Introduced in 1978; "Anais Anais" is a floral-fresh fragrance.
Manufacturer: Cacharel
Size: 3.4oz.


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by B. Larsen >> See more reviews


I met my wife in 1984 (college). Our first date was in 1986. She wore Anais Anais on our first date. I will never forget that scent. Shortly thereafter, I visited friends on the other coast, and while there, I passed by the cosmetics counter at the mall, and spritzed it onto my Members Only jacket. The scent brought me right back to her, and that evening of our first date. It's now been 21 years, and I love this fragrance every bit as much as I did that first night. Oh, and if my story doesn't do it for you, you might be interested to know that this was Jennifer Aniston's signature fragrance. --Still, she's not as hot as my wife.

by JMU-Professor >> See more reviews

This is not the true Anais Anais I've known for 20 years

I purchased this to my wife as a gift. I have bought Anais-Anais so many times over the past twenty years. It has, or used to have, a soft Jasmin-like smell. What I received was a 3.4oz bottle of Alcohol. Yes, nothing but ugly-smelling alcohol (like in a Hospital room). The box did not even look like the luxury-looking box I am used to. Instead, it looked as if was printed on very cheap recycled paper. Not what you expect when you buy an expensive perfume. I could live with the ugly box, but not the ugly smell. I immediately called Amazon, and here is where they deserve 5 stars. The customer service representative immediately apologized for my dissatisfaction with the product and processed a full refund. I love Amazon and will continue to buy from them with full confidence that I, either get a quality product, or pay nothing. Long Live Amazon.

I think it's a CHEAP FAKE.

The box is not the same as I've bought for the last 20 years, it's very , very thin. The entire sprayer comes off of the bottle when you remove the cap and the smell is different also. DO NOT BUY THIS FAKE. As always Amazon took care of it immediately. I LOVE AMAZON.

by Nader Ezzeeddine >> See more reviews

fake parfum!!

I ordered these 2 Anais Anais as gift for Christams. After opening the items, I realised that they are fake and contain no parfum at all, the smell is almost unexistant by comparing to another Anais Anais from the store. Don't buy it!!

by Jill C. Melia >> See more reviews

perfume review

This perfume is the best smelling perfume. I have had more men compliment me on the way it smells!I have not changed it in 30 years. Why mess with perfection!

A Classic

I was first introduced to this perfume in the 80's when my friend in high school wore it. I loved it. It was such a soft floral scent that was really feminine and girly. I sort of forgot about it over the years but smelled it the other day on someone passing by and a flood of memories came back. Now I have to buy some for myself. I forgot how lovely the scent was until I smelled it again!

by Megan L. Adas >> See more reviews

anais anais

Very happy with this product, great price, free shipping will buy again from in the future.

by Bargain shopper >> See more reviews

Best ever

one of my favorite eau de toilettes, i do love Cacharel products, i also have the Noa by this designer not too strong, i definitely recommended it to anyone who prefers lighter smells.

L'Original Anais Anais a Winner

Received the" L'Original" Anais Anais eau de Toilette spray bottle as ordered. From reading the Cacharel web site I understand this was their 2014 re-launch of my favorite from the 1970s. The new bottle is featured on their web site. I compared the scent from my old bottle with the L'Original and found it was very similar, maybe the new scent a little stronger at first, a bit higher on the hyacinth but lovely and meets my needs. Very happy with purchase.

love it

Bought this item for my mom and got exactly what I wanted. She loved it. Really soft floral scent.