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G.M. Collin Vasco-tonic - WONDERFUL!

I used AVEDA products at home and my facials were done by a young lady that recommended the G.M Collins line for sensitive skin. Had what my dermatologist called acute acne. Was treated with many prescription drugs one cost $775.00 per 1oz tube.(Zenia). Even that did not work. I continued to break out. Went I switched to the sensitive skin line it started to go away and now I have clear skin once again. Not sure what brought it all on however I fought wit this for over a year trying different creams and ointments given to me by my Doctor!! Even went on antibiotics for over two months trying to correct the problem. I am a believer.. try it for yourself and I think you too will be.

Somewhat effective...

I bought it expecting it to perform miracles! But sadly, it did not, perhaps due to my overly-high expectations. My skin is dry and Collin does not help with the dryness all that much. Now I use Clinque Dramatically Different (I think that's what its called) Moisturizing Lotion, and it does the trick! My skin is no longer as red as it was before.

Great serum

I was recommended by my aesthetician. I have very sensitive and quite dry skin. I use this product as a base before I put sensiderm gel cream and Dior BB Cream. I love that it's water base serum, very light which doesn't break out my skin. I sometimes apply Vasco Tonic before I apply Josie Maran argan oil.

by Elsie Gaydar >> See more reviews

Five Stars

i love this and it arrived very promptly.

by RacerX CDG >> See more reviews

Another Great Product from GM Collin

Excellent reduced redness and pores

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Vasco-Tonic Concentrate is formulated to progressively and visibly help diminish ... this concentrate enhances skin tone uniformity and soothes sensitive skins.

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GM Collin Vasco-Tonic Concentrate, 1 oz (30 ml)- 25 ... - Skin Beauty
GM Collin Vasco-Tonic Concentrate - A serum designed to reduce skin's redness and tone surface tissue. It helps soothe redness and brings a toning action.

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