Product Name: Aloe Vera Organic Oil
Botanical Name: Prunus dulcis
INCI Name: Prunus dulcis
Use: Cosmetic, skin care, aromatherapy, soap
Country of Origin: South Africa

Method of extraction: Cold Pressed

Source: Aloe Vera leaves

All-organic, 100% pure oil those medical properties have been widely known for centuries. It is great for all skin types. The Aloe Vera Oil is rich in Vitamin E. It is great for treating burns, scars and the inflammation of the skin. You can also drink it and use it as a laxative in the event of constipation. Drinking Aloe Vera Oil will also treat asthma, peptic ulcers and other digestive disorders. It can reduce internal inflammation and cut the blood supply to tumors.

Aloe vera oil is suitable for food and cosmetic use.
Recommended Usage:

* Lotions & Creams: 5 - 20 %
* Balms: 5 - 100 %
* Bar Soaps: 5 - 20 %
* Hair Conditioners: 2 - 5 %

Manufacturer: Dr Adorable Inc
Size: 12 Ounces
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