my hair, it also clumped small portions of it together, which caused the matting. This gave me the illusion of completely detangled hair. I couldn't detangle the matts, and ended up having to cut out them. Second, I noticed that when I put my hair back in ends were wrecked. Usually, my ends don't frizz at the ends, when in twists. When just lays flat. When I wet them, they have these nice little spiral curls at the ends. But, after using the TT my ends were frizzy, indicating damage. I was devastated, since I had worn protective styles and had grown nearly two inches in length. Sadly, I also found an increased number of SS knots. I ended up having to cut an inch off my hair to minimize the damage. The only thing I did differently in my hair routine was using the Tangle Teezer. So, bye bye TT! I prefer using my beloved wide-tooth shower comb again. Since I've stopped using the TT, my hair hasn't been experiencing the "mini locking" and my ends are slowly being nursed back to health. I'm not saying that the TT doesn't work. It does, just beware, because the risks might outweigh the benefits of using it.

I was extremely skeptical when I first picked this thing up

I wasn't even trying to find a brush, but just happened to see it. After buying, I almost took it back to the store without trying...I said to myself "This flimsy thing will probably break before it will do the job" But thank god I actually did. This. Thing. Is. Amazing! I have semi-thick, highly textured hair (currently in a medium-sized afro) While I never had a hard time detangling per se, it took forever to do. There would be big knots I had to detangle with my fingers and tiny little faerie knots as well. Ugh! This brush took me from down from 2 hours to about 30 minutes. So yeah, that's pretty damn good for $10, considering there are so many more expensive products out there that offer detangling without doing near as much as a simple brush does. That said, I realize that it's actually not that different from brushes you may have seen before. I think the reason it does work so well for my hair is the fact that the bristles are variated lengths, don't have those nasty little knobs on the ends, and the palm-held design. (Jerking your hair sharply at an angle can't do anything to help tangles) For people with less textured hair, this probably won't make much of a difference either way. But if not, what do you even need a detangling brush for?

by Wendy @ Shhh, Mommy's in the Bathroom.,.Reading >> See more reviews


For the moms out there. If you know me and my daughter, then u know it takes time and a lot of detangler to brush her hair out. I kept seeing recommendations for this brush called a "tangle teezer", so I started looking for one. Now depending on the color and size they range from $20 to $40 (each!). So I had a hard time with the price. Finally I broke down and bought one. BEST purchase ever. It doesn't look like much, but a light misting of detangler, five minutes (maybe less), and not a single tear shed, and my daughter's hair is brushed and shinning.

best of hairbrushes

easy comb, the best of those that I have. Yet pulls the hair (in a smaller amount compared with the others) and often slips out of hands

I don't get it. It's a cheap plastic brush.

I guess I'm in the minority here, but... no. This is a cheap plastic brush with plastic bristles. It's ridiculous. My hair immediately stood up on end from static electricity and I could hear my hair cracking and breaking. It does not untangle my very long hair. It is not nearly as effective or as healthy for my hair as my wide-toothed comb or paddle brush. This brush went right into the trash. It's worse than worthless; it's actually damaging to your hair. You're much better off investing in a good paddle brush. Run some moroccan oil through your hair first and use a paddle brush or a wide toothed comb to detangle wet hair. To detangle dry hair, a good paddle brush and a little patience is much more effective and much healthier for your hair.

by K. Wehmeyer >> See more reviews

Miracle Brush

Just bought this at Boots (UK) today for my 7 year old. Yesterday it took me 20 minutes and two conditioning treatments to get the snarls out of her long, medium-curly hair (I don't think her hair had been brushed all weekend ...) Just now, with no detangling spray or wails, this gadgety brush gave her shiny, smooth non-rats-nest hair. I debated spending 10 pounds on a hairbrush, but the daily pre-school waterboarding, I mean hair brushing, was getting old. HIGHLY recommend this brush for those of you with girls who either a) have thick curly hair or b) hate to have their hair brushed even if it isn't tangled. I'm buying a second one for when this one goes missing!