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by Cheri Smith >> See more reviews

Absolutely amazing!

Although I did not expect to have "recipes" to contend with and wanted to use the product "straight out of the box", I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered the benefits of having a host of options with the versatility of this awesome smelling, pleasant feeling Shea Butter. I've found a multitude of uses for this product and love it as a daily body lotion. I appreciate other reviewers leaving easy recipes & have found many of them helpful. I personally like to whip my butter with tea tree oil for healing or lavender oil for calming applications. Kudos to Media Productions for an outstanding job in perfecting their 100% Pure RAW Unrefined Shea Butter for a variety of uses. I have treated my problematic, neuropathic, & extremely dry hands & feet with numerous products but have never experienced results in a few short weeks with any other product as I have with this. I find the packaging issues to be irrelevant with the results I am enjoying. In all truthfulness, I find the packaging to be beneficial because of the ease of breaking the Shea Butter into separate pieces to try in new recipes. I can then simply place the new recipe in another ziplock bag or any airtight container I wish. Simply label with a permanent marker until the recipe is perfected, then slap a printed label on the bag/container and voila` - another winner! Discovering the healing benefits for my historically cracking, peeling, & painful skin issues has been fun and much more than relieving, it actually renders those problematic skin issues a thing of the past. Twenty years of searching for a resolution has finally arrived! Best of all, my previously dry & painfully cracking cuticles are the best beneficiaries from my purchasing this product. I am no longer self-conscious of the unsightly cuticles I've looked at for decades. I am still surprised to look down and see 'normal' cuticles without redness and swelling. For that reason alone, I expect to be a repeat buyer of this excellent product. Thanks, Media Productions! You ROCK!

by Karinna Ball >> See more reviews

Very impressed with the quantity, quality and effectiveness of this butter!

Wow! After all of these years buying Shea Butter lotions and potions -- I did not realize how different this 100% pure butter would be. First of all - it smells totally different than I thought it would, it is less like the commercial "shea scent" and much more smoky/nutty... the scent does disappear pretty rapidly though after it is absorbed. It comes to you like a HUGE stick of butter and it is pretty solid. I have been taking a small amount and melting it between my hands before applying, but I do plan on making a more spreadable lotion by whupping it up with some coconut oil. So far it has surpassed my expections for everything that I have tried it on. I have very dry/frizzy curly hair and it is very effective and taming the crazy without making my hair look greasy - I just use a very small amount after my shower - mostly concentrating on the ends. I am a bookseller and that means that I am handing books all day everyday which really dries out my hands and cuticles - this Shea Butter has been the best thing that I have ever tried to stop and reverse what normally just gets worse as we head into winter. My hands are so much better after just a couple of applications at night before bed.

by Shanta Q. Wilkerson >> See more reviews

Really nice butter

I received my butter, and I was very skeptical at first due to all the misinformation and confusion surrounding Shea butter also because it was hard as a brick when I got it. The Shea that I have been ordering and using for business is much softer than this butter. I decided to use it anyway for personal use, and I am very pleased with the way it turned out! It melted smoothly into my skin, and when I melted and whipped it, it created one of the most beautiful whipped Shea butters ever!! You can find the recipe on my blog

Awesome product...I finally found the real thing!

After searching high and low for an all natural, no additives, Shea butter I finally found it on Amazon...Nature's Perfect Organics 100% RAW unrefined Shea Butter is exactly what I was looking for. This is a hard product to find because there are so many on the market that claim to be RAW but are not. The price was also very affordable where as some of the high end Health food stores want an arm and a leg for it. First of all I ordered it from Amazon and got it within two days and it was delivered even on a Sunday. It came nicely packaged in a bag that I can store my extra until I am ready to use it. What I like about this butter is that although it is raw many people do not like the rich buttery smell however being that it is the real deal it is quickly absorbed into the skin and the smell is no longer there just a nice smooth natural feel to the skin. You can mix it with essential oils if you do not like the natural smell but I just mixed mine with Olive oil and it is amazing. I work out in the hot California Sun everyday and I mix this with my sunscreen for both protection and intense moisture. It is especially awesome on the heels of your feet..I have tried everything from expensive salon treatments and nothing gets rid of dry skin like this product. I have only used half of my product and I have whipped up enough lotion to last me for weeks. I feel when I use it that I am using a fresh, all natural product that also does not clog my pours. I don't think I will ever use store bought lotions just can't compare the two. It also comes with a great recipe book to make hair conditioners and other lotions as well..I have been having alot of fun whipping up different scents as well. Well definitely order this product again and again!

