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Nice cleansing oil

I use this as the first part of my skincare routine at night. I don't really use it in the morning because I don't sleep in makeup, so I just skip to the cleanser. This oil has a nice scent. Sort of like lemon zest without the tartness. It comes with a pump, which is hygienic and convenient. The oil cuts through bb creams and such quickly and easily. I use Kiss Me Herione Make mascara and use the included remover on my eyes, so I can't really say how effective this is on crazy stubborn eye makeup. When you add a bit of water it emulsifies to a slightly milky color. This rinses a lot cleaner than other oil based cleansers (ie: cold cream and such) that I've tried, leaving my skin nice and soft. Overall a nice product that is pleasant to use. Pros: -nice lemony scent -dissolves makeup easily -pump packaging -rinses off (though I still use a foaming cleanser afterwards anyway) Cons: -scented (for those who don't like it) -does contain mineral oil

Gentle and deep cleaning

I am so in love with this cleansing oil! The packaging is the first thing that I noticed. There is this clamp that goes under the nozzle to keep from accidental pumps. I think this is great if you're traveling or when you have the cleansing oil sitting on the counter. You definitely don't want to spill it. The oil itself is well...oily. It's oil. It smells pretty good too, like a rather sweet lemon. I found this a bit strange since this is a black sugar cleansing oil. Where did the lemon come from? I didn't mind the smell though, it's pretty good! I use one pump, which is enough to cover my whole face. I then massage it into my skin, focusing a lot on the pores on and along my nose. The oil actually pulled the gunk out of my pores and removed my eye makeup without dragging or pulling. It is really gentle! After washing off the oil my skin feels very fresh and super clean. I can't stop touching it sometimes.

by Wendy Ratanakul >> See more reviews

Great smell!

Great scent! Really perks me up. Gentle on my sensitive skin, which is a huge bonus! Does not seem to be clogging my pore and leaves my skin very soft.

This takes my makeup off so well. I use ...

This takes my makeup off so well. I use heavy foundation and this cuts right through it. I put a little on a cotton ball and go to town, and it doesn't take much to do my whole face. Just know that if you use this, you need to use a foaming facewash soap after, or it will leave residue. That's with any oil though

by Nina who reads >> See more reviews

Love this cleansing oil!

Just started using a cleaning oil. Can't say enough about how well this removed waterproof eye makeup and sunscreen. Very gentle, leaves my skin feeling soft and clean and has a pleasant (albeit Lemon Pledge) scent. Will buy again.

good product but not a fan of the scent

Cleans my face well, gets makeup/sunscreen/general dirt off with minimal effort, and with a little cleanser it rinses off my face easily & thoroughly. But the scent! Most people seem to like it, but all I can smell is lemon floor cleaner! I just can't get over that, so I will not be repurchasing.

Feels and smells great: ) and is good for your skin

Feels and smells great :) and is good for your skin... A nice way to clean off the day, even though my skin tends to be on the oilier side it does not cause break outs. Good stuff!

by Jonathan D Wall >> See more reviews

It works, but not a Holy Grail item

This was effective and worked as oil cleanser. I used it as part of a two part cleansing routine. If you put a little in your hand and wet it, it lathers nicely. Works better than just a single cleanse wash. Simply put though, it's not the best I have used. I've tried argon based oil face washes that feels better, smells nicer, and removes makeup better. Pros: It does what it is suppose to do, cleans your face. Cons: Does not remove makeup as well as other oil soaps. The feel isn't as silky compared to my favorite oil cleanser (Josie Maran). I will probably not buy this again, instead I'll either switch back or keep looking for another cleansing oil.

Good Cleansing Oil

This is my favorite makeup remover. It is a thin, slippery lemon scented oil that removes makeup and sunscreen easily, even mascara. I use a single pump and massage it over my face before adding water to emulsify it. I follow up with a gentle cream cleanser to make sure all the oil is removed. I have used various makeup remover wipes and Kose Softymo Deep Cleansing Oil-230ml, and I find this to be much gentler on my skin. I have sensitive skin and this oil cleanser does not break me out or dry out my skin. I wear makeup most days and find that a bottle lasts me for about 7 to 8 months.

by K Harvilchuck >> See more reviews

Great, just not for me

I want to love this, I really do. It smells great, feels good when using it and left my skin perfectly cleansed ready for the foaming cleaner step, but my skin just does not like it. I had a whole bunch of tiny little clogged pores after using this, so I stopped using and waited until they cleared up, then tried again just in case it wasn't the oil's fault. Unfortunately, I broke out again so it can really only be because of this oil. However, I will still give it a 3 star rating because it is great, aside from the fact that it's not suitable for me.