-A natural deep cleansing facial foam wash-Creates lightweight bubbles to gently remove makeup dirt & excess oil-Contains natural antioxidant-rich green tea extract to hydrate & brighten skin-Leaves skin clean clear & smelling fresh-To use: Lather up a moderate amount & massage gently onto wet face. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Follow with daily regimensProduct Line: SkinFood - Green Tea - CleanserProduct Size: 160ml/5.41oz
Feature: Green Tea Bubble Cleansing Foam - 160ml/5.41oz
Manufacturer: Skinfood
Size: 160ml/5.41oz
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by Mariya Brozgol >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Very good for people with enlarged pores!

Extra foamy for deep cleansing

This extra foamy cleanser doesn't take a full pump to have enough to wash your face and neck. The scent was ok, sort of a green tea perfume smell. But the foam is thick and quite lovely. My skin is very sensitive combination/dehydrated and I found this a little too effective to use daily so I only use it when I have had to wear sunscreen or other heavy products. It cleans off sunscreen better than most other cleansers. I hope this review was helpful.

by Cosmin I. >> See more reviews

Now my skin looks perfect and is soft and delicate like a baby's butt

It is what I was looking for. Now my skin looks perfect and is soft and delicate like a baby's butt. Koreans are the best in this field

Instant breakout!

I have mature (late 30s), sensitive, combination, acne-prone skin that hates everything, so if your skin is more tolerant this 2-star review should not dissuade you. I found the product's fragrance to be off-putting (to me, it smells like a heavy, masculine green tea perfume smell) and, more importantly, I strongly suspect it caused me to get the worst breakout I've had in 10 years. My face is so scarred now. I went back to my old routine to calm things down, then started changing products one by one until I found this to be the culprit. I'm throwing out the bottle. Hopefully your skin won't react as strongly as mine did...I have no idea how I'll get these scars to fade. They don't fade so easily when you get older! EDIT: I got the scars to start fading with a combination of Kate Somerville D-Scar rollerball cream and Mizon Black Snail AIO Cream. (But hopefully you won't have that problem!)

Light yet powerful facial cleanser

I got hooked on Korean beauty products after watching Shark Tank and seeing a number of the investors jump on board. I did a fair amount of research before stocking my vanity with products. SkinFood's Green Tea Bubble Cleansing Foam is a light yet powerful cleaner. It cleans really well, without stripping or drying my skin. There is a nice, light scent and it has an airy, foamy consistency. I've been using it for a few weeks and love what it has done for my skin!

by Abigail Thomason >> See more reviews


This cleanser is the bomb. It's so lightweight and yet removes every trace of makeup without me having to scrub and scrub. The amount of product in the bottle is great for the price. It seems to soften my skin and I love the foamy feeling without being too drying.

Will buy again!

Good stuff! Not harsh and does not burn and my face has not broke out. Oh! And you only have to do half a pump cause a whole pump of foam is way to much so you could save a lot.

by Nadya J Kalau >> See more reviews

Five Stars

Excellent product!!!!!

by G. Limina >> See more reviews

High Quality

My wife likes this.