by Addicted Shopper >> See more reviews

Great organic Shea butter

This Shea butter is great! Not only because it's pure organic but it's also super great for your skin in so many different ways. I make hand,are soaps and my biggest selling soap is made with a high percentage of natural Shea butter. It leaves your skin feeling soft and not only that it's healing your skin too. I used this Shea butter to melt down and pour into 1oz twist up tubes for easy application on my skin. It soaks deep into your skin within minutes and leaves my skin feeling great. It's also great to run onto your cuticles as a softening agent before pushing them back on them or just to help with hangnails too. I was offered this product during a promotional deal to test and give my honest opinion on it. I highly recommend this product

Works on Bites, Burns, Cuts and Stings Really Quick

I live in a very hot, dry area of Southern California. We are constantly in the sun because there's actually no way to avoid it. We have been using the Shea Butter for about 2 weeks now. We have used it for insect bites (specifically spiders and mosquitos), mild sunburn, burns from chemicals and of course as a daily moisturizer. The smell is a little stinky, so what we do when we use it as a daily moisturizer is soften it and mix it in with our store bought cocoa butter and shea butter lotion. The store bought lotion really does smell like cocoa so mixing it with the raw shea butter eliminates the shea odor. It actually allows the cocoa butter smell to overpower it. I feel and smell like a nice, soft milk chocolate bar after showering. A friend of mine had to crawl under a house full of mold, mildew, spiders, etc. Although he was fully covered in protective clothing and a gas mask, his arms were swollen, stinging and very painful when he came out. I gave him a chunk of the shea butter to rub all over this arms and hands and he felt instant relief from the stinging and pain. There are many uses for this shea butter and I'm sure most people will discover a use no one else had even thought of yet. Don't be afraid to put it on any part of your skin that needs some relief from pain, no matter what the sourse was. It truly is like real butter, so use it plentifully and use a clean towel to remove any excess after most of it has absorbed into your skin. This is a big chunk of shea butter, but I think it will come in so handy it won't be long before I need to order more. The price, shipping, packaging, etc can't be beat either. I definately give it a 5 star rating.

by Ms. Brannon >> See more reviews

I love this product !!!!

Ignore the basic packaging because with a product so divine it sells itself. I love this product. It's exactly as described 16oz of pure Ivory Shea Butter heaven. The consistency is so smooth and the natural smell is very light and comparable to that of Cocoa Butter. It goes on very smoothly and absorb into the skin almost immediately, leaving your skin feeling very moisturized and soft. It’s feels nothing like the Shea butter I've purchased in the past which really pleased me. I will definitely be purchasing this product again and recommending it to friends. I would also recommend reading the ebook provided with your purchase and trying some of the recipes which are very easy to follow and stellar as well. Definitely worth the five stars.

Amazing Product!!!

Love Love Love this Shea Butter! I am a hairdresser so I constantly have dry hands from always being in the water. Over the years I have tried so many products to help with my cracked sore hands and I have finally found the one. Not only are my hands no longer cracking, but the skin is now soft and moisturized. I love that this product is organic and raw so I am comfortable knowing I am not putting any chemicals on my body. At night I even use it on my face as a night cream and my skin is so much more moisturized. I would highly recommend this product, LOVE IT!

Best shea butter- real

I am so glad I returned to Facebook and saw the deal to get this. If a company can sell a product of this value for a dollar you know it's good. I just discovered recently that a lot of the Shea butter used is not real. They are hard and are suppose to be of a buttery consistency. This is amazing. So soft and easy to use. It's not hard and difficult to rub on skin. I might go through this too quickly just because I love using it so much. I keep wondering if it's going to harden or if the quality is going to change in the future. I didn't expect it to be of such high quality. This is the best shea butter I've ever used. I wish there was some inexpensive way to identify the properties to make sure because I just can't believe it's so good. I will be ordering from them when this is done. I had to share the link on my FB page which I've never done and I order from Amazon too often.

Fantastic Product!

I'm of Irish / German descent which means, genetically, I have the worst possible skin in the world. I struggle with most products because of sensitive and horrible dry/scaly skin. This is one of two products that I can consistently count on to keep my skin in fabulous shape. I do use it raw for the skin on my legs and it is the most effective "lotion" I've found. For the rest of my body, I fluff it up with some coconut oil and essential oils and it is so nice. I use a rosemary oil for daytime and a lavender for nighttime. Normally, I'm not a "mix your own" kind of person, but this stuff is worth it and I know exactly what is going on my skin, which is valuable. And for the price, honestly, it is a no-brainer. I highly recommend this product for anyone with sensitive and overly-dry skin. It is a real skin-saver for me.