G.M. Collin EXF ounce me exfoliant enzymatic exfoliant to remove dead skin cells for healthier skin. Refines skin texture and brightens the complexion. G.M. Collin EXF ounce me exfoliant ingredients : water, kaolin, bentonite, zinc oxide, peg 7 glyceryl cocoate, cetearyl alcohol, ceteareth 20, peg 100 stearate, glyceryl stearate, butylene glycol, glycerin, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) seed oil, titanium dioxide, magnesium carbonate, citrus timonium (lemon) peel oil, mentha arvensis oil, silica, protease, magnesium aluminum silicate, cellulose gum, propylene glycol, diazolidinyl urea, methylparaben, propylparaben, citric acid, BHA. Should be applied on damp skin. After cleansing, apply a thin layer, enough to cover the skin. Avoid eyelid area. Leave to work for 10 to 15 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with G.M. Collin treating lotion. Exfoliation. Promotes skin care.
Manufacturer: G.M. Collin
Size: 1.7 oz
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Not ideal

I bought this because the Exfozyme mask by La Roche-Posay Biomedic I used to use (& love) I cannot find anywhere :( But this is not good replacement item at all!!! It is more like a mud mask & doesn't do much but dry out your face a little. I am gonna try the Jan Marini Papaya Mask & hopefully that will be more like it!!!

My Go-To Skincare Product

One 15 minute treatment gives my face a complete turnaround. Better than any grainy exfoliant, diminishes blemish size better than any salicylic or benzoyl topicals, and it works SO quickly. My consistent face-fix, no matter if I'm totally broken out or just need to do a couple spot treatments. Pores are invisible, dry patches gone, and best of all--no blemishes :) First introduced to this product at a great salon by the aesthetician (I think this was 3 years ago) and have used it intermittently ever since. The only drawback is that it's fairly expensive and somewhat hard to find in stores. I try to always have an extra package on hand, but I do go through this product fast since it is extremely effective. I have combination skin and find Exfozyme to be the perfect smoothing, without being overly drying, face mask. clinique turnaround mask and st. ives green tea mask can't compare.

by S. Condon >> See more reviews

Perfect for my skin

Perfect for when my pores are getting too large, when my skin starts breaking out, or when my skin is looking dull. It fixes all of these issues for me. At first I used it 1-2x/week until my skin leveled out. Now I only use it every couple of weeks when the afore mentioned issues crop up. Wonderful product.

Mediocre Mask

All my estheticians use the GM Collins line. So I had high hopes for this mask. But it appears to dry out my skin. I've used it just twice so far so I haven't seen a complete turnover of my skin. I think I'm better off with Murad and dermabrasions ever two weeks.


Not a typical exfoliant, more like a mask, but a great product! I Love it! Couldn't be more satisfied. G.M. Collin is my favorite.

by MilitaryMom >> See more reviews

GM Collin Exfozyme

This product doesn't do much for my skin as an exfoliant but it works well as a mask that absorbs oil for my very oily skin.

This is a great product for my oily/combo skin

This is a great product for my oily/combo skin. Gentle enough for me to use a couple times a week without too much dryness. I like to mix it with a little liquid salicylic acid (I use Aveda liquid exfoliant for this) for some extra exfoliating. **just a note of caution. This mask is excellent only IF it's not past its expiration date which is located on the top of the bottle imprinted on the seam. I would not suggest ordering this from amazon. They fulfilled the last two orders and sent me a very expired product both times. It was so old the product was hardened and wouldn't even come out of the bottle. Better off finding another retailer to purchase from.

by Patricia Jerome >> See more reviews

The exfoliating gel works better, in my opinion

The exfoliating gel works better, in my opinion. In general, though, G.M. Collin's products are the best I've ever used!