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Cancel your spa appointment and enjoy a little beauty indulgence at home, thanks to these advanced skin-saving collagen spa treatment masks. Infused with collagen, a protein that keeps skin firm, plus essential fatty acids to restore elasticity and minimize lines and wrinkles, the easy-to-use facial masks amp up the power of your anti-aging regimen. Helping lift, firm and tone wherever you need it, just one treatment will leave your face refreshed and soft, giving you a smooth, radiant glow. Begin with clean, dry skin. Unfold mask, position it on your face and smooth gently with your fingertips to spread evenly over skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, then remove and gently massage remaining serum on skin until completely absorbed. Includes 5 masks.
Manufacturer: AsWeChange
Size: One Size Fits All
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on 1/5/17
Can i give negative stars? I tried this mask and, no joke, i looked like i had been badly beaten up..well only my eyes though. That was enough, my eyes(only under my eyes, not eyelids or anywhere else)were swollen, red, bumpy skin...and after about 8 days the swelling, redness and bumps fully went away only to leave behind very dry, patchy skin. As im typing this i wanna cry because the dryness is still there. Not just ill put on some face cream dry. I mean scaly, peeling dryness! Everyday, very carefully i use vaseline and coconut oil (no perfumes or other extra stuff) and even try exfoliating under my eyes. Something i had never done before. It's taking its sweet time though. Please everyone always try on a little of the serum in the mask on a small patch of skin and make sure you have no bad reactions to it. To the rest of my face the mask worked beautifully, the softest skin I've had in a while...but under my eyes was a traumatic experience without exaggerating. Just imagine dropping/picking up kids from school/practice/games etc, grocery store..sunglasses? Sooner or later nighttime gets here and I'll look even more idiotic wearing sunglasses at night.

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by Skin Care Junkie >> See more reviews

Effective yet inexpensive face mask

I really like this product! I bought the retinol one and the mask is soaked in a lot of serum. I usually put this on a little longer than 20 minutes since it does contain a lot of serum. After I take off the mask, there is still a lot of serum in the mask and I like to rub it on my neck and arms. This makes my face super hydrated and plump.

great mask

I LOVE these face masks. I am an avid fan of cloth face masks and this one by far is the best. The cloth is soaked in serum and my face looks/feels much more smooth and fine lines are filled. highly recommend

by Raquel E. >> See more reviews

Works Wonders!

I absolutely love this mask! For those of you complaining about redness, it's because you're allergic to collagen! Would definitely recommend!

Before buying I read the ingredients and they are all good for moisturizing skin

Bought for $1 for two mask at big lots . Before buying I read the ingredients and they are all good for moisturizing skin. No facial irritation . I have severely dry skin and after the mask I had my natural glow back


i did not buy this from amazon but i did buy it and use it. this is a fantastic product. my face and jaw line looks amazing after two treatments. i used each mask twice because they are so soaked in serum. love love this mask

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Four Stars

Very pleased with product. Mask has plenty of serum for great coverage. Skin feels wonderful.

Use with caution,,, I had a bad reaction!!!

From me,,,,I couldn't even give this a star this product yesterday after using (collagen) granted a little over the 20 min there after my face blew up in hives yesterday & today my face is even more swollen & itchy, beet red around the cheek area mostly & a little on my neck where this stuff drip on me while I was laying down watching tv wearing this mask. I did not purchase this through Amazon I got this at a popular store near me. My point just be careful using this product. I may have to go see a doctor now., or keep rubbing on Cortisone on my face. Truthfully my face can withstand most products out there in the market but I guess this one taught me a lesson,,,taken..ty !!

by HappyBuyer >> See more reviews

Great product!

Wonderful collagen mask, granted my first! In mine there are extra collagen left after I take out the white mesh that I just close the package and reuse one single package 3-4 times! I didn't buy mine at amazon but I think even though it was dirt cheap it still deserves a five star review! :) I should also add that this was my first collagen mask product I ever bought but I seemed to hit the jack pot!

This should come with a bigger bolder and wider WARNING LABEL!!!

Use with caution, my side effects "was, is"my face broke out in itchy swollen red skin & tingling this irritated my skin like nobody's business. Start this kit off VEVY SLOW & definitely don't leave on face the past 20 min. I would try it first for 10 min & gradully add more time as you go on using this product & watch the eyes.. I know I'll be ok I just give it some time for the swelling & redness to go away.Before I go out in public. Peace!

Five Stars

do not know how good product is but got in in a local Big Lots for a 1$