" New Designs Nail Art Stamper Image PlateIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing.These VAGA stamping plates are fabulous and make a perfect addition to any nail art collection. The results are an eye catching, detailed and crisp nail design which is probably impossible to implement in free hand or any other nail art technique.Helpful hints:Make sure you remove the protective plastic cover from the front of the plates before attempting to use. Wet a cotton ball w/ pure acetone and hold it with tweezers in order to avoid ruining the designs on your nails.Use the acetone soaked cotton ball to wipe nail polish off of the plates and stamper. The plate should be dry before applying more polish. Use a thick highly pigmented polish for stamping. Work fast! If you take too long the polish will dry on the plate or stamper and you will not get it to transfer. If you are working fast and the polish does not transfer try another type of polish, some polished are extra quick drying. Be gentle when you apply top coat or you may smear your design. "
Manufacturer: VAGA
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by rilianscove >> See more reviews

Wonderful plates, but won't fit in Bundle Monster Binder

Love these plates, they are wonderful!!!! What I didn't know is that they are bigger than the standard Konad or Bundle Monster plates. I just recently switched over from my three-ring binder with card holders to the Bundle Monster binder, so I was a little disappointed that I can't keep all my plates together (I had just enough room left to fit this set too). I didn't want to bring out my big binder for just these. Since I still wanted them displayed I used the card pouches and cut off the side plastic part and folded them into each other. This way I can still keep this one set with everything else. I tried messaging Cheeky but when it sent through their site it came back as an expired link. I'm hoping they will come out with a binder like Bundle Monster did!

by Beaching Nails >> See more reviews

Great Selections and Quality

Cheeky has the most variety in images. I Love my sets. This set does come with a protective backing so there is no Sharp edges. The full nail images will even cover your thumbs :) I have used most of these images already and have had "no "issues the transferring. The plates are slightly larger than the other set but its accommodating the image sizes and avoiding plate crowding. Any who doubt the quality should check Cheeky's FB page and see how others too enjoy this set with no issues. :) [...] Short or long nails these plates do the job.

Love these plates! Great for large nail beds

Finally plates that are great in quality and size! They are bigger than the "standard" round plates but still fit into my baseball card page protector inside my 3 ring binder. They have a nice backing and are engraved perfectly. They came in a cute box with a plastic card that can be used as a scraper. I only ended up keeping 14 plates since I thought the other 12 were a bit juvenile for me. (I'm 29 yrs old and married) Some of the other images included "I love my boyfriend" and "God is a DJ". Don't get me wrong all the images are very cute but I didn't see myself using 12 of the plates and the box and scraper which I ended up selling. Another thing to point out is that the images are wide and large which I love since I have large nail beds and usually have to double stamp to get to the edges of my nails and most of the time I can't match up the stamp properly. But these babies are perfect! I included 2 pictures (1 Nautical, 1 Leaves) You will love these plates. Well worth the money. Would make an awesome gift or a fantastic addition to your collection.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

Fantastic Image Plates

well done cheeky - your summer collection set is fantastic. the summer collection gives such a massive variety of Images for all occasions. They have protective backing no sharp edges and come in a fantastic box! Each image has been designed with so much thought! - they also stamp beautifully. Ive had no issues what so ever. They are designed for girls with long and wide nails - and each full nail pattern and a moon underneath making it impossible to create French manicures with them too! Great work cheeky - I cant wait for further Image plates from you!

by Veronica Havens >> See more reviews

These 26 discs of nails stamps are wonderful

They have a stamp for every occasion. Just make sure you are familiar with nail stampin procedure before buying. You need special nail polish ( tacky to touch) scraper, stamp, polish remover and patience. Once you get the hange of it ( not long) you will be having fun!

by R. Silver >> See more reviews

Works great !

Cute designs that work great on my nails. These are super small plates. It was exactly what I wanted and needed. I have very small fingernails and wanted to do something fun with them. I purchased nail polish from Julep and use those with the Cheeky plates and the Konad scraper. Great price for the set.

by 78Brownie >> See more reviews

Incomplete set

When I received the plates, I noticed that the protective sticker (used to secure box) was cut. I counted 26 plates but when I tried to put them in numerical order I was surprised to see a duplicate set and a missing plate( 2x CH36 0x CH46). I suggest everyone to account for every plate. Hopefully I will be able to get that missing plate. If not, I wouldn't bother with any other product from this company. Out of the 26 plates there are a lot of difficult images. Some plates are really nice to work with. Updated 8/7: Cheeky has came through for me. After contacting them through Amazon, I received a quick response. I provided them with necessary information and was assured that I would receive my missing plate. Well today my plate was delivered along with a supplemental nail item.

Easy and fun!!

These plates were so easy to use, they had such fun designs, and the images were big enough to fit my whole fingernail unlike a few Konad plates I ordered with a smaller design on them. I ordered the Konad stamper set and had absolutely no problem getting the design onto my fingernail.

by Amazon Customer >> See more reviews

A great set

Cheeky has done an awesome job with this set of plates. Very crisp stamping plates and they are large in size and cute designs. One of the best thing is you get a variety of full nail size images and cute single images and finally a set that doesn't include those ridiculous french tip designs.

Love the designs!

The designs are great. They are crisp and clear on the nail. I think that for a set this large there are many plates that I just will not use. I'm not into gambling or golf, so those are out. I wish they had included some of the more "common" designs like bows and stripes. That would have made this a perfect beginner's set. When I received my plates it was obvious that the box had been opened previously, and one of the plates (unfortunately not the sports one) was damaged